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The Kind Death God - Chapter 22


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Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

Chapter 22: The Puyan Warrior

Ah Dai quietly exited the tent, and inhaled a deep breath of the refreshing air. However, even so, he was unable to clear the confusion in his mind, he simply could not figure out what sort of person Xuan Yue was. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold, throwing a tantrum at him, then suddenly showing care for him.

’’Brother Ah Dai, quickly come in and sleep, we need to set off early tomorrow.’’ It was Yue Hen who spoke, and he was currently smiling at Ah Dai.

The tent was very small, and with Yue Hen and Ah Dai's figures, it was indeed quite cramped inside. Yue Hen sat crossed-legged by the side and asked, ’’Brother Ah Dai, how old are you this year?’’

Ah Dai lifted the hood from his head as he replied, ’’I'm 17 this year, how about you, brother Yue Hen?’’

’’I'm older than you by 2 years, I'm 19 this year, while my sister is 18, we can be considered to be of the same generation. How do you feel about going on this journey to the Death Mountains?’’

Ah Dai was stunned, and shook his head, ’’I just want to obtain a piece of magic crystal for my Teacher.’’

’’I see, then how did you meet Miss Xuan Yue? Your relationship seems to be very weird.’’

Ah Dai sighed in response, ’’Brother Yue Hen, don't ask anymore, it's complicated! You can start cultivating, I'll start to meditate too.’’ As he finished speaking, he sat cross-legged, and closed his eyes.

Seeing that he refuse to speak, Yue Hen shook his head helplessly, and started cultivating his dou qi.

After meditating for a while, Ah Dai saw that Yue Hen had already entered the state of cultivation. Thus, only then did he start circulating his boundless true qi. Since Xuan Yue did not want to let the others know about his ability to use martial arts, he could only follow along.

The night remained silent, and the next morning, everyone continued on their journey, advancing in the direction towards the territory of the Puyan Tribe. After a whole afternoon of walking, they finally arrived at the next city in the Red Hurricane Tribe at noon. This city was obviously much bigger, and most of the citizens were Red Hurricane tribesmen. Under Xuan Yue's insistent demands, they eventually bought a spacious carriage and two fine steeds to pull the carriage. When paying the money, Xuan Yue was only willing to pay 50 gold coins, while simply the carriage costed at least 100 gold coins. Yue Hen seemed to be quite affluent as he did not argue, and even paid for the others. The most pitiful was Ah Dai, Xuan Yue used the excuse that he was not going to buy anything with his money, and took all of his money instead. Of course, all of it went into her own purse. After lunch, Wan Li drove the carriage, and continued on their journey.

With the horse carriage, their speed was much faster, and after two days, they finally crossed the borders of the Puyan Tribe.

Although riding on the carriage was quite bumpy, it was much more relaxing as compared to walking. However, also due to the bumpiness, Yue Hen did not dare to cultivate and when he got bored, he started chatting. After a few days of being together, they came to know one another better. Ah Dai and Xuan Yue found out that, Yue Hen and Yue Ji were actually children of a noble family in the Red Hurricane Tribe, and it was very strict at home. Like Xuan Yue, they had also run away from home, and only returned home once or twice a year. Even though they were not very old, they already had 3 years of experience as mercenaries, and the Moon Scar Mercenary Tribe was just created last year. Due to the fact that being a mercenary was quite a popular profession in the Red Hurricane Tribe, their parents no longer restricted their activities after seeing that they had gained quite a bit of fame. Yue Hen's Moon Shadow Sword Techniques were imparted down their family, while Yue Ji's archery skills were learnt from their mother, the two of them possessed pretty decent strength.

What made Ah Dai surprised was that, Xuan Yue did not boast of her own identity, but merely said that she had learnt light attribute magic from a nameless magician. In these few days, Xuan Yue kept a low profile, apart from questioning Yue Hen about some interesting stuff in the continent, she never mentioned her background.

