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The Kind Death God - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Dragon's Blood

Xuan Yue knew how precious the spatial attribute magic book was, especially since it had belonged to this famed Magister Yuan Mu, whose specialty was spatial magic. Xuan Yue received the magic book solemnly, and said with a blank face, ’’Thank you Prophet Pu Lin, I will be sure to practice your spatial magic well.’’ Although this was what she said, she still had a hint of doubt over what Pu Lin had talked about earlier.

As though seeing through Xuan Yue's thoughts, Pu Lin smiled, ’’Child, there will be a day, where you will work hard and be the savior. Ah Dai, come over here.’’

Ah Dai nodded in agreement, and walked up to Xuan Yue's side. Pu Lin was smiling as he grabbed hold of Ah Dai's hands and said, ’’Ah Dai, you are a kindhearted child. The current you, have yet to reach your full potential, and I'm sure you will grow up to be a clever child. The reason why you are like this now, should be related to your childhood. If I'm not wrong, you should be an orphan right?’’

Ah Dai gasped in shock, ’’How did you know that?’’

With a mysterious smile on his face, Pu Lin said, ’’Don't forget, I am the prophet of the Puyan Tribe! Some painful experiences must have occurred during your childhood. After you stepped into this temple, I checked your body and discovered that there is a layer of shadow in your mind, only by breaking through it, will you be able to rediscover yourself. However, this will depend on your own efforts. Even after losing your memories, you are still such a kind child, this kindness of yours has enabled you to get to where you are today, and your accomplishments will be unlimited in the future. Remember my words, no matter whether you recover your memories or not, you must always continue to have that kind heart of yours. You will be blessed by God as long as you remain kind.’’

Listening to Pu Lin's words, Ah Dai stood there dumbfounded. There was a flash of light in his mind, but he could not seem to grasp it. Xuan Yue furrowed her brows as she said, ’’Prophet Pu Lin, are you saying that Ah Dai had lost his memories?’’

Pu Lin nodded his head, ’’Ah Dai must have suffered some great shock in his childhood, causing him to lose his memories. I believe, he will be able to remember them in the future.’’

With a quavering voice, Ah Dai asked, ’’Prophet Pu Lin, are you saying... that I might have a family? I, I'm not actually an orphan?’’

Pu Lin shook his head, ’’My powers are limited. I myself, am not sure of where you came from, or who you are exactly. You will need to rely on yourself to discover your origins, do you understand?’’

Ah Dai only stared dazedly at Pu Lin, unable to think of any words to say.

’’It's okay Ah Dai, don't think too much about it for now. Come, I'll give you a gift as well. It should be useful to you, not only can it help you suppress evil, it can also protect you in times of danger. Look.’’ As he spoke, Pu Lin placed his hand on top of the stone platform before him. With a flash of light, a round shaped stone pillar suddenly emerged from the platform. Pu Lin quietly muttered some incantations,and drew a magic hexagram on top of the pillar. The light immediately intensified, and the emerging pillar seemed even more dazzling. A necklace suddenly appeared in the middle of the pillar. It was silver-colored, with a blue pendant hanging from it, a very simple looking pendant shaped like a water droplet, but its appearance seemed extremely similar to Xuan Yue's Phoenix's Blood.

In accordance to the appearance of this necklace, the Phoenix's Blood near Xuan Yue's chest suddenly grew hotter. The necklace caused her to feel a sense of familiarity.

Looking at the necklace with hazy eyes, Pu Lin sighed, ’’Do you still remember that phrase? 'With Dragon's Blood as bond', this necklace is a pair with the Phoenix's Blood. Our Puyan Tribe has been keeping it for almost a thousand years. Xuan Yue, you ought to know the origin of the two necklaces, right?’’

There were emotions surging through Xuan Yue's body, as she looked towards the Dragon's Blood and nodded her head. ’’The Dragon's Blood and the Phoenix's Blood belonged to the first generation Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Church, His Majesty Shen Yu, and his wife. Legends said that the king of dragons the Dragon King, and the king of all birds the Phoenix, had used their own blood to craft the two godly artifacts. They both possess great power.’’

