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The Kind Death God - Chapter 17


ter 17

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Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter as much as I did..

Chapter 17: By Death

Xuan Yue stared at Ah Dai walking towards her, asking, ’’What are you doing?’’

Furiously giving her a glare, Ah Dai suppressed the anger in his chest, and spoke to the stall owner, ’’I am really sorry, I'll give this to you, treat it as I bought that steamed bun earlier.’’ He grabbed a handful of gold coins from his monthly stipends, and stuffed them into the fat stall owner's hands. The stall owner was stunned, and he got a further shock from looking at the handful of gold coins in his hands.

’’Mister Magician, one steamed bun does not cost so much, and just treat it as free.’’ Although Ah Dai was still carrying the heavy TianGang Sword after he put on his magician robes, the stall owner did not recognize him. As a normal citizen, how could he dare offend a magician.

Lifting the hood of the cloak over his head, Ah Dai said, ’’Uncle, it's me, just accept it.’’

The fat stall owner got a fright as he sputtered, ’’Ah! You, Ah Dai, when did you become a magician.’’

Ah Dai scratched his head, ’’I'm only an average magician, Uncle, go and handle the stall, I'll get going first.’’ He bent down to pick up the steamed bun that Xuan Yue threw, then started walking away without a glance.

’’Hey, hey.’’ Xuan Yue called out, but it seemed as though Ah Dai did not hear anything as he disappeared at the bend of the street. Xuan Yue's action of throwing away the steamed bun, had thoroughly angered Ah Dai.

Xuan Yue had been pampered since young, and since when had anyone gotten so angry at her. Hmpf-ing angrily, she chased after him. In just a short while after Ah Dai had turned the corner, Xuan Yue blocked in front of him, ’’What are you doing, don't forget, you've already promised to be my attendant.’’ At the Magicians' Guild, the reason why Xuan Yue had insisted on Ah Dai to be her attendant, was mainly for fun. She felt that the silly kid in front of her was really too easy to trick, and she also felt lonely by herself, so she found an attendant in order to have someone to talk to. In her heart, she had always looked down on Ah Dai, like how the nobility treated commoners, however, this commoner that she had looked down upon, actually ignored her just because she threw away a steamed bun.

Ah Dai coldly replied, ’’Do you have any business with me? From now on, I will no longer follow you, and I'm not your attendant anymore.’’

Xuan Yue glared at Ah Dai while she spoke, ’’You don't hold true to your words, you promised to be my attendant. All because I threw a stupid steamed bun?’’

Patting away the dust on the steamed bun, Ah Dai coldly looked at her, ’’In my heart, the steamed bun is much more important than you.’’

Ah Dai's words had deeply hurt Xuan Yue's self-esteem, as she raged, ’’Do you want to die?’’ Waving her magic wand, five small light bullets instantly flew towards Ah Dai.

There was a glint in Ah Dai's eyes as white colored Boundless dou qi covered his body, abruptly deflecting the five light bullets. Popping sounds rang out, but Ah Dai remained in his same spot. Under the repulsion from Ah Dai's dou qi, Xuan Yue was forced a step back, causing her to be shocked. The two of them had just left the Magicians' Guild not too long ago, their magic force was depleted and it would not have replenished in such a short time. Furthermore, at close distance, magicians would definitely not be able to defeat warriors of about the same rank.

Xuan Yue looked at the dou qi on Ah Dai's body in astonishment, its holy aura made Ah Dai seem extremely heroic, and he no longer seemed like the silly kid back at the Magicians' Guild, that was easily bullied. ’’You, you actually dared hit me, I, I'll tell my father to kill you.’’

Ah Dai revealed an expression of revulsion as he hmpf-ed, ’’Then go look for your father, and stop pestering me. What's there to be proud of, only relying on your parents. Let me repeat myself, from now onward, I'm no longer your attendant and I will not follow you anymore.’’ As he finished speaking, he took big strides towards Xuan Yue, and flung his arms, pushing her aside, then walking away without looking back.

Dumbfounded, Xuan Yue stood rooted to the ground. Ever since she could remember, there was no one who had ever treated her in such a way. With her self-esteem stepped on, how could she simply back off, ’’YOU, stop there.’’