’’Xuan Yue, it seems that riding a horse carriage is actually so relaxing, you've really done a good thing this time!’’ Yue Jie remarked with a tinge of sarcasm. Even after being together for the past few days, the relationship between Yue Ji and Xuan Yue did not change, they continued to bicker and argue, as though there was some sort of deep-rooted hatred between them.

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, ’’So you realized that now! Ah Dai, why are you keeping such a far distance away from me, I'm sleepy, lend me your shoulder to sleep on for a while.’’

Ah Dai got a fright and immediately tried to hide to the side, ’’Miss, boys and girls should not get close, this doesn't seem good.’’

Miao Fei interjected with glee, ’’Miss Xuan Yue, if he isn't willing, why not I lend you my shoulder?’’

Xuan Yue gave him a glare as she said, ’’You're too skinny, I don't want your shoulder! Ah Dai, quickly come over!’’ As she spoke, she moved over next to Ah Dai.

The horse carriage only had so much space, thus Ah Dai had no choice but to let Xuan Yue lean on him. Under Miao Fei and Yue Hen's envious looks, Xuan Yue leaned against Ah Dai's arms and closed her eyes. She did not know why, but once she leaned against Ah Dai's sturdy arms, her fatigue felt more intense, and she fell asleep almost immediately.

However, while Xuan Yue slept peacefully, Ah Dai was suffering. He did not dare move an inch, and not only did he need to endure Yue Ji's curious gaze, he had to try and maintain his balance.

Xuan Yue gradually entered a deep sleep and her hands were tightly clutching Ah Dai's arms, with a satisfied look on her face. Looking at Xuan Yue's serene sleeping face, and feeling the soft warmth radiating from her body, a tinge of gentleness appeared in Ah Dai's eyes.

As it was already afternoon, the hot weather caused everyone to feel a little drowsy, and they were all in a muddled state.

Suddenly, the carriage jolted, and screeched to a stop, it seemed that Wan Li had forcefully stopped the horses. Everyone woke up from the intense shaking, and Xuan Yue's body had unknowingly ended up within Ah Dai's embrace from the shaking. In a daze, Xuan Yue asked in confusion, ’’What's wrong?’’

Ah Dai was afraid that Xuan Yue would misunderstand and think that he was taking advantage of her, so he quickly righted up her body. ’’I don't know what's happening either, the horse carriage seemed to have suddenly stopped.’’

Miao Fei had already stepped out, while Yue Hen and Yue Ji soon followed, leaving only Ah Dai and Xuan Yue in the carriage. Ah Dai suggested, ’’Miss, I'll go take a look as well.’’

Xuan Yue let out a yawn as she replied, ’’I'm so tired, I still want to sleep, your shoulder is so comfortable. You don't have to go, they can probably resolve the problem.’’ As she finished speaking, she grabbed hold of Ah Dai's arm, and closed her eyes once more.

Ah Dai had no choice but to comply, and could only strain his ears to listen to what was happening outside. There seemed to many people outside, and a stranger's voice suddenly sounded, ’’Who are you people, what are you doing here in the territory of our Puyan Tribe?’’

’’Greetings fellow warriors, we are members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group, and we are on our way to the Heaven's Origin Tribe. We are just passing by the territory of your esteemed tribe.’’ Yue Hen responded calmly.

The stranger's voice sounded once more, but this time in a more aggressive tone, ’’I don't care whether you are mercenaries or not, if you wish to go to the Heaven's Origin Tribe, take a different path, and go around, you are not allowed to pass through our territory.’’

Ah Dai was shocked, the people of the Puyan Tribe were a little too unreasonable, not even allowing them to pass through their territory.

Yue Hen did not get angry, but continued with his calm voice, ’’Elder brothers, please accommodate us a little, if we are to change our routes now, it will at least take ten more days of travelling. We are all people of the Commonwealth, just be a little understanding, and let us pass for the sake of convenience, we promise not to stay too long within your esteemed tribe, is that okay?’’

’’Hmpf, I've seen too many people like you. Don't pretend to be close to me, I'm not your elder brother, quickly leave this place now. If not, we will have to use force.’’

