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The Kind Death God - Chapter 12.2


1Chapter 12: Danger of Death (2)

’’Grandpa Owen, you've arrived, please come in.’’ The sixteen year old Xi Fei warmly received Owen and Ah Dai into the house. At sixteen years old, she had already grown to become a young lady, being dubbed the prettiest lady in SweetRock Town. Xi Fei glanced at Ah Dai, blushing as she turned to call her grandfather.

’’Big brother, you've come, let us brothers drink heartily today.’’

Owen laughed, replying, ’’Of course, I was still afraid you wouldn't be up for it. That time we drank, you still lost to me! Where's Zhong, Fa and Bai? I don't see the three of them.’’

Schiel smiled and said, ’’The weather was good today, so they went out with their wives to fish. Perhaps they will only return at night. Fei Fei, go and serve the crabs and the dishes.’’

’’Ay ’’ Xi Fei responded then went into the kitchen with her younger brothers, Xi Feng and Xi Lei.

’’Big brother, our little lass' cooking skills have improved, her mom lazing around everyday with all of the cooking now being done by her,’’ Schiel praised.

Owen nodded, ’’Yeah, she's all grown up now, whoever marries her sure is fortunate.’’

Schiel moved closer to Owen and said, ’’Big brother, the reason why I've called you over today, is to discuss Fei Er's marriage! You must help to matchmake.’’

Shocked, Owen asked, ’’Why, do you have someone in mind?’’

Schiel glanced at Ah Dai, ’’I've watched Ah Dai this kid grow up, he's kind and honest, unlike the other foolhardy kids in town. I can only be at ease marrying Xi Fei to Ah Dai! How does that sound? Big brother, if my Fei Er marries Ah Dai, it will be his fortune, haha.’’

Owen was surprised as he looked at Ah Dai who was in a daze, ’’Brother, they are of different seniority and not to mention, they are still young, we should discuss this a few years later.’’

Schiel laughed and said, ’’We're all from the neighbourhood. Everyone minds their own business and no one will gossip. The two of them, one is eighteen and the other sixteen, they can't be considered young anymore. Why? Is my Fei Fei not good enough for Ah Dai? Ah Dai, tell me, do you like Fei Er?’’

[TN: Fei Fei and Fei Er are just pet names for Xi Fei]

In Ah Dai's mind, he suddenly recalled Yatou's appearance.

’’Big brother Ah Dai, wait till I grow up, then I'll marry you, okay?’’

’’From now on, I, Yatou, will be Ah Dai's fiancee. You must treat me well in the future.’’

Ah Dai's mind was filled with thoughts of Yatou, and he only replied after Schiel had called out a few times. ’’Ah, Uncle Schiel, what did you say?’’

Schiel grumpily said, ’’Little kid, what were you thinking about so intently, let me ask you, do you like Fei Fei?’’

Nodding, Ah Dai replied, ’’Yes! Sister Fei Er is a very good girl.’’

Schiel looked towards Owen in satisfaction, ’’Look, you see, even the children have agreed, my Fei Fei is also okay with it. Ah Dai, if Fei Er marries you, you must treat her well, okay?’’

Owen furrowed his brows, Ah Dai was currently at an important juncture of his training, how could he have the time to marry? Not to mention, there were so many things that Ah Dai needed to do. However, Schiel's family had always took good care of the two of them, so how could he reject Schiel's well intentions.

Just as Owen was conflicted about his decision, Ah Dai suddenly shook his head, saying, ’’No, no, Uncle Schiel, I can't do this!’’

’’Why not?’’ Schiel glared at Ah Dai.

Ah Dai lowered his head and muttered, ’’I, I already have a fiancee.’’

That one sentence caused both Schiel and Owen to be stunned. Owen had never heard Ah Dai mention that he had a fiancee.