Pu Lin nodded, ’’Yes, what you've said is correct. This Dragon's Blood, was precisely bestowed upon us by His Majesty Shen Yu. At that time, the other tribes were reluctant to return our land to us. This caused His Majesty Shen Yu to feel apologetic, and he gave our Puyan Tribe his own godly protection artifact. It later became the priceless treasure of our Puyan Tribe. For a thousand years, no one has ever used it. As for the Phoenix's Blood, it was always preserved by the Holy Church, and it is the necklace that Xuan Yue is wearing now. The two necklaces are a pair, complementing each other. Your powers are still too weak now, so you will be unable to display the true might of the two godly artifacts. When the two of you surpass me, perhaps you may really be able to summon the spirits of the Dragon King and the Phoenix. Among all the godly artefacts, the Dragon's Blood and the Phoenix's Blood are considered to be middle-grade.’’

Xuan Yue was shocked, ’’Even godly artifacts have different ranks?’’

Pu Lin nodded, ’’Godly artifacts are generally separated into 3 grades, didn't your elders teach you? Some low-grade godly artefacts can be crafted with the power of humans. According to what I know, there was once a great alchemist who managed to craft a low-grade godly artifact, with his own skill and extremely precious materials from around the continent. But, as for how middle-grade and top-grade come about, I am not sure either. I only know, that the power of top-grade godly artefacts, may even cause the gods to be wary.’’ As he spoke, his gaze seemed to be directed towards the position of the Hell's Sword on Ah Dai's body.

Ah Dai did not notice Pu Lin's gaze, and stammered in shock, ’’Prophet Pu Lin, you... are you saying that you are going to gift this Dragon's Blood to us?’’

Pu Lin let out a smile, ’’No, this is for you only. I've already given my own magic book to Xuan Yue, so this Dragon's Blood shall belong to you.’’ After uttering those words, he seemed to use some mysterious technique, causing the necklace to appear in his hand. At the same time that the Dragon's Blood appeared, its blue glow instantly brightened, and there seemed to be a loud roar echoing in the distance. The Phoenix's Blood at Xuan Yue's chest also let out a brilliant red glow, seeming to resonate with the Dragon's Blood. It was as though the two necklaces had their own souls, and at that moment, they seemed to be rejoicing.

Immediately, Ah Dai waved his hand, and tried to refuse, ’’No, no, this is not appropriate, the Dragon's Blood is your Puyan Tribe's heirloom! How can I take it? Prophet Pu Lin, it's better for you to keep it.’’

Pu Lin shook his head, and merely said, ’’Ah Dai, just accept it. I feel reassured that the godly artifact will be safe in your hands. As it is a godly artifact, it should help you on your journey. The Thousand-Year Great Tribulation is about to befall, I hope you can put the artifact to good use, and display its might. To be able to help the savior, it is our Puyan Tribe's sacred duty.’’

Xuan Yue stared at Pu Lin, then looked back at Ah Dai. Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed the Dragon's Blood from Pu Lin, and thrust it into Ah Dai's hand. ’’Since he asked you to take it, just take it. Didn't Prophet Pu Lin say that we still have to help his Puyan Tribe next time? With the Dragon's Blood, we will have a better chance of doing that. If not, you can always return it to him after the great tribulation has passed.’’

Ah Dai was stunned. The Dragon's Blood in his hand emanated warmth, and his body was filled with an indescribable sense of comfort. Furthermore, the Dragon's Blood seemed to have a sense of closeness to him. After it was placed in Ah Dai's hand, it's blue radiance gradually dimmed, but the vast energy contained within remained.

’’Prophet Pu Lin, then I'll borrow it first, thank you very much!’’ Ah Dai relented.

Pu Lin let out a smile and said, ’’There is an incantation to activate the Dragon's Blood. When you want to use it, you just have focus all your mental energy into it, and the incantation will naturally appear in your mind. The incantation of the Dragon's Blood is similar to the incantation of the Phoenix's Blood. As for its other uses, Xuan Yue can explain it to you.’’ Pu Lin revealed a pleased look as he exclaimed, ’’My duty is finally done here. The fate of the Puyan Tribe, shall lay in your hands in the future. Xuan Yue, Ah Dai, the both of you mustn't disappoint me!’’

Xuan Yue pulled Ah Dai towards her, replying on his behalf, ’’We shall do what we can. Prophet Pu Lin, do you have any other things you need to tell us? We should get going soon. Yan Shi is still in danger. Aren't you worried that he will be harmed again? The culprit was able to kill his wife without anyone noticing, I think that Yan Shi might still be in danger even here.’’