’’You are really too unreasonable! Why should we listen to you, we insist on passing, let's see what you can do.’’ Yue Ji retorted in anger.

Clanging sounds rang out, it seemed that the opponents had drawn their weapons. Ah Dai quickly shook Xuan Yue awake, ’’Miss, I think they're about to fight, you can continue to rest while I'll go out to take a look.’’

Xuan Yue let out a grunt in discontent, but she lied down on the bench in the carriage to continue her sweet dreams.

Ah Dai floated down from the horse carriage, and hid in a corner to observe the situation. It was a big path lined with trees, the ground was very even, while towering trees stood by the roadside with their dense canopy, allowing only the tiniest bits of sunlight to pass through. Before the carriage, the Yue siblings, Miao Fei and Wan Li were standing in a row. Opposite of them, were a group with twenty over young light cavalrymen. They had just drawn their sabers that were hanging from their waists, and were currently glaring menacingly at the four people before them.

Yue Hen said in a loud voice, ’’Fellow warriors, we are genuine mercenaries, aren't there any mercenaries in your Puyan Tribe? We just wish to pass through yet you treat us in such a way, our Red Hurricane Tribe isn't so easily bullied either.’’

The warrior at the front let out a cold hmpf, ’’Red Hurricane Tribe? Apart from some measly mercenaries, what else does your Red Hurricane Tribe have? Let me take a look at your strength, if any of you can defeat the saber with my hand, I'll let you all pass.’’

His words had thoroughly infuriated Yue Hen, as he replied coldly as well, ’’Okay, then let me see what's so great about the Puyan Tribe! Little sister, y'all step back.’’ As he spoke, he drew his long sword, gazing at the warrior on the horse.

The Puyan warrior jumped of his horse, and Ah Dai was shocked to discover, that the warrior was even taller than him by half a head. Once he got off his horse, he immediately exuded a domineering aura. He stepped towards Yue Hen, with his large saber that was almost four feet long resting against his shoulder. With each step that he took, his aura grew stronger, and was firmly locked onto Yue Hen's body.

Yue Hen kept his sword close to him, while revealing a grim expression. He did not think he would actually meet such a strong expert in such a place.

’’Yan Shi (english translation is Rock) of the Puyan Tribe. Engarde!’’ With his loud shout, a yellow colored dou qi instantly burst forth from Yan Shi's body. His hands were clutching the saber as he charged towards Yue Hen with a terrifying momentum.

[TN: So what Yan Shi said were some formal greetings before a spar, idk how to translate that into english, but it's a bit like fencing, where opponents will greet each other and stuff.]

Ah Dai got a shock, the move that Yan Shi used, was extremely similar to his cleaving move from the TianGang Sword Techniques.

Yue Hen did not shrink back in the face of his opponent's strike, and with his silver sword slanted in his hand, he aimed it towards Yan Shi's saber. With a slight cling, Yue Hen's silver sword accurately landed 5 inches away from the tip of the saber. The silver light flashed across, forcefully directing the opponent's saber away. However, due to the force behind Yan Shi's strike, Yue Hen was still sent stumbling back two steps.

Yan Shi did not retreat, and continuously sent out 3 strikes, cleaving towards Yue Hen rapidly. His dou qi surged out, and even Ah Dai, who was standing beside the horse carriage, could clearly feel the huge fluctuations. Yue Hen was significantly weaker as his body shook, he executed his Moon Shadow Sword Technique, and starting circling around his opponent. For a short while, the two silhouettes, one yellow and the other silver, constantly struck against each other, causing the wind to be in a flurry. In terms of agility, Yue Hen had the upper hand, however, he lost against Yan Shi in terms of dou qi. Under the pressure of Yan Shi's domineering aura, he found it very hard to hold on, every time the silver sword clashed with the saber, his body would tremble from the impact.

With a loud clang, Yue Hen staggered backwards, a piece of his silver armor near his shoulder had been cleaved apart, and he was clearly at a disadvantage.