’’Clink ’’ Xi Fei who had just walked out of the kitchen dropped the plate of steaming hot crabs after hearing Ah Dai's words. Her eyes were red as she stared at Ah Dai, crying out, ’’Ah Dai, I hate you!’’ She turned around and ran back to her room while covering her face. It turned out that Xi Fei had originally ignored Ah Dai as she was reprimanded by her grandfather for almost causing Ah Dai to drown. However, as time passed, Xi Fei had long forgotten that incident. Slowly, she began to like the tall and plain Ah Dai, so she asked her grandfather Schiel to talk to Owen. But due to Schiel's rash character, and adding on the fact that Xi Fei really liked Ah Dai, he proposed the marriage, causing the scene just now.

Owen pulled Ah Dai to the side, sighing, ’’Brother, I'm really sorry, Ah Dai was indeed engaged since young. Hais , it was Ah Dai that did not have the good fortune. We will leave first.’’ As he spoke, he dragged the ignorant Ah Dai and left Schiel's house. After hearing Ah Dai's words, Schiel was too mortified to even send them off, and just let them leave.

Outside of the room, Owen finally released the breath that he was holding, and spoke softly to Ah Dai, ’’You little kid, when did you learn to lie? But good thing it was at the right moment, if not, Schiel would really marry his granddaughter to you. Ah Dai, was Uncle too selfish?'

Shaking his head, Ah Dai replied, ’’How can Uncle be selfish? Ah Dai is so dumb, I won't be able to take good care of Sister Fei Er. Also, Ah Dai did not lie, I really have a fiancee.’’

Under Owen's inquiry, Ah Dai recounted the story of him and Yatou.

Owen laughed, ’’So it was like this! I'd have never imagined that there are quite some people who will like such a silly kid like you. However, as a man, you must first have some accomplishments before you start a family, do you understand? Ah , Uncle will have to rely on you to avenge my blood feud.’’

Ah Dai was shocked, and asked, ’’Uncle, what feud do you have? With your martial art and strength, can't you take revenge?’’ Ah Dai knew deep in his heart, although he had been learning from Owen for 5 years, if Owen had used all of his power to attack, he would not be able to even take one hit. Furthermore, the evil skill that Owen had used back in the illusionary forest, was engraved into his mind, that was a force to be reckoned with!

A cold glint flashed across Owen's eyes as he said, ’’Now it's still not the time for you to know. My enemies are strong to the extent that you will not be able to fathom it. If I was not poisoned by the Matchless Holy Water then perhaps I could still have a chance to go all out. However, in my current condition, I simply have no hope of defeating them. Child, Uncle shall place my hopes on you, to fulfill this wish.’’

While the two of them chatted, they soon arrived at their house. Suddenly, there was a change in Owen's expression as he grabbed Ah Dai, and shouted out, ’’Who's there, come out now.’’

A sinister voice rang out from the courtyard, ’’En, you're indeed worthy of the title, ’’King of Hell’’. We were already very careful, but you still discovered us.’’ The shadows flickered, and suddenly, 7 men who were fully clothed in black appeared in front of Owen and Ah Dai. Each of them were holding a narrow sword in their hands, with their cold gazes fixed on Owen.

Ah Dai got a shock as he realised that, the attires of the 7 men seemed to be exactly the same as the people who were chasing Owen, back in the illusionary forest. The only difference was that this time, the person in the middle had a small golden skull on his chest, and the other six men had a fist-sized silver skull on their chests.

Owen gasped, ’’Vice leader, Y assassination group.’’

The middle person let out a cold sneer, ’’So the top assassin recognises us. You are indeed quite formidable, to be able to last till now even after getting poisoned by the Matchless Holy Water. Obediently follow us back. You ought to know, even without being poisoned, you still might not be able to contend with us. We have really searched for you for a long time!’’

There was a conflicted expression on Owen. After a long while, he took a glance at Ah Dai, and sighed, ’’You are quite formidable yourselves, even finding me here. I can follow you back, however, this child does not know anything, I hope you can let him go.’’ At this moment, Owen was already in despair. He was very certain of the Y assassination group's power, not to mention, even the unfathomable vice leader was present. His only hope now, was to keep Ah Dai safe. However, in front of these merciless assassins, it was an extremely difficult task!

