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The Kind Death God - Chapter 29


Translated by: KuroNeko

Edited by: Stbunbun

Welcome back Jerry! Hopefully ILK will be edited soon &I will resume translating it :3 meanwhile, enjoy this tkdg chapter >w<
Chapter 29: The killer is revealed

’’If Yan Shi is really unable to recover, then I will surely be able to succeed the tribe leader. I have at least this much confidence, after toiling away for so many years, it is something that I deserve in return,’’ Yan Ju said.

Yan Li was shocked, ’’Big brother Yan Ju, what are you saying? It was just a casual comment of mine, you can't be serious about it?’’

Letting out a cold laugh, Yan Ju instantly pressed his right hand that was covered with a layer of yellow dou qi against Yan Li's body. The dou qi burst out, sealing Yan Li's meridians.

Yan Li tried to react, but it was too late for him to put up any resistances. With a look of disbelief on his face, he stared at Yan Ju as his body gradually collapsed onto the floor. Although he had not lost consciousness, he had already lost the ability to move or speak. He could only stare in shock at Yan Ju.

Pleased with his actions, Yan Ju looked warily around, dragging Yan Li's muscular body, retreating to the back of the stone house. After placing Yan Li's body in a corner, he was finally able to relax, and let out a smirk, ’’Yan Li, you are really too dumb. There are some things that you will be unable to understand. After I take care of Yan Shi, I will come back to take care of you.’’

After he finished speaking, Yan Ju took slow steps towards Yan Shi, who was tied to the bed. Although Yan Li had already collapsed onto the floor, his gaze was still fixated on Yan Ju, obvious signs of disbelief in his eyes. He simply could not understand why, why such a good-tempered and magnanimous person like Yan Ju would act this way. There was an steel dagger in Yan Ju's hand as he walked over to Yan Shi's bed. Coldly glaring at Yan Shi who had visibly become thinner, he snarled with deep hatred, ’’Yan Shi, do you know why I'm treating you this way? I'm sure you don't know. I'll tell you, so that you can at least die knowing the truth. Ever since we were young, I've hated you. It was obvious that I had surpassed you in every aspect, but just because you were the son of the tribe leader, everyone pampered you, adored you, and treated you as the successor of the tribe. But, as for me? I could only stand in your shadow. Little Yun, little Yun, she was indeed a very good lady, but did you think you were the only one who loved her? No! I've loved her since a long time ago, but you were the son of the tribe leader, and you were with her all the time. I didn't have any opportunities, no chances at all to talk to her, and I could only hide my feelings deep in my heart. Why? Why are the heavens so unfair to me? Even though you had offended the tribe leader, all he did was to exile you to another clan within the tribe and make you their clan leader. That time, when I left with you, the tribe leader had instructed me, to keep an eye on you, to take care of you and to help you. I really don't understand, I'm better than you in all aspects, but why am I unable to get the girl that I love, and only be a vice-leader, always hiding in your shadow.’’ As he talked about this, Yan Ju's voice could not help get louder as he became more agitated, with a crazed look in his eyes.

Yan Shi remained motionless, still lying on the bed with a dazed look. However, his hand underneath the bed sheets was already clenched tight, his fingernails digging deeply into his flesh.

Yan Ju raised the dagger in front of his face, saying with extreme hatred, ’’The day before, when you were gone to patrol, I could no longer endure the torment deep in my heart. And finally, I sneaked into your house when no one would notice. At that time, I only wanted to express the words in my heart to little Yun, but that slut, not only did she not accept my love, she even scolded me, told me I was shameless, and that it was all my wishful thinking. Normally, she's so gentle and weak, but unexpectedly, she had such a violent reaction towards me. Why does she only show you her gentle side, why can't she give me a little of her care and gentleness? Why! I'm so resentful! I'm so resentful, but I couldn't let her go. If I let her go, when you learned about the incident, the one who would be dead is me. Yan Shi, if you're awake now, you must be hating me to the core. Haha, just hate, go ahead and hate me. It was I who raped little Yun and killed her. Since that bitch did not even have a single bit of feeling for me, I tortured her, tortured her to death. And now, you can accompany her in the netherworld. After I kill you, then I'll kill Yan Li as well, and injure myself so that no one will suspect mel. At that time, I'll just push the blame onto those outsiders. When the tribe elders decide to select a new successor, I will surely be selected based on my outstanding abilities. At that time, the whole Puyan Tribe will be under my command, and all of the beautiful girls in the tribe will belong to me! I've been waiting, waiting too long for this day. It's time for you to die!’’ Yan Ju gripped the dagger tightly with both hands, and viciously stabbed towards Yan Shi's chest.