Wielding his saber, Yan Shi said with disdain, ’’I've already told you that you can't get past me, yet you didn't believe me. Quickly leave our Puyan Tribe's territory, if not, don't blame me for not holding back.’’

Yue Hen knew that he was the strongest of his mercenary group, since even he could not defeat the opponent, there was no other solution.

Miao Fei and Wan Li both drew their weapons, protecting Yue Hen on both sides. Yue Ji's silver arrow was already prepared on her bow, while the warriors on the horses jumped down from their horses. From their experienced actions, it seemed that they were not weak either, and in terms of forces, Yue Hen's group was still at a disadvantage.

’’Annoying, waking me up from my sleep! Ah Dai, what are you standing there for? Let's go and take a look, who is actually so impudent.’’ It turned out that it was Xuan Yue who had squirmed out of the horse carriage. It was so noisy outside, causing her to be unable to sleep. She had long been observing the situation through the gap in the carriage, but she only chose to step out now that Yue Hen was at a disadvantage.

Ah Dai helped Xuan Yue down the carriage as she rubbed her sleepy eyes and shouted, ’’Yue Hen, what's wrong, who is so ignorant to try and block our path!’’

Hearing Xuan Yue's voice, the warriors instantly turned their gazes over. There was a slight shock in Yan Shi's eyes, ’’A magician?’’

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue walked over to Yue Hen's side, while Xuan Yue looked towards Yan Shi and said in a sickly sweet voice, ’’What are you so tall for? Do you need me to raise my head and look at you?’’

Yan Shi lowered his head, just happening to see Xuan Yue's exquisite features. Even with his strong will, he could not but be dazed for a moment, and muttered, ’’Why does me being tall concern you.’’

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, ’’I've heard all your previous words, and saw how you tried to stop us. So, if we can defeat you, you will let us pass right, Ah Dai, go and teach him a leeson.’’

Stunned, Ah Dai stammered, ’’Me?’’ Looking at Yan Shi's performance earlier, he had no confidence of winning at all.

’’Of course it's you, if not me? Quickly, defeat them then we can be on our way.’’

Ah Dai grunted a reply as he stepped forward, in front of Yan Shi.

Yan Shi was not really confident either, he had never fought against a magician before, he had only heard that magicians were very powerful, thus, he did not know if he could defeat one. With great caution, he agreed, ’’Come at me then.’’

Behind Ah Dai, Xuan Yue was instructing, ’’Use the skill that day when you cleaved the wall, let him have a good look.’’

Although Ah Dai was confused to why Xuan Yue no longer wanted him to conceal his martial arts, he still obediently drew the TianGang Sword on his back. Observing the sight before him, Yue Hen did not step out to stop him, he had long developed suspicions of Ah Dai's heavy sword, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to have a look.

Looking at Ah Dai draw his TianGang Sword, Yan Shi revealed a surprised expression, there was slight hesitation in his eyes, but he still lifted up his saber.

Suddenly, Ah Dai felt warmth flow through his body, and a burst of energy filled him, causing his spirits to be instantly lifted. A faint layer of white light enveloped his body, but it was not his boundless dou qi, since he had not circulated his qi yet. He turned to glance at Xuan Yue, only to see her shoot him a wry smile, while twirling the wand in her hand. Obviously, the white light was her doing, and it was probably a support magic.

Solemnly, Yan Shi said, ’’Please.’’ He was still wielding the saber with both hands, and cleaved towards Ah Dai.

Ah Dai could not be bothered about that move, although he did not have a very vast battle experience, he could not be anymore familiar with that cleave. With a loud shout, he raised his TianGang Sword with both hands, and cleaved towards his opponent as well. The white colored glow of the dou qi instantly expanded, and surged forth as well. Amidst the loud clashes, Yan Shi's saber and the TianGang Sword struck against each other, and both of their dou qi instantly caused small cyclones to form from the dust on the ground.