There was a trace of pain in Pu Lin's eyes, and he sighed, ’’That child, Yan Shi, I've watched him grow up, but his fate is already determined by the Heavens, it can't be so easily changed just with the power of humans. Don't worry, I've already made the necessary arrangements for him. I've still got some things to tell you. You've seen the Tilu warriors in the Tilu Temple, what are your thoughts about them?’’

Xuan Yue and Ah Dai both revealed looks of fear. Xuan Yue responded, ’’They are the most dangerous warriors I've seen. Even among the inquisitors of the Holy Church, perhaps only the highest ranked inquisitors might be match for them. Your Puyan Tribe has quite a few experts!’’

Ah Dai added on, ’’They are really strong, especially the two Tilu warriors outside the door of the stone grotto. If they were to attack, just a single one would be able to kill us easily.’’

With a pained look on his face, Pu Lin lamented, ’’These Tilu warriors are heroes, most deserving of respect in our Puyan Tribe! Do you know how they came about? I'll tell you now, this is one of the greatest secrets of our tribe. A thousand years ago, our Puyan Tribe was almost wiped out by that great tribulation. And even after the tribulation, we still faced many threats. In order to allow our tribe to continue to progress and grow, the current tribe leader, decided to use a restricted witchcraft and create the strongest warriors.’’

’’Strong warriors could be created?’’ Ah Dai exclaimed in shock.

Pu Lin nodded, ’’Witchcraft is an extremely mysterious magic, and it is similar to the forgotten necromancy magic. The one using witchcraft will have to pay a certain price in order to attain his goals. In our Puyan Tribe, we have records of a witchcraft, that enables one to reach and display his full potential. However, there is an exorbitant price to pay, and that is the soul.’’

Both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai involuntarily cried out, ’’Soul?’’

Pu Lin nodded his head solemnly, ’’Yes, the soul. After using this witchcraft, one will have to give up their soul. The warriors who used this witchcraft, although they had lost their souls, as long as their fleshly body was not destroyed, they would have eternal life. This is the true form of the Tilu warriors. They have forcefully unlocked their full potential, not only do they have powerful attack and defense abilities, the most fearsome is the self-healing ability that they now possess. As long as their bodies are not totally destroyed and they are not disabled, they can be said to be immortal.’’

Listening to Pu Lin's explanation, Ah Dai could not help but mutter, ’’To give up their souls in order for greater power, this, this seems too.....’’

’’Too evil? The current Tilu warriors, are the heroes of our Puyan Tribe. They have given up their souls in order for the progress of our Puyan Tribe, and they shall forever gain the respect of our tribesmen. This witchcraft cannot be simply used by anyone. One must possess great power and an extremely resolute will, if not, it will be impossible for the witchcraft to succeed. The Tilu warriors who have successfully used this witchcraft were the strongest fighters our Puyan Tribe has produced. There is a method to test a warriors compatibility, and the warriors who pass the test, will obtain the instructions and incantations for the witchcraft from the prophet. If something that threatens the safety of our Puyan Tribe appears, these warriors will activate the witchcraft unhesitatingly, allowing them to become the fearsome Tilu warriors in an instant. In that year, after the great tribulation, the countless other tribes treated our Puyan Tribe as a slab of meat. To them, the long history of our tribe, meant that we must have many priceless treasures. As a result, they tried to invade our territory numerous times, vying for the land and the treasures we possessed. But each time, in the face of this danger, the warriors in our tribe instantly used the witchcraft, and became fearsome Tilu warriors to eliminate the enemies. After the enemies had been defeated, they would lose their souls and consciousness, and could only be controlled by prophets like me. This is exactly why, I hate those outsiders even more. In the past thousand years, our Puyan Tribe had experienced great dangers a total of 121 time, and because of these dangerous situations, a total of 276 brave warriors had turned into the Tilu warriors. Excluding the 11 whose bodies were totally destroyed in battle, there are still 265 Tilu warriors remaining, the oldest of them are at least 900 years old. Although their strength will no longer increase, they have become the most powerful secret weapon that our Puyan Tribe possesses.’’

Perplexed, Ah Dai asked, ’’Since the Tilu warriors are so powerful, wouldn't just ten or twenty of them be enough? Why are there so many Tilu warriors?’’