The vice leader looked at Ah Dai, ’’ 'King of Hell', you should know the organisation's rules better than me.’’

Owen snapped back, ’’Vice leader, don't push me too far.’’ His hand reached towards his right chest as his dou qi started emanating from his body.

The vice leader only let out a cold laugh, ’’King of Hell, are you really able to use the Hell's Sword? I'd like to see you try.’’

Turning his head towards Ah Dai, Owen warned, ’’Faster leave, go to somewhere far away. Go back and see your teacher.’’

Ah Dai said with determination, ’’No, Uncle, if we must die, let us die together, I will definitely not abandon you.’’

Owen's heart was filled with anxiety, but he was clear of Ah Dai's character. He let out a smile and said, ’’Okay then, stay at the side and look at how Uncle will kill this bunch of bastards.’’ He extended his left hand and used his dou qi to gently push Ah Dai away. His eyes flashed a cold glint as dense killing intent surrounded him. He understood that to have a chance of survival he had to risk it alll. The evil qi that had not been seen for six years suddenly surged out from Owen's chest, and covered the 7 men in front of him.

Shock flashed across the vice leader's eyes as he said in a low voice, ’’Owen, are you really going to resist to the end? Okay then, I'd like to see how many moves you can execute with the Hell's Sword. Attack!’’ Under his command, the six Y assassination group members brandished their narrow swords, and like six venomous snakes, they flew towards Owen from various angles.

Unexpectedly, Owen did not block the attacks, and simply lightly dodged to the side, following the sword qi, like a falling leaf. However, the opponent he was facing was the one of the top assassins of the Assassins Guild. Even though he had avoided the frontal attack, there were still scratches on his shoulder and legs.

The sky seemed to have darkened as the evil qi continuously increased, and the six Y assassination members attacked non-stop, causing Owen's injuries to increase. In just a short while, he was covered in blood. If not for the fact that the assassins had to spend much of their energy to resist the evil qi, Owen would have perished long ago.

Ah Dai who was watching intently by the side, could no longer help it, and dashed towards the group of men. His right fist extended, and a gust of white colored dou qi surged out, hitting one of the black-robed men.

That black-robed man did not even turn his head as he stabbed out with his sword. A red glow flashed and the dou qi that Ah Dai had released instantly disappeared. The narrow sword was like a venomous snake as it struck towards Ah Dai's lower abdomen. Ah Dai had no time no dodge and could only stare as the sword pierced towards himself. He had finally realised the vast difference in strength between him and the men in front of him, but it was too late. Just as he closed his eyes in preparation for death, Owen suddenly blocked in front of him. With a kick, the narrow sword was pushed aside, yet it still left a wound on Ah Dai's lower abdomen. Owen had also paid the price for his action, his left shoulder was pierced through by another assassin.

Owen let out a howl as the evil energy burst out, leaving a faint blue glow on his chest. The six assassins took the chance and simultaneously attacked. Owen kicked Ah Dai away, as he roared, ’’Don't come over, I'll take care of this!’’

The surrounding air had actually turned gray due to the dense evil energy, and Owen's white shirt was stained in red. Amidst the gray-black air, he seemed like an evil spirit. ’’Do you really think that the Y assassination group is that great? In the eyes of the ’’King of Hell’’, you are only the dogs of that bastard. Let me show you what is the true power of death! Hell's Sword, Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher !’’ The eerie blue light that seemed to have come directly from hell once again appeared from Owen's chest. All of the evil qi in the air instantly gathered within the blue light. Ablood-curdling scream rang out as one of the Y group assassins collapsed onto the ground. There was a small hole in the middle of his brows and his body started to shrivel. However, Owen did not stop here, his silhouette flashed, along with the eerie blue light. ’’Hell's Sword, Ghost and God Terrorizer !’’ The eerie blue light split into streaks of light and two more screams rang out. Another two assassins had fallen. The eerie blue light emitted shrieks of delight after it had absorbed the blood essence of the two men and its blue glow instantly spreaded out.


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