Ah Dai felt that his dou qi seemed to be much stronger than before, this was not purely because his Boundless Life Art had reached the Fifth Stage, but a large of it was rather, due to the white light that first appeared.

Yan Shi felt a strong force surging from his opponent's sword, and could not help but take a step back. As someone who was always known for his strength, he had never been forced to step back by his opponents, but now, he had actually lost out to a magician! With a loud howl of rage, he swung his saber once more, this time, he had used all of his strength.

Back at Sweetrock Town, Ah Dai had faced the waves every day, and he had practiced the cleaving move for countless times. He circulated his boundless true qi into his arm, and cleaved out once more. Clang, clang, clang, the sounds continuously rang out. Ah Dai and Yan Shi both seemed to remain in their positions as they cleaved towards each other, it was a pure battle of strength.

After more than ten clashes, Ah Dai gradually gained the upper hand. After all, his boundless true qi provided him with an endless supply of force. In terms of weaponry, Ah Dai was also at an advantage, his TianGang Sword was much heavier than his opponent's saber. Finally, at the 18th clash, Yan Shi's saber was cleaved apart by Ah Dai, his TianGang Sword was covered with a threatening aura from his dou qi as it cleaved towards Yan Shi. Ah Dai got a fright, he did not want to kill anyone, and after the numerous clashes, he developed respect for Yan Shi. He knew that, if not for Xuan Yue's magic, he might not have been able to gain the upper hand in terms of strength, and not to mention, Yan Shi had already fought against Yue Hen previously, expending some of his energy. Forcefully, he twisted his wrist and his right leg stepped out to to the right, and barely managed to swing the TianGang Sword sideways. With a loud bang, it sank into the ground. Suddenly changing his attack when he had already swung out, put a huge burden on Ah Dai's body, and his chest felt as if it was hammered by a giant hammer. Feeling something in his throat, he instantly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Yan Shi was long petrified, he had never experienced such a close brush with death, and seeing the TianGang Sword which was buried deep into the ground, he clearly knew the consequences if that had landed on his body. His hand fell limp, and his broken saber dropped onto the floor.

Xuan Yue ran over to Ah Dai's side and asked anxiously, ’’How are you feeling?’’

Coughing a few times, Ah Dai used the TianGang Sword to support himself, ’’I'm fine.’’

Xuan Yue immediately chanted in a low voice, ’’By the power of the great Heavenly God! Please bestow upon me your benevolent powers of recovery, and heal the injuries in sight. God's Healing.’’ Following her incantation, a ball of white light appeared from her magic wand, and with a flash, it entered Ah Dai's body, a warm feeling instantly surged throughout Ah Dai's meridians. Since his boundless true qi already contained a slight holy attribute, Xuan Yue's light attribute magic instantly stimulated the bountiful life force in his body, and his chest felt much better.

Drawing out a long breath, Ah Dai nodded towards Xuan Yue, ’’Thank you, Miss.’’

The Puyan warriors that were behind Yan Shi instantly jumped down from their horses, and formed a protective barrier around Yan Shi. Their sabers were raised, and they had a aggressive expression on their faces, as if wanting to strike out anytime.

Ah Dai raised his head and looked towards Yan Shi. Yan Shi was still in a sluggish state, as if he could not believe that he had lost. ’’This big brother, I wonder if you will keep your words, and let us pass now.’’ Ah Dai's words were very polite, and he had a smile on his face. The strike just now had given him quite a scare, and now that Yan Shi was unharmed, he felt great relief and happiness from his heart.

Yan Shi snapped out of his stupor from Ah Dai's voice, and there was a look of embarrassment on his face as he told Ah Dai, ’’Brother, you really have good skills, thank you for your mercy, I, Yan Shi, admit defeat. Can I ask you, is your weapon the TianGang Sword?’’

Ah Dai nodded, ’’Yes, it's the TianGang Sword.’’

There was a flash of delight in Yan Shi's eyes as he started walking towards Ah Dai. Wan Li immediately stepped forwards, blocking in front of Ah Dai. Cautiously looking at Yan Shi, he asked, ’’What do you want?’’