Just at this moment, something miraculous happened. Yan Shi, who was originally bound tightly, suddenly released a yellow glow, and the ropes on his body started to tear, inch by inch. He kicked towards Yan Ju's chest which let out the crisp sound of bones breaking. Yan Ju let out a monstrous howl as his whole body was sent flying, and he fell onto the floor after hitting the stone wall.

Yan Shi got off the bed, and started walking towards Yan Ju, with blood-red eyes that were full of hatred. Waves of dense killing intent spread out from him as he cracked his knuckles and said with a trembling voice, ’’Why... Yan Ju, why! You are my most respected elder brother, why would you do such a monstrous thing!’’

Although he had just received a kick from Yan Shi, Yan Ju had profound martial arts, and the dou qi in his body prevented the broken bones from piercing his inner organs. He gasped in shock, ’’You, you're awake? The, the prophet lied? You... I really regret not killing you earlier.’’

Yan Shi merely glared coldly towards him, with his dou qi emanating from his body. Due to the intense hatred, all of his latent potential had burst out. Just as he was preparing to end Yan Ju, a frail old voice sounded, ’’Yan Ju, I did not lie. It's just that you had misunderstood something.’’

The stone door opened, and Prophet Pu Lin and the Puyan tribe leader, Yan Fei, walked in, along with Ah Dai and Xuan Yue. Initially, Yan Ju thought that he still had a chance to live, and he was already conserving all of his power, waiting for Yan Shi to strike out. After all, in terms of power, he was still above Yan Shi, and even though he was injured, he still had some confidence of winning. However, when he saw the prophet and the tribe leader entering the house, he knew he was done for, and all of his efforts were in vain. Everyone in the tribe knew how powerful the prophet was.

There was a sorrowful expression on Yan Fei's face, as he muttered in disbelief, ’’Yan Ju, why? You were one of my most trusted tribesmen, why did you betray the Puyan Tribe, and Yan Shi. He was your brother! Even if he had done something wrong to you, why must you resort to this kind of vicious action? You've really disappointed me, how are you going to face your departed parents? Indeed, compared to you, Yan Shi was lacking in many aspects, and he was similar to Yan Li, both of them were strong, but blockheaded and rash. But did you know, the reason why I instructed you to do many things, was precisely because I had already decided for you to be my successor. I am not concerned over small things like birth, and felt that, with your leadership, our tribesmen would be able to lead better lives. However, you... you have disappointed me greatly.’’

Yan Ju was stunned, but he replied coldly, ’’What's the use of you making things up now, I don't believe that you wouldn't let your own son be the next tribe leader.’’

Prophet Pu Lin sighed, ’’Since you don't believe the tribe leader's words, how about mine? Three years ago, the tribe leader had already discussed with me, and he said that you were the best candidate to succeed him. Thus, we arranged a series of tests, to examine your abilities, and you had passed it all. However, I had never expected that you would have such evil intentions. Yan Ju, everything is clear now, Yan Shi had already told us everything that happened when you and Yan Li were bringing the visitors to the temple. He was already clear-headed since then. Initially, after you killed and raped Yun' Er, you even purposely damaged her corpse in order to agitate Yan Shi. You knew that only the elite warriors of our Puyan Tribe had the ability to go berserk, and you were trying to agitate Yan Shi into his berserk mode. He would have been unable to control himself, and would have easily depleted his life force and died. However, you had never expected that, Xuan Yue and Ah Dai would be able to calm his berserk mode at the crucial moment, and save his life. After that, you no longer had the chance to kill him, and you were not in a rush to do so, since he had become dazed. Did you think I was lying back in the Tilu Temple? You're wrong, everything that I've said is the truth. Ah Dai is indeed Yan Shi's fated person. What I did not specify was that, they had already seen each other in the horse carriage, and Yan Shi came back to his senses with Ah Dai's persuasion. We arranged all of this in order to find the true culprit, and you, finally revealed yourself now.’’