Pu Lin let out a bitter smile, ’’Our Puyan Tribe consists of over thirty clans, although it is incomparable to the time when we were at our prime, our territory still spans quite a large area. Every time our enemies attacked, it was impossible that a Tilu warrior would always be nearby. So, in times of extreme danger, these strong warriors would sacrifice their souls using the witchcraft, instantly increasing their power in order to protect their tribesmen. If not for the strict requirements of the witchcraft, perhaps, we might have even more Tilu warriors today. Even now, there are still some people who lust over the 'treasures' that our Puyan Tribe supposedly has, and they try to sneak into our tribe. This is why our Puyan Tribe really despises outsiders, and refuses to interact with them.’’

Ah Dai thought for a while and asked, ’’Prophet Pu Lin, then do you think, big brother Yan Shi's wife, might have been killed by those outsiders?’’

Pu Lin shook his head, ’’I'm not too sure, everything will be revealed tonight. Children, the reason why I told you the secret of the Tilu warriors, is to let you understand that, if you face stronger opponents in the future, the Tilu warriors of our Puyan Tribe shall be your loyal allies. They will be able to be of great help to you.’’

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue looked at each other, and Xuan Yue sighed, ’’These Tilu warriors are so pitiable, we would rather not have them help. They have already lost their souls, it's better for them to live quiet lives in the Tilu Temple. What do you think?’’

Pu Lin had watery eyes as he replied, ’’You're right, these seniors have already sacrificed enough for the sake of the tribe. We can talk about this next time. However, even if you don't wish for them to help, I'll still tell you the methods to control them, because I don't have much time left. You have to promise me, after I impart the technique for controlling them to you, you must never use them for selfish purposes. At the same time, I have another request, and that is, I wish that you will not reveal the fact that the both of you are the saviors to anyone, not even to the Holy Church. Let things progress on their own, if the Holy Church finds out that you are the saviors they are seeking, perhaps it may affect your growth in the future. Xuan Yue, you should understand, I'm saying these words to you.’’

Without waiting for Xuan Yue's response, Ah Dai hurriedly exclaimed, ’’Prophet Pu Lin, why do you not have much time left!’’

Pu Lin let out a sigh, ’’As a prophet, my life has already been quite long. Afterall, I've revealed Heaven's plans, so I will surely receive divine punishment. Although I cannot really foresee when exactly my time will run out, I know that it will be soon.’’

Shooting a glance at Ah Dai, Xuan Yue asked, ’’Since we are the saviors that you speak of, then wouldn't it better to tell this news to the Holy Church? We will be able to receive more help in the future.’’

Meanwhile, Ah Dai interjected, ’’Prophet Pu Lin, you will be fine, you can surely live for another 10 years!’’

Pu Lin raised his hand, preventing Xuan Yue and Ah Dai from speaking further. There was a faint smile on his face as he said, ’’People's lives will eventually come to an end, and mine is no exception. I have already said it earlier, that I am considered to be one of the older prophets, some have passed away before they even reached the age of 30. Right now, I am already very satisfied. Xuan Yue, as a member of the Holy Church, I understand that you may feel guilty if you do not tell such an important thing to the Supreme Pontiff, but you must remember my words. Everyone has their own fate, that is prearranged by the gods. If there are external forces interfering, there may be slight changes to your fates. Like the both of you, you have already embarked on the wheel of fate, you can only go on according to your own fate. It is best to stick to your natural path, Xuan Yue, do you understand?’’

Xuan Yue seemed to be deep in her thoughts, not speaking further. Pu Lin walked unsteadily into the middle of Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, he originally did not have a short stature, but somehow he seemed hunchbacked now. Ah Dai quickly went to support him and asked, ’’Prophet, are you okay?’’

Pu Lin shook his head, saying, ’’Both of you, listen to me. Right now, I will be teaching you the method to command the Tilu warriors, both of you must vow to never teach this to anyone else.’’

Lowering his head, Ah Dai muttered, ’’Prophet Pu Lin, I, I don't want to learn this.’’

Pu Lin let out a sigh, as he suddenly stretched out his bony right hand and touched Ah Dai's chest. Ah Dai was shocked, but he did not resist. That bony hand was already feeling the sheathed Hell's Sword hidden away behind Ah Dai's shirt. An evil energy emanated from the hilt of the sword, and the temperature in the stone room instantly got colder, causing Xuan Yue to shiver uncontrollably.