Yan Shi spread out his arms, and the previous arrogant and domineering aura was gone. He spoke in a polite tone, ’’I've no bad intentions, I just want to have a few words with this little brother.’’

Xuan Yue stuck to Ah Dai and retorted, ’’What's there to talk about, Ah Dai had already won, you should let us pass now, our time is tight.’’

Yan Shi glanced at Xuan Yue, then looked towards Ah Dai, saying, ’’Brother, I am called Yan Shi, when I was young, I was once given some pointers by the eldest disciple of the TianGang Sword Saint, Teacher Xi Wen, for a few days. I guess, we can be considered to be from the same school. I really don't have any bad intentions, since you are related to the TianGang School, I guess you're not an evil person either, you can pass through our territory.’’

Ah Dai was stunned for a few moments, before replying, ’’So it turns out that big brother Yan Shi is from the TianGang Sword School! My uncle is too, I'm called Ah Dai, and my TianGang Sword was imparted to me by my uncle. Big brother Yan Shi, we'll get going first then.’’

Yan Shi chuckled, ’’Outsiders will find it hard to travel through our Puyan Tribe's territory, how about this, I'll escort y'all through some distance.’’

The sudden change in Yan Shi's attitude caused Yue Hen and Yue Ji to feel uneasy, and Yue Ji let out a cold hmpf, ’’Who knows what you are scheming, entering your territory and getting slaughtered?’’

Yan Shi raged, ’’I swear on my reputation as the son of the Puyan Tribe leader, I, Yan Shi, will definitely stay true to my words.’’

Apart from Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, the other four members were instantly shocked. They had never imagined that, the burly man in front of them was actually the son of the leader of the Puyan Tribe, one of the six great tribes in the Commonwealth.

Xuan Yue played with the magic wand in her hand, and said nonchalantly, ’’Who cares whose son you are, if you want to travel together, then quickly do it. Big brother Yue Hen, let's get into the carriage.’’ As she finished speaking, she turned and walked towards the carriage.

’’Brother Ah Dai,’’ Yan Shi called out to Ah Dai, who was just about to follow Xuan Yue, ’’Let's ride a horse on our way, I've some stuff to ask you.’’

Ah Dai turned to look at Xuan Yue. She shot a glance at Yan Shi, ’’Go then, but if your injuries worsen, I won't care anymore. Hmpf.’’

Yan Shi chuckled, and ordered one of his men to give his horse to Ah Dai. With a loud shout, ’’Brothers, let's go’’, they started off.

This was Ah Dai's first time riding a horse, and he could help but be nervous. When he had first gotten on the horse, the big horse could not help but wobble a little, after all, with over 50kg of body weight, as well as the weight of the TianGang Sword, it was indeed a little heavy. Ah Dai gripped the reins and his legs held on tight to the horse, while his face was full of embarrassment. This was because, his horse remained at its original spot, not moving forwards.

Seeing Ah Dai's posture, Yan Shi knew that Ah Dai did not know how to ride a horse, and he laughed, ’’What's wrong? Brother Ah Dai, is this your first time riding a horse?’’

Red-faced, Ah Dai nodded.

Yan Shi let out a smile, ’’It's okay, actually riding a horse is simple, let me teach you some tricks. Don't be so nervous and relax a little, angle your body forwards, and gently tap its side, yes, yes, that's right. Don't hold the reins too tight, loosen it a little or else the horse will be uncomfortable. See, aren't you doing great? When turning, angle your body in the same direction, and lightly pull the rein with the corresponding hand, and the horse will follow your instructions. When you want it to stop, just lean back, and use both hands to pull the rein.’’

Ah Dai followed Yan Shi's methods, and the horse really started to move. As it slowly increased speed, Ah Dai found the experience wonderful.

At this moment, Yue Hen and the others had got back into the carriage, and once inside, Miao Fei could not wait and asked Xuan Yue, ’’Miss Xuan Yue, why didn't you tell us that Ah Dai knew martial arts!’’