Yan Ju was totally dumbfounded, mumbling incoherently, ’’No, no, this... this can't be. You are all lying to me, right? You must be lying...’’ He would have never imagined that, the position of the tribe leader that he was vying for all this time, was actually so close to him, but he had just thrown away all his chances. Even the word 'regret' was impossible to describe the feelings within his heart.

Xuan Yue glared hatefully at Yan Ju, saying, ’’Yan Shi, what are you waiting for? He had killed your wife! Did you forget how your wife died?’’

Listening to Xuan Yue's words, Yan Shi let out a howl of rage, and his brown-colored hair was flying around from the undulations of his dou qi as he shot a punch towards Yan Ju.

’’Bang ’’ Yan Shi was sent backwards 6 or 7 steps from the impact, and only managed to steady himself with Ah Dai's help. The person who had shielded Yan Ju, was the Puyan tribe leader, Yan Shi's father, Yan Fei.

’’Father, why do you stop me, shouldn't that bastard die for his crimes!’’ Yan Shi yelled in fury. He was already close to the point of going berserk.

As Yan Fei retracted his hand that had blocked Yan Shi's fist, he sighed, ’’Yan Shi, father is at fault. At that time, if I hadn't let Yan Ju accompany you, perhaps this wouldn't have happened. Indeed, Yan Ju ought to die, but he cannot die now, we have to give the tribesmen a proper explanation first. Oh Yun' Er! You have died such a wrongful death!’’

Yan Shi stood there silently as he glared fiercely at Yan Ju who had collapsed onto the floor. If looks could kill, Yan Ju would have already died over a thousand times.

It was at this moment, a cold glint flashed across Yan Ju's eyes. Under the cover of Yan Fei's shadow, Yan Ju seemed to be quietly muttering something.

Rage burst forth from Pu Lin as he exclaimed, ’’Yan Ju, do not try to struggle anymore, it's futile. With your cruel character, you are completely unworthy of becoming a Tilu warrior!’’ As he spoke, he drew a yellow-colored magic hexagram in the air. There was a flash of light, and Yan Ju started howling in misery as the hexagram was imprinted onto his chest. It turned out that Yan Ju was planning to sacrifice his soul and become a Tilu warrior to escape However, it was still discovered by Pu Lin. Pu Lin shook his head solemnly, ’’Tribe leader, I've already sealed all of Yan Ju's power, the rest will be up to you to handle.’’

Pu Lin turned around to speak to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, ’’You must remember the words that I've said today. The future of the Puyan Tribe is in your hands. No matter what happens in the future, you will always be the most respected friends of our Puyan Tribe.’’ Then, he turned towards the tribe leader, ’’Tribe leader, I'm tired, I will return to the temple first. You must take good care of these visitors.’’

Yan Fei took a glance at Ah Dai, and responded, ’’Yes, Prophet.’’

As Pu Lin hobbled out of the stone house, he seemed to have become frailer, and that withering body of his, was like a candle that was about to go out. Ah Dai could not help but feel his heart ache when he looked at Pu Lin's fading silhouette.

Yan Fei called over two Puyan warriors to carry Yan Ju away, then proceeded to undo the seal on Yan Li's meridians, while saying, ’’Yan Shi, you and Yan Li are not to leave this place tonight. Tomorrow at mid-afternoon, I will openly deal with this matter regarding Yan Ju, in the public square of the tribe.’’ After he finished speaking, he nodded towards Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, and left the house.

Yan Shi was stunned momentarily, as he watched his father walk off. Suddenly, he burst out in tears, as though wanting to vent out all of his sorrows and emotions. He had finally found the killer of his beloved wife, only to discover that the culprit was actually his most respected brother. And what pained him the most was that, no matter how he was going to rip apart Yan Ju, he could not bring his wife back to life again.