Pu Lin retracted his hand, seeming to be unaffected by that extreme evil energy. ’’Child, objects are not categorised by kindness and evil. No matter what it is, it all depends on how you use it. If you use it with kind intentions, then you will be kind;if you use it with evil intentions, then you will be evil. The Tilu warriors are just like the object of extreme evil at your chest, both of them should not have existed. But since they already exist, then wouldn't it be better if you use them for good, instead of leaving them there to be useless, or to be used with evil intentions? The reason why I'm teaching you the method to command them, is not to make you bring them to accomplish anything. I just hope that, if something happens to our Puyan Tribe in the future, or perhaps if the great tribulation requires a helping hand, you can use these heroes of our Puyan Tribe to aid you. As long as it is for a righteous cause, I'm sure, these heroes in the nether world will be pleased as well.’’

With a gentle gaze, Pu Lin then turned towards Xuan Yue. Ah Dai kept quiet with his head lowered, but Xuan Yue thought for a while, and replied, ’’Since you put it this way, then let's start. I promise you that we will definitely not use your esteemed tribe's Tilu warriors, unless the situation calls for it.’’

Pu Lin had a satisfied look on his face, ’’Okay, I'm glad that you can understand my intentions. Let us begin now. Actually, the method to command the Tilu warriors is not really difficult. Although they do not have souls, they still sense a connection with things that are familiar to them. The two of you may not be part of our Puyan Tribe, but Xuan Yue has obtained my magic book, and Ah Dai obtained the Dragon's Blood. With these two items, it should be much easier for you to learn the method to command them.’’ Pu Lin then explained in detail, the methods of commanding the Tilu warriors, to Xuan Yue and Ah Dai.

After an hour or so, Pu Lin took a deep breath and said, ’’I've told you everything that I know. Both of you are too weak right now, so you can't use this method yet. Especially Xuan Yue, since you have a holy physique, if you want to use this method, you will need learn spatial magic as support. After all, the Tilu warriors were made through witchcraft, they could also be considered as dark warriors. If you have the time, you should practise according to the magic book I gave you, do you understand?’’

Xuan Yue nodded. What Pu Lin had just taught them, was actually information regarding the witchcraft of making those Tilu warriors, as well as the methods to control the witchcraft. Since it was something that was foreign to both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai, they found it a little hard to take in. The power of witchcraft was extremely mysterious, and even prophet Pu Lin only knew this one type of witchcraft.

’’This time, passing by our Puyan Tribe, where are you heading? Can you tell me?’’ Pu Lin asked.

Xuan Yue glanced at Ah Dai and replied, ’’We are going to the Death Mountains to search for top-grade magic crystals.’’

Pu Lin was shocked, ’’What? You are going to the Death Mountains? That is the one of the most dangerous places in the continent! You are really too daring.’’ As he finished speaking, he drew a magic hexagram in the air. With a solemn expression on his face, he quickly chanted some incantations. After a long time, he finally stopped, and sighed in relief, ’’I've already helped you to calculate, although you may face many dangers in your journey, you should still be able to return safely. It is best to be careful.’’

Ah Dai was easily convinced by Pu Lin's words, and his original worry instantly disappeared. ’’Then you're saying that, we are able to obtain the magic crystals?’’

Pu Lin coughed a few times before replying, a little out of breath, ’’You must believe in yourselves, and have the confidence to overcome all obstacles. Whether you will be able to succeed, it will all depend on yourselves. Let's go, it's time to leave this place, it should be time to resolve the matter regarding Yan Shi.’’

Dumbfounded, Ah Dai was about to say something, but his stomach suddenly started growling. Quite some time had passed, and the food he ate during lunch was already digested.

Xuan Yue let out a peal of laughter, but she soon chanted some incantations and took out some buns from the Phoenix's Blood, passing them to Ah Dai. ’’You must be hungry, eat some food first. Prophet, do you want some too?’’

Pu Lin smiled awkwardly, ’’I apologize, I'd forgotten that you two have not eaten dinner yet. Let's go, after Yan Shi's matter is dealt with, I will surely ask the tribe leader to treat you well.’’ As he spoke, he led Xuan Yue and Ah Dai out of the stone room. When they stepped out of the two stone doors, the two Tilu warriors standing guard did not show any signs of obstruction. Pu Lin explained, ’’These two Tilu warriors are the two strongest warriors in our tribe. They were courageous and strong warriors who used witchcraft to turn into Tilu warriors a few hundred years ago, and they can be considered to be the kings of the Tilu warriors. They are standing here now, to protect the history of our Puyan Tribe. Xuan Yue, there is a method of entering this place, written at the very back of my magic book. If there's need in the future, you can come here to command them.’’ Xuan Yue and Ah Dai glanced towards the Tilu warrior kings, with looks of reverence, yet also tinged with a hint of sadness.