Xuan Yue gave him a glare, ’’Must I tell you everything? And who said Ah Dai knows martial arts, it's just that he has quite some strength.’’

The others had all practiced years of martial arts, and the force and skill that Ah Dai displayed, was definitely not simply just because he had more strength, especially that white colored dou qi of his, was more of a symbol of a martial arts expert. Yue Hen pulled aside Yue Ji, who was just about to ask more questions, and lightly shook his head at her. Miao Fei got uninterested, and did not ask further, while Xuan Yue leaned against one of the seats at the side and fell asleep once more. After a while, the carriage returned to silence, and there were only the sound of rumbling wheels and the crisp sound of the horse's hooves.

In just a short while, Ah Dai had already got used to some of the simpler horse riding techniques, and with Yan Shi's help, he was able to keep up.

Yan Shi brought Ah Dai to the very front, and instructed his men to not follow too closely. Turning to Ah Dai, he said, ’’Brother Ah Dai, I really must thank your for your mercy just now, if not, ay... ...’’

Ah Dai scratched his head, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, don't say it like this, there are no hatred between us anyway, why would I hurt you, we really just wish to pass through your esteemed tribe's territory.’’

Yan Shi nodded, ’’It was all my fault for being too rash. However, our Puyan Tribe has some enmity with some other tribes on the continent, hence the previous situation. However since you're from the TianGang Sword School, there are naturally no problems, the TianGang Sword School stands on the side of justice! Oh, right, brother, this is for you.’’ As he spoke, Yan Shi took out a medicinal pill around the size of a dragon's eye and handed it to Ah Dai.

Ah Dai stretched out his hand to receive it and asked, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, what is this?’’

Yan Shi laughed, ’’Brother, quickly eat it, this is our Puyan Tribe's secret holy recovery pill, the Eliminate Injuries Pill (灭伤丹). It is extremely effective. Just now, in order to not harm me, you suddenly directed your attack away, and spat out blood, I'm sure your internal injuries aren't light. Quickly eat it, and you don't need to worry too much, in less than half a day's time, you'll be alright.’’

Ah Dai brought the Eliminate Injuries Pill close to his nose and took a whiff. Thinking for a while, he replied, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, this pill is very precious! It contains Star Grass, Tendon Fruit and Blue Sky Flower, these are all very precious medicinal herbs, are you really going to give it to me?’’ After staying together with Gliss for a year, Ah Dai was long able to recognize different medicinal herbs by their smell.

Yan Shi was stunned, ’’Brother, I didn't know you even know medicinal herbs! Only the elders of the tribe know the accurate recipe of the Eliminate Injuries Pill, however, the herbs that you just mentioned, seem to be correct. Since you've gotten injured because of me, just eat it, it will have great effects for your injuries.’’

Ah Dai nodded, ’’Thank you big brother Yan Shi.’’ As he finished speaking, he peeled off the layer of wax surrounding the pill and ate it.

Yan Shi chuckled, ’’Bother, you don't have to be so polite. To be honest, I am really in awe of your skills, ever since I was young, most of the people around my age were unable to defeat me. Today, you are the first one, I was really too arrogant in the past, it really is 'there will always be people better than you'! Recalling that final strike of yours, I'm still afraid even now.’’

After eating the Eliminate Injuries Pill, warmth flowed towards Ah Dai's dantian, and spread all across his body. The warm feeling was indescribably comfortable, and all of the pain in his chest totally disappeared. Under the stimulation from the medicinal effects, the boundless true qi in his body grew denser, and Ah Dai replied after some slight cultivation, ’’The Eliminate Injuries Pill is indeed very effective, most of my injuries have healed. Big brother Yan Shi, actually, my strength can't be compared to yours, it's only that my TianGang Sword was heavier than your saber. Furthermore, I guess that Miss Xuan Yue had cast some support magic on me, so this was how I was able to win.’’


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