Even now, Yan Li still had not awoken from his shock. He was merely sitting in a corner, unmoving, and at a loss for words.

Ah Dai looked at Yan Shi, and remembered the incidents in his past. As he recalled the pain in his childhood, his tears flowed down his cheeks uncontrollably. He put his arms around Yan Shi's shoulder in consolation, and stood there silently. Under the depressing atmosphere, the air seemed to be abnormally stifling.

Xuan Yue scurried over to Ah Dai's side and grabbed hold of his large hands, with a gentle look on her face.

A tremor went down Ah Dai's body and a gust of warmth erupted from his heart when he saw the gentleness in Xuan Yue's gaze. In his eyes, Xuan Yue seemed to have grown up, and was no longer the same spoiled brat who would only annoy him.


Two days later, Ah Dai, Yue Hen and the others, a total of 8 people, finally left Puyan Tribe to continue on their journey. Yes, a group of 8, Yan Shi and Yan Li had now joined them. On the day after capturing Yan Ju, the Puyan tribe leader had revealed all of Yan Ju's crimes to the tribesmen. Harming another tribesman was the most serious crime in the Puyan Tribe, and the punishment for that, was death. Eventually Yan Ju had died under Yan Shi's sabre, but even after getting his revenge, Yan Shi was still unable to feel any joy. Thus, when Ah Dai's group of people were planning to leave, Yan Shi pleaded to Yan Fei, asking him for permission to go adventuring with Ah Dai. At first, Yan Fei was reluctant, but Pu Lin had advised that it would be beneficial for Yan Shi to be together with Ah Dai. Furthermore, Yan Shi's emotions were still unstable now, and it would be better for him to go on a journey, to get things off his mind. With Pu Lin's words, Yan Fei agreed to Yan Shi's leaving. Likewise, Yan Li was troubled over the incident that happened and he had also longed to leave the tribe to explore, so he went to ask Yan Fei for permission as well, using the excuse of protecting Yan Shi. Due to fatigue from dealing with the incident, Yan Fei did not really put much thought into it, and agreed as well, only advising them to listen to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue's instructions and not to be too rash.

Therefore, Yan Shi and Yan Li both followed Ah Dai's group on their journey. Yan Shi and Yan Li continued to ride on their horses, while Ah Dai did not want to endure the muscle pain from horse-riding, and went back to sit in the horse carriage with the others.

It was a pleasant day, with clear skies and a bright sun shining down. Under the rays of the sunlight, the air became much hotter.

Peeking his head out from the horse carriage, Ah Dai yelled out to Yan Shi and Yan Li, ’’Brothers, the weather is too hot, let us rest awhile before continuing!’’

Ever since Yan Shi stepped out of the tribe, he had not spoken a single word. When he heard Ah Dai's call, he merely nodded his head slightly, and stopped, jumping down from his horse with Yan Li.

After Ah Dai and the others got off the horse carriage, all of them walked over to the forest beside the wide road, and found a shady spot to rest. Yan Shi sat alone by the side, with a lonely expression on his face.

Yan Li drew the pair of battle axes from behind his back, and placed them aside as he asked Ah Dai, ’’Brother, do you have any water? I'm dying of thirst, this damned weather is really too hot.’’

Yue Hen let out a smile and threw the waterskin to Yan Li, ’’Drink up, this is the spring water from your tribe.’’

Yan Li caught the waterskin gratefully. There was a hint of embarrassment as he looked at Yue Hen, ’’Brother, you are called Yue Hen, right? I'm really sorry for that day, I was too rash at that time, please don't take it to heart!’’

Yue Hen was still a little afraid as he recalled that day when Yan Li used his battle axes to strike at him, if not for Ah Dai blocking that fatal strike, perhaps... However, he did not take it to heart and smiled, ’’That was all a misunderstanding, I'm not such a petty person. But, brother Yan Li, your strength is indeed powerful! I might have lost my life under your axe.’’