Ah Dai stopped moving, but he did not turn around and simply raised the steamed bun in his hand, ’’Do you know, how important steamed buns are to me? If not for this bun, I would have never be able to live till now, without this bun, there would be no me today. In my heart, the steamed buns are equivalent to my life. But you, big missy from the Holy Church, just happened to insult my life, so we can call it quits now.’’ Ah Dai who was in a fit of rage, did not seem to realize that he was actually very clear-headed when he was angry, he was able to convey all his thoughts clearly.

’’Okay then, you, you... If you leave, I'll die for you to see!’’ Xuan Yue knew that, at this moment, she would not be able to defeat Ah Dai no matter what, so she could only use her trump card threatening.

Ah Dai's body convulsed in anger, as he turned to face the crying Xuan Yue, ’’ You are a young miss from the Holy Church, and your father is one of the holy priests, why do you have to continue pestering a nobody like me. I won't fall for your tricks, I don't believe that, with your distinguished identity, you would do anything to harm yourself for a commoner like me. Good bye, Miss Yue Yue.’’

Ah Dai cold attitude towards Xuan Yue caused her to tremble, as she quavered, ’’Okay, you don't believe me right, if I die, then it'll be your fault!’’ As she finished speaking, she used both hands to grip her short magic wand, and suddenly thrust towards her lower abdomen. The end of her magic wand was a sharp triangular prism, and under the sunlight, it flashed brightly.

Ah Dai was at a loss for words, he had never thought that Xuan Yue would be so stubborn, her actions were clearly for show. Instantly circulating his dou qi to his limits, and with a flash, he tried to reach out for Xuan Yue's hands. However, Ah Dai was still some distance away and it seemed that she had already set her mind to it. When he finally managed to grab hold of her hands, a small part of the magic wand was already in her lower abdomen. With a soft moan, Xuan Yue slowly collapsed.

Immediately, Ah Dai caught Xuan Yue's petite body within his arms, his clear-headedness disappeared as he gripped her hands tightly. Looking at the expression of pain on her face, he was at a loss of what to do.

Not too far away from the city, there was a luxurious carriage that was currently speeding towards the city, alongside ten over guards who were clad in silver armor. They were all exuding a powerful aura, and one could tell with a glance that they had profound martial arts. Within the carriage, a low voice suddenly sounded, ’’Ah! Not good, Yue Yue is injured. Quick, increase the speed, I can already feel her presence.’’

’’Yes, Your Eminence.’’

Ah Dai snatched away the magic wand in Xuan Yue's hands, and once the magic wand was pulled out from her, her pure white clothes were instantly stained red with blood. Ah Dai's fury had long since dissipated when Xuan Yue stabbed her wand towards herself, and he quickly circulated his Boundless true qi, quickly sealing Xuan Yue's blood vessels in order to prevent too much blood loss.

’’Yue Yue, Yue Yue, please don't die! I, I will continue to be your follower, please don't die!’’

It was the first time that Xuan Yue had experience pain in her lower abdomen, although it was very painful, she felt a tinge of pleasure at her revenge when she heard Ah Dai's desperate cries. How would she plan to die, the magic wand had not even pierced her internal organs, it was all skin deep wounds, even if Ah Dai had not stopped her, she would have been fine. After all, Xuan Yue was a ’’Holy Daughter’’, even though she had not learned much, she could still use light magic to heal this sort of small wounds. Slowly opening her eyes, she was greeted by Ah Dai's concerned gaze, ’’Ah Dai, am I more important or is the steamed bun more important?’’

Hurriedly, Ah Dai answered, ’’You're more important, you're more important, don't speak anymore, I've already sealed your blood vessels. Let's quickly find a place to treat you.’’ Due to her injuries, Xuan Yue's rosy pink face had become extremely pale, seeming delicate and frail. In Ah Dai's eyes, she was no longer some arrogant young missy.

Suddenly, a bright light flickered across Xuan Yue's eyes as she muttered, ’’Not good, I can feel my father's presence. Let's quickly leave, he must have discovered me when I stabbed myself with the magic wand just now. Quick, quickly go.’’

Ah Dai carried Xuan Yue, asking, ’’Then where do we go now? Your wound must be quickly inspected and bandaged first.’’

Thinking for a moment, Xuan Yue replied, ’’Let's go to the Magicians' Guild. It will be safer there.’’

As Giger saw Ah Dai walking over, while carrying Xuan Yue, his face immediately became ashen, ’’You, why have you returned?’’ Old Huang, who was the custodian, had already left to gather the magicians, and there was only Giger left in the guild. He was just praying to never meet the little demoness, Xuan Yue, ever again, but before he could even finish his prayers, Xuan Yue and Ah Dai had once more appeared before him.