Xuan Yue could faintly sense that Prophet Pu Lin, someone who had sacrificed 30 years of his life for his tribe, seemed to be stating his last will.


It was already very late at night, and there was not a single star in the night sky. Layers of clouds obscured the bright moon, and the land was sunk into darkness. There was an occasional breeze rustling the leaves, causing people to feel a sense of strangeness.

In a stone house outside the Tilu temple.

Yan Li was currently sitting on the steps leading into the house. He produced a piece of cloth out of nowhere, constantly wiping his two battle axes. ’’Big brother Yan Ju, do you think the culprit will come tonight? Should we have set more people here to make sure if that culprit comes, he will be unable to leave. Once I capture that bastard, I will surely hack him into pieces with my axes!’’ As he spoke, he even waved the battle axes in his hands angrily. They had already been standing guard outside for half the night, yet there was no sign of any movements. It was already very late at night, and the Puyan tribesmen in the clan were sleeping.

Yan Ju shook his head helplessly, ’’Ah Li, you're not that young anymore, but you are still so rash. Think about it, if we place too many men here, how will the culprit fall for it? Furthermore, the two of us can already be considered to be experts within the tribe, no matter how strong the enemy is, with our strength, we will surely be able to delay him for enough time, while the other tribesmen come to help capture him.’’

Yan Li yawned, ’’Big brother Yan Ju, you've lectured me since young, but I'm old enough now, you can stop lecturing me. I'm so sleepy! If only the next day can arrive sooner. Big brother Yan Shi is really pitiful, sister Yun' Er just departed like that. The Heavens are really blind! to Not even bless such a kind person like sister Yun' Er.’’

’’Stop saying this kind of nonsense! If the tribe leader were to hear this, you will be in deep trouble!’’ Yan Ju chided.

Yan Li only let out a hmpf, ’’I don't know what the tribe leader is thinking, if I were him, I would have surely arranged for many men to protect big brother Yan Shi. Although finding the culprit is important, shouldn't it be more important to save big brother Yan Shi? However, not only did he simply send the two of us to stand guard, he even spread the prophet's words throughout the tribe. Does he want big brother Yan Shi to be in more danger? Sister Yun' Er had already died, and big brother is so miserable, but he didn't even seem to be very sad. Furthermore, he was already opposed to sister Yun' Er marrying big brother Yan Shi last time, who knows, he might even be glad that sister Yun' Er is dead.’’

Yan Ju pulled Yan Li up from the ground, scolding, ’’Why is it that the more I scold you, the more you continue to say? Is the tribe leader someone you can make judgements about?’’

Yan Li seemed to know that he had gone overboard, as he awkwardly placed his battle axes behind his back, and muttered, ’’Big brother Yan Ju, pretend I didn't say anything just now.’’

Yan Ju let out a slight smile, chiding, ’’You! If only you can change that rash behavior of yours, perhaps you will be more well-liked, and the tribe leader will not be worried about sending you out for training..’’

’’I'm getting so bored spending all my time within the clan. Big brother Yan Ju, what do you think will happen, if big brother Yan Shi is unable to wake up? He is the only successor of the tribe leader! Our tribesmen surely won't allow someone who lost consciousness to take over the position of the tribe leader. I really hope that he quickly regains his consciousness.’’

There was a faint glint flashing across Yan Ju's eyes as he replied, ’’If brother Yan Shi is really unable to wake up, perhaps the highly respected tribe elders will have to select a new successor from the younger generation.’’

’’Big brother Yan Ju, if they really had to pick a new successor, who else will be able to compare to your famed reputation. In our generation , perhaps even big brother Yan Shi is incomparable to you!’’

Yan Ju was slightly stunned for a moment, and furrowed his brows, ’’Yan Li, stop spouting nonsense. Stay on your guard, the culprit may appear anytime, our mission tonight is very important!’’

Yan Li let out a cold hmpf, ’’I'm more afraid that the culprit won't dare to show up. As long as he comes, I refuse to believe that he will be able to escape!’’

Yan Ju walked over to Yan Li's side, patting his broad shoulders as he spoke, ’’Yan Li, there's something you're very right about.’’

Confused, Yan Li asked, ’’What thing?’’


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