Yan Li let out an awkward laugh and replied, ’’If you are comparing strengths, in the younger generation of our Puyan Tribe, apart from big brother Yan Shi and Yan Ju, it would be.......’’ Mentioning Yan Ju, Yan Li suddenly got a shock and quickly stopped talking, turning his head to glance towards Yan Shi. Yan Shi was still sitting in a corner, cleaning his blade, seeming to not have heard anything.

Yan Li shot Yue Hen a funny face and went off to the side to drink water, causing Yue Ji to burst out in laughter.

Ah Dai brought his own waterskin and walked over to Yan Shi's side. ’’Big brother Yan Shi, drink some water too.’’

Looking at Ah Dai, Yan Shi accepted the waterskin and drank a few mouthfuls. ’’Thank you brother Ah Dai.’’ This was the first sentence that he had spoken today.

Ah Dai sat down by Yan Shi's side and started speaking, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, everything has already happened, don't think too much about it anymore. Perhaps, perhaps you might find another good wife in the future?’’

With a sorrowful look in his eyes, Yan Shi glanced at Ah Dai, and shook his head, ’’It's impossible. There's no one else who is better than Yun' Er. Brother, you don't have to console me anymore, I've already avenged Yun' Er, so she can rest in peace now. I shall dedicate what remains of my life, to protecting my tribesmen. It's okay, I want to be alone for awhile, you should return and chat with your friends.’’ After he finished speaking, he kept his sabre and leaned against the sturdy tree trunk, closing his eyes.

Ah Dai returned to Xuan Yue's side, and she whispered, ’’How is he? He's still suffering, right?’’

Ah Dai nodded, ’’The relationship between big brother Yan Shi and his wife was so deep! I'm afraid he won't be able to recover anytime soon. We have to show more care for him.’’

Xuan Yue nodded to Ah Dai's words, while passing him some steamed buns, ’’Here, eat some buns first, I've already given the others their share.’’

Surprised, Ah Dai asked, ’’When did you take out the buns, why didn't I see it?’’

Xuan Yue giggled, ’’Don't you remember that I was the last to get off the horse carriage? Ah! Right, I'll teach you how to use the Dragon's Blood when we get the chance. This way, you can bring your own steamed buns and save me the trouble. However, when you use the Dragon's Blood, it's still better to do it away from the others. After all, it is a godly artefact.’’ Ever since they had left the Puyan Tribe, Xuan Yue no longer seemed to treat Ah Dai as though they were from different classes. When thinking of how Ah Dai had protected her in the Tilu Temple, Xuan Yue could not help but smile, and she found that she was starting to like this silly Ah Dai even more.

’’Okay! I want to know the uses of the Dragon's Blood too, why don't you tell me now?’’ Ah Dai muttered while biting into the steamed bun.

Xuan Yue glanced over the others who were resting nearby, and said in a low voice, ’’I can teach you, but you must tell me, what is the extreme evil object that Prophet Pu Lin talked about?’’

Ah Dai got a shock from her question, but shook his head, feeling troubled, ’’It's better that you don't know about it. If there's a chance in the future, perhaps you will see it.’’

’’Why? Please, I want you to tell me now. Don't worry, I promise I won't tell anyone about it,’’ Xuan Yue pouted.

Xuan Yue's pleading look was enchanting, and Ah Dai was a little dazed as he looked at her. Giving in, he muttered, ’’You must promise to not tell anyone, okay? Not even your father.’’

Xuan Yue nodded solemnly, ’’Quickly tell me, I, Xuan Yue, will stay true to my words. I know that that object of yours mustn't be seen by anyone, and I promise I won't tell anyone about it, not even the people of the Holy Church. Is it okay now? Whisper it to me.’’

The experience within the Tilu Temple had caused Ah Dai's impression of Xuan Yue to change drastically, and he had begun to subconsciously think of Xuan Yue as his best friend. Looking around warily, Ah Dai finally spoke, ’’This sword was given to me by my Uncle, he instructed me to not tell anyone about it because it is simply too evil. It is called the Hell's Sword.’’