Rudely, Xuan Yue retorted, ’’What? Are we unwelcome? I'm injured, and wish to stay here for a few days, how about that?’’ Although she was asking a question, but her tone was indisputable.

Giger was shocked, he had just realised that Xuan Yue's lower abdomen was dyed in red, ’’Young Lady, what happened to you, didn't you just leave not too long ago? Perhaps, perhaps there was actually someone in this city who dared to disrespect magicians? Who was so daring, to actually challenge our magicians' honor, I'll help you both confront that person.’’

Ah Dai's face turned red, but just before he could explain, Xuan Yue intercepted, ’’Don't worry about how I got injured, just give me a place to rest first. If I were to die, you will surely get in trouble as well.’’

’’Okay, okay, quickly follow me.’’ Giger led them through the back hall, and through the magic on the walls, they arrived at one of the rooms in the back. The room was not very grandly decorated, but it was still well-furnished. There was a large twin-sized bed, with a three-people sofa by the side, and a table with some chairs, further in was the washroom.

Carefully placing Xuan Yue on the large bed, Ah Dai then turned to Giger and said, ’’Thank you very much, Grand Magician Giger.’’

Giger thought to himself, There's no need to thank me, I just wish that you will leave soon. With a bitter smile on his face, he replied, ’’Both of you can rest first, I'll go get some food for you.’’ As he spoke, he turned and started to walk away.

’’Wait,’’ Xuan Yue called out, ’’I will warn you first, there will be someone coming to the city to find me soon, do not reveal my whereabouts.’’

Shocked, Giger asked, ’’Young lady, don't tell me, you secretly ran out of your house?’’

In a righteous tone, Xuan Yue retorted, ’’So what if I ran out secretly. I'm not afraid to say this now, my father is one of the four crimson-robed priests of the Holy Church, if he sees that I'm injured, he will surely be very angry, and when he becomes angry, there will usually be severe consequences. If he manages to find me here, I will surely tell him that, it was a water attribute magician named Giger that injured me. You should know what will happen next.’’ As she spoke, she shot Giger a smile.

Xuan Yue's smile was pretty like a spring flower in bloom, but to Giger, it seemed so evil and cunning. Cold sweat had soaked through his clothes, he could not have understood better of what a crimson-robed priest represented. Going against a crimson-robed priest, it was something that couldn't even be resolved by dying. WHY? Why is this? The Almighty God! Haven't I said all my prayers usually, why must you torture me so! Giger's mind was filled with thoughts, there was only two methods to ensure his safety at this point. One was to immediately kill the two people before him, and destroy any traces of their bodies, however, even without considering about Ah Dai's martial arts, even his conscience would not allow him to do so. The other method, was to do according to Xuan Yue's words, and not let anyone know that she was here.

’’Okay then, I admit defeat, I, Giger have never done any bad things in my life, how did I meet such a little demoness like you.’’

Xuan Yue pretended to be surprised as she asked, ’’Eh, how did you know my nickname in the Holy Church, do you know me?’’

Giger let out a bitter laugh, ’’How could I know you, it would be much better if I never got to know you at all. You can rest first, I'll take my leave then.’’ As he finished speaking, he immediately left the room. He did not want to stay there any longer, who knows what sort of trouble Xuan Yue would cause again. Giger knew, deep within his heart, helping to hide Xuan Yue, was like hiding a ticking time bomb.

When she saw the expression that Giger had just before he left, Xuan Yue could not help but laugh, she loved tormenting people. However, her laughter affected the wound in her lower abdomen, and she uncontrollably let out a cry of pain.

Ah Dai got a scare as he immediately asked, ’’Yue Yue, what happened to you, why did you really attempt to kill yourself just now?’’

Xuan Yue coldly hmpf-ed, ’’Isn't it all because of you! I've heard your words just now, you promised to not leave me and continue to be my attendant. Are you going to regret it again now.’’

Ah Dai nodded, ’’En, I promise I won't leave you, but you must also not waste food next time.’’

Xuan Yue recalled Ah Dai's words earlier, ’’Are steamed buns really so important to you?’’

Sighing, Ah Dai nodded, ’’Let me help you bandage your wound first, it will be bad if the wound worsens.’’ As he spoke, he tried to undo Xuan Yue's skirts. In Ah Dai's heart, there was no such thing as the differences between man and woman, he only wanted to see how severe Xuan Yue's wound was.