Hearing the name of the sword, Xuan Yue got a huge shock and cried out, ’’What? Hell......’’ Just as she barely got a word out, her mouth was immediately covered by Ah Dai's hand. ’’What are you doing? Didn't you promise not to say?’’

The shock in Xuan Yue's eyes gradually faded and she used her hand to point at Ah Dai's hand which was still covering her mouth. Ah Dai suddenly sensed the warmth underneath his hand, Xuan Yue's skin was soft and supple, and that rosy cheeks and moist lips of hers... Red-faced, Ah Dai quickly released his hand, and awkwardly apologised, ’’I, I'm sorry, Yue Yue.’’

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, ’’Hateful! Are you trying to suffocate me?’’

The two of them had caused quite a loud ruckus, and the others started to look at them. Miao Fei was a little envious as he joked, ’’Ah Dai, you mustn't bully Xuan Yue! If not, we won't forgive you!’’

Yue Ji giggled, ’’Miao Fei, why are you butting into their flirting? Haha, are you jealous?’’

Xuan Yue blushed in embarrassment as she elbowed Ah Dai, ’’It's all your fault! See, they're laughing at us. You need to compensate me! Tell me how you are going to compensate me, hmpf.’’

The innocent and simple-minded Ah Dai was instantly dumbfounded as he stared at Xuan Yue, sputtering, ’’I, I am already your attendant. How else do you want me to compensate you?’’

Wan Li guffawed, ’’Why not you give yourself to her as compensation?’’

Xuan Yue's face became even redder and she pouted, ’’You! You're making fun of me too!’’ Casually waving her magic wand, a small ball of light immediately shot towards Wan Li like a bolt of lightning. Just as he wanted to block it, the ball of light had already burst apart near him, and a small hole appeared in the ground. Mud and grass splattered all over Wan Li's body. Getting a huge fright, Wan Li immediately smiled apologetically, ’’Miss magician, I'm sorry, I won't dare to laugh at you anymore. Brother Ah Dai, quickly compensate her, if not, I'm going to die.’’

Ah Dai let out a bitter laugh, ’’I've no ideas! I don't know how I am supposed to compensate her either!’’

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, ’’If you don't know how to compensate me now, then you can owe me first. You can pay me back next time when I think of something.’’ As she finished speaking, she dragged Ah Dai over to her side, and continued in a low voice, ’’Were you telling the truth just now? You really have the Hell's Sword?’’

Subconsciously, Ah Dai felt for the sword at his chest, and nodded, ’’Yeah! It's something that Uncle gave me.’’

Although Xuan Yue was still young, she had already heard of the legend of the Hell's Sword First Flash - [Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher];Hell's Sword Second Flash - [Ghost and God Terrorizer]. The Holy Church had never fought with the number one assassin in the continent, the ’’King of Hell’’, before, but the Supreme Pontiff had sent out orders long ago that, if any of the clergy discovered his whereabouts, they must immediately report to the Holy Church. Also, her father had once told her, the scariest person in the Assassin's' Guild was not their mysterious leader, but rather the ’’King of Hell’’ who wielded the Hell's Sword! The Hell's Sword was discovered by the 3rd generation Supreme Pontiff and it contains an incomparable amount of evil energy. The current Supreme Pontiff had once said that the Hell's Sword was the most extreme evil object, and even normal godly weapons were simply incomparable to it. Xuan Yue would have never guessed that such an extreme evil object would actually be on the silly-looking Ah Dai. Based on appearance, Ah Dai did not seem like an evil person at all, so how was he able to use the evil Hell's Sword? Barely suppressing her utter shock, Xuan Yue continued in her low voice, ’’That means, the uncle who gave you that Hell's Sword, is the number one assassin on the continent, the ’’King of Hell’’? Where is he now! Why did he give the Hell's Sword to you?’’

Ah Dai's eyes dimmed as he replied, ’’Uncle... has already died. Yue Yue, after I left uncle, you are the first person to know this secret, you mustn't tell this to anyone! Uncle said that he had a lot of enemies, and the Hell's Sword is extremely powerful. If bad people were to obtain it, they might cause bloodbaths throughout the continent.’’

Xuan Yue hesitated for awhile, but agreed, ’’Okay, I'll promise you. However, you must be careful too. Your uncle is right, if people were to find that you have the Hell's Sword, you will be in danger too.’’ Pausing for a moment, she could not contain her curiosity and asked, ’’Ah Dai, then do you know how to use Hell's Sword First Flash - [Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher] and Hell's Sword Second Flash - [Ghost and God Terrorizer]?’’

Ah Dai scratched his head, ’’I don't know how to say it, but I think I know a little. However, I've never tried it before. The evil qi from the Hell's Sword is too powerful. Uncle said that every time he drew the sword to kill a bad person, countless of innocent bystanders had died just from the evil qi spreading out. I cannot use it carelessly.’’

’’So frightening! Can you let me see it? No, just touching it will do,’’ Xuan Yue gasped in shock, but she was still curious.

Ah Dai got a fright and quickly turned away to hide, ’’It's better not to. The evil energy from the Hell's Sword is too strong, I'm afraid that it will harm you!’’

Xuan Yue's curiosity was totally aroused right now, and she urged, ’’It's okay, I'll just touch it over your clothes. Don't forget, I have a holy physique, so I'll be fine. Quickly~’’ Without waiting for Ah Dai's response, she immediately stuck out her delicate small hand, and pressed it against Ah Dai's chest. Just as her hand came into contact with the hilt of the Hell's Sword, a gust of extremely icy qi flowed out from the hilt, causing Xuan Yue's whole body to shiver uncontrollably. To her shock, she was unable to release her hand, and her face instantly became ashen.

Ah Dai got a fright and immediately pushed away Xuan Yue's hand, then placed his hands against her shoulders, circulating his boundless true qi into her body. Ah Dai was tall, and he was able to block everything that happened, so that the others did not notice. Under the bountiful life force of his boundless true qi, Xuan Yue's complexion gradually became better, but she was still continuously panting. The feeling of the evil energy entering her body was deeply etched in her memory. Just now, when her hand had touched the hilt of the Hell's Sword, she felt as though her soul was about to be absorbed by the Hell's Sword and her consciousness slowly became blurry. If not for the protection of the Phoenix's Blood, shielding her momentarily, and that Ah Dai was able to break off her contact in time, she might have lost her life, even with her holy physique!

’’Such, such a scary feeling, that evil energy was so strong! It's too frightening...’’ Xuan Yue mumbled a little incoherently.

Ah Dai asked in concern, ’’Yue Yue, how are you feeling? Are you okay now? I told you that the evil energy of the Hell's Sword is too powerful, and you were too careless. Before touching the Hell's Sword, you must use your vitality to protect your body. If you had used your light magic to protect yourself, perhaps you might not have been taken over by the evil energy. Are you feeling better now?’’

Xuan Yue took a deep breath of air, and lightly nodded her head, ’’It really is so powerful! You mustn't touch it carelessly as well. To release such powerful evil energy even when sheathed... If it was unsheathed, perhaps all of the life within a hundred square metres from it will be totally annihilated. I'm already regretting the promise that I made just now, I think that it will be better if you handed it over to the Holy Church for safekeeping.’’

Ah Dai tightly grabbed the Hell's Sword, shaking his head anxiously as he said, ’’No. This is something left to me by Uncle, I must never hand it over to anyone else. Yue Yue, I'll promise you that I won't use it carelessly, okay?’’

Xuan Yue let out a smile. ’’Of course, I know what type of person you are. Don't worry anymore, I won't tell anyone about it. After all, I still need your protection.’’

Just as Ah Dai was about to speak, Yan Shi suddenly stood up and walked over, stopping in front of Ah Dai and Xuan Yue. With his movement, all of the others instantly turned to look at the three of them. ’’Brother Ah Dai, since we are going to the Death Mountains, let us first discuss our plans.’’

At a loss for words, Ah Dai merely nodded his head. Yue Hen and the others soon walked over as well, and only Yan Li was still lying against a huge tree, letting out thunderous sounds of snoring.

’’Big brother Yan Shi, do you have any good ideas in mind?’’ Yue Hen asked.


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