However, although Xuan Yue was only 15, girls tended to mature faster than boys, thus her face turned red as she pushed away Ah Dai's hand, muttering, ’’What are you doing? Hateful! Get out first, I'll do it myself.’’

Concerned, Ah Dai questioned, ’’Are you really okay by yourself? Let me help you instead.’’

Xuan Yue's face instantly became as red as a tomato, ’’You, you, just go out! How can a girl simply let you look at her body, I can manage by myself.’’

Ah Dai merely scratched his head, obviously not understanding her words, ’’When Xiao Mei was injured in the past, I also bandaged her! I saw her body everyday.’’

Stunned, Xuan Yue asked, ’’Who is Xiao Mei?’’

’’Xiao Mei is Uncle Schiel's dog! She is a girl too, she's very mischievous, always getting injured.’’

Xuan Yue was almost angered to death by Ah Dai's words, he had actually compared her to a dog! Throwing a light bomb towards Ah Dai, she fumed, ’’Get out now!’’

Ah Dai got a scare as he quickly used his Boundless dou qi to withstand the attack of the light bomb. Xuan Yue was already injured and he did not dare to provoke this young missy anymore, thus he quickly left the room.

Looking at Ah Dai closing the door, Xuan Yue could finally relax. Touching her red hot cheeks, she mumbled to herself, ’’No wonder he's called Ah Dai, he is really so dumb.’’

Xuan Yue was most aware of her own wound, and just as she had carefully removed the outermost layer of her skirts, Ah Dai suddenly stuck his head through the door, ’’If you can't do it yourself, just call for me.’’

Embarrassed, Xuan Yue rushed to cover herself, ’’Quickly go out, don't look! If not, I'll die again for you to see!’’

Ah Dai was scared and hurriedly closed the door, he did not know why, but he felt that the red-faced Xuan Yue looked much prettier than when she was angry. Leaning against the wall, Ah Dai thought of Xuan Yue's expression earlier when she was trying to kill herself, and could not help but feel a sliver of fear. He took out the steamed bun that Xuan Yue threw away, and started eating it.

Before he could even finish the steamed bun, Xuan Yue's voice suddenly sounded from the room, ’’Ah Dai, you can come in now.’’

Ah Dai grunted in agreement as he opened the door, Xuan Yue's complexion seemed much better than before. Her magician robes were placed by the side, while she was covered in blankets, her big eyes staring at him.

’’Yue Yue, is your wound better? Is it very severe?’’ Ah Dai asked in concern.

’’I won't die from this, come over here.’’ Xuan Yue snapped.

Ah Dai walked over to Xuan Yue's side, ’’Yue Yue, don't be so rash in the future, it must be so painful being stabbed!’’ While he spoke, he grabbed Xuan Yue's small hand. She struggled for a while, but was unable to shake his hand away. Just as she was about to throw a fit, a warm feeling suddenly came from Ah Dai's palm, nourishing her meridians. Her face turned red as she realized Ah Dai had good intentions, and did not speak anymore.

Ah Dai circulated his Boundless true qi, checking Xuan Yue's meridians, her wounds had already been healed by her recovery spells, causing Ah Dai not be able to find anything amiss. Sighing a breath of relief, Ah Dai asked, ’’It's really all healed, Yue Yue, how did you recover so fast?’’

Looking at Ah Dai's concerned gaze, Xuan Yue felt warmth in her heart, and started to like this silly kid before her a little, ’’I won't tell you, are you regretting now that I'm fine! Make a vow now.’’

’’I'm more than happy that you're all better now, why will I regret! And vow? Make what vow?’’

’’Vow that you will be my attendant for a year! What if, what if you regret again next time?’’

Ah Dai lowered his head, ’’I, but, I...’’ Mustering his courage, he raised his head and said, ’’Can you tell me, how do I make a vow?’’

Xuan Yue could not help but laugh at Ah Dai's silly look, ’’Just use your steamed buns to make a vow, aren't they most important to you? Follow me, I, XX, vow that, from today onward, I will be Miss Xuan Yue's attendant for a year, and I will not leave by myself, if I violate the vow, I will never be able to eat delicious steamed buns again.’’

’’Oh,’’ Ah Dai nodded, thinking for a while. ’’I, Ah Dai, vow that, from today onwards, I will be Miss Xuan Yue's attendant for a year, and will not leave her side. If I violate the vow, I will never be able to eat delicious steamed buns again. Is this okay?’’

'Okay then, this is fine. Oh right, go out and take a look, if you see any knights, people who are dressed in silver armor, quickly come back and tell me.’’

Curious, Ah Dai asked, ’’Yue Yue, your father has come to find you, but why don't you want to return with him, does he not treat you well?’’

Xuan Yue shook her head, and replied in a soft voice, ’’It's not that he doesn't treat me well, but life in the Holy Church is really too boring, it's not fun at all, compared to the outside. After I recover, let's go and be a mercenary for a few days, okay?’’

Glancing at Xuan Yue, Ah Dai thought, If only I had a father who cared for me, wouldn't that be great?! Thinking of a father, he could not help but think of Owen who had passed away. His eyes became red, and almost started crying.

’’Ah Dai, what's wrong?’’ Xuan Yue asked in astonishment, as she held Ah Dai's hand of her own will.

Xuan Yue's soft hand made Ah Dai feel very comfortable, and he felt much better as well. Shaking his head, he replied, ’’I'm fine. I'll go out and see whether there are any silver armored knights that you mentioned.’’ As he spoke, he let go of Xuan Yue's hand, and placed his bags on the table. Carrying his TianGang Sword, he left, while still thinking of the gentle feeling when Xuan Yue held his hand.

After Ah Dai had left the room, Xuan Yue muttered, ’’It looks like, this silly kid has quite some secrets! Hehe, I just love digging out others' secrets.’’

At the same time, just as Ah Dai stepped into the back hall, he felt some shivers run down his back. Circulating his Boundless true qi, he did not find anything abnormal, and did not think too much into it.

Currently in the back hall, there were seven or eight magicians who were under Giger's command, setting new enchantments on the wall, while some other workers were using bricks to repair the hole that Ah Dai had made in the wall.

Seeing that Ah Dai had come out, Giger rushed up and asked in a low voice, ’’How is that little demoness?’’

Ah Dai shook his head and replied, ’’Grand Magician Giger, don't worry, Yue Yue should be fine.’’

Giger heaved a sigh of relief, ’’That's good to hear, if something were to happen to her here, I would be in deep trouble. Ah Dai, I can tell that you are a kind child, but, sometimes, being too kind will only result in you being taken advantage of, understand? I feel that, it's best if you stay away from that little demoness. You should know the crimson-robed priests right, the Holy Church is the most powerful force on the continent, if you happen to offend that little demoness in the future, I'm afraid, your days will not be pleasant.’’

Nodding, Ah Dai replied, ’’Thank you Grand Magician Giger, but Yue Yue's injured now, and I've already promised to be her attendant for a year, I cannot go back on my words.’’

Giger let out a sigh, ’’You have to look out for yourself then. You must not reveal that Miss Xuan Yue is here, although this is just a remote city in the Red Hurricane Tribe, the influence of the Holy Church is still evident, I do not wish for the crimson-robed priest to come here.’’

’’I understand,’’ Ah Dai agreed, and started walk outside. Just before he could reach the door, there was shout from outside, ’’Is Grand Magician Giger here?’’ The voice got closer with each word, and just as the person spoke the last word, the door to the back hall opened, and a man walked in. He was donned in ivory robes, an ivory-robed priest, and seemed around 50 years old. There was a faint holy aura emanating from him, and he seemed dignified and imposing.

There was a change in Giger's expression as he hurried to welcome the man, ’’I wondered who it was, it's actually High Priest Harry. Please, come in and take a seat.’’

Priest Harry sighed, ’’There's no time for me to sit and relax, Giger. Ah! Do you know that something big has happened? An esteemed crimson-robed priest is actually coming to this small city.’’

Giger pretended to be shocked, ’’What? His Esteemed is actually coming? What happened?’’

Harry shook his head, saying, ’’I'm not too sure of the exact details, once His Esteemed came, he ordered all of the clergy to find someone in the city, I think it was a little girl who was dressed in white, and her hair was tied in two braids. Giger, have you seen this person?’’

Keeping an expressionless face, Giger replied, ’’I've seen her before.’’

Ah Dai got a scare when he heard Giger's words, thinking if Grand Magician Giger was really going to reveal Yue Yue's whereabouts.

’’Old friend, quickly tell me, there will be great merit!’’ Harry burst out, with a smile.

’’Not too long ago, there was a young lady dressed in white who came here, she wanted to take the magician exam, and left after attaining the title of an Advanced Magician.’’

Wrinkling his brows, Harry asked, ’’Then do you know where she went?’’

Giger blankly shook his head, ’’I'm not too sure about that, I think maybe she went West.’’ The Magicians' Guild was very close to the West gates of the city, by saying such words, he wanted to direct the crimson-robed priest's focus outside of the city.

’’OK then, I'll quickly report this to His Esteemed. Thank you, old pal Giger.’’ Then, he turned and left.

Just as Harry stepped out of the back hall, suddenly all of the magicians, including Ah Dai, felt a huge tremor through their bodies, a huge surge of energy instantly covered the entire Magicians' Guild. Shivers ran down Ah Dai's body, he had never felt this sort of oppressive feeling before, even when facing Owen. The strong holy aura was too overpowering. The workers who were nearby, were all gasping for breath as they crouched on the ground, unable to resist the oppressive aura.

The door opened, and Harry walked in once more. Giving Giger a glance, he immediately retreated to the side, and bent over, his face full of reverence as he announced, ’’His Esteemed has arrived.’’

Giger was filled with shock as he gave Ah Dai a look, while the other magicians gathered behind Giger, unsure of what to do. These magicians were normally most respected in this small city, but when facing one of the four esteemed crimson-robed priests of the Holy Church, none of them dared to be presumptuous.

A line of silver colored silhouettes walked in, Ah Dai observed them and realised they were the silver armored knight that Xuan Yue had described earlier. Light reflected off of their armor as they walked in, their helmets were held in their left hands, and they had a look of indifference. Once they stepped in, they separated into two rows, there was a constant faint glow on their armor from their dou qi, and on their left chests, there was a golden sword-shaped insignia.

The silver armored knight had just positioned themselves, as two streaks of white silhouettes floated in. Compared to priest Harry, the holy aura on their bodies were much denser. The two of them were completely shrouded in their ivory robes which were decorated with gold embroidery;the ivory-robed priest on the left seemed to be a female, judging by her graceful posture. They were both wielding a wooden staff in their hands, at the tip of the staff, there was a transparent round gem that exuded a milky white and gentle light, creating a sacred atmosphere that filled the back hall when they stepped in.

Under the envelopment of the holy aura, there was a chill near Ah Dai's chest, the evil qi from the Hell's Sword seemed to want to come out. Frightened, he immediately circulated his Boundless true qi in order to suppress the evil qi from the Hell's Sword. A faint white light emanated from Ah Dai, and that female ivory-robed priest turned to glance at Ah Dai. What he saw, was a pair of incomparably clear blue eyes, their gentle gaze made him feel abnormally comfortable, and his body unconsciously started to relax.

The towering red figure was the last to walk into the hall, he was wearing the same sort of robes, only it was fully crimson in color, and there was gold embroidery on his cloak, with a huge magic hexagram symbol near his chest. As the crimson-robed priest walked into the room, the holy aura from the two ivory-robed priests earlier instantly became stronger. The two of them stepped to the side, letting the crimson-robed priest slowly walk forward. His hands and fingers were tucked within his long flowing sleeves, and he slowly raised his head. Two fleeting flashes of cold glints came from under his robes, but in just that short moment, all of the magicians, including Ah Dai, felt as though they were seen through, everything felt exposed and it was a truly uncomfortable feeling.

’’Who is the person-in-charge here?’’ A deep, but charismatic voice, came out from under the robes.

Giger felt his whole body shiver as he took a few shaky steps forward, and respectfully said, ’’Greetings, Your Esteemed, I am the Branch Leader here.’’

The crimson-robed priest slightly requited, ’’God bless you. Sir branch leader, I can feel that my daughter's presence is nearby. If I'm not wrong, she should be here.’’

Giger was totally unable to hide anything before this all-seeing crimson-robed priest, hesitating for a while, he nodded his head lightly.

Ah Dai was shocked, but after thinking for a little, he figured that these people would probably not harm Xuan Yue, it should be fine. The change within his heart seemed to have been found out by the crimson-robed priest, as he turned to face Ah Dai, ’’Authentic holy dou qi, not bad, having such achievements at a young age is not very simple. A fire attribute magician that has holy dou qi, very interesting... You should know where my daughter is, bring me to her.’’ Although the crimson-robed priest's tone was very calm, there seemed to be an indisputable might behind his words.


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