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The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 96


Not all warriors at the lakeside belonged to the Guan Family. There were many of other families in a variety of armors. At least, there weren’t any warriors at the Soul Pond Realm. So, even though the number was overwhelming, Patriarch Seven and the others didn’t give up their hope yet.

There were at least more than 1000 warriors at the lakeside in a long line. They formed a defense line like a huge web, preventing the Liu Family from getting into the lake.

Patriarch Seven and the seven or eight Patriarchs of the Spirit Sea Realm took the lead and rushed forward with Lu Li following them and Liu Yi behind him. Lu Li had asked Liu Yi to follow him. Liu Yi was obedient so she followed closely.

"Swish, swish!"

The warriors at the distance saw what happened over here. The gigantic web started to close in. Warriors on two sides rushed over, preparing to envelop the Liu Family.


Patriarch Seven was at his maximum speed. Thirty feet away from the warriors at the forefront, Patriarch Seven shouted angrily, "Release the arrows!"

Patriarch Seven and the several Patriarchs in Spirit Sea Realm took the bows and arrows they carried across their backs simultaneously. While running, they shot the glistening arrows one after one. These arrows were Xuan Artifacts with surprising speed and strength. In just a blink, the arrows were released and shot into the bodies of several warriors on the other side. These warriors were knocked into flying at the same time.

Just after two releases, the two sides commenced fighting at close quarter. The several Patriarchs had thrown away their arrows and started combating with all sorts of weapons.


Waving his Heaven Kylin Sword, Lu Li smacked away a Xuan Wu Realm warrior with one strike. Lu Li had chosen his path, i.e. breaking out from the left. The reason was that there were less warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm here, only two, even though there were nearly 100 warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm.

For Lu Li, dealing with Xuan Wu Realm warriors was just a piece of cake. He could kill one with one strike every time. He minded nothing about the other warriors of the Liu Family and just said to Liu Yi, "Follow me closely."

Advancing irresistibly, Lu Li swung his Heaven Kylin Sword and there would be one who would get knocked away every time he made his move. Liu Yi, who was at his heels, needn’t to do anything. She could get out of the encirclement just by following Lu Li.


Lu Li’s valiancy finally alarmed the warriors. Two warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm charged towards him. A huge guy of more than 6.5 feet chopped his huge axe at Lu Li.

"Only at the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm? Get lost!"

Lu Li sensed that guy’s qi and energy and observed the speed of this axe. Then Lu Li made a backhand move and used his Heaven Kylin Sword to cut at the axe. Enormous strength passed along the axe which was knocked off. The huge guy was pushed backwards as surprise filled his eyes.

"Hiss, hiss~"

Another Spirit Sea Realm warrior held a pike and tried to poke at Lu Li from the right. He aimed for Lu Li’s abdomen. Lu Li did not dodge. He swung the Heaven Klyin Sword and chopped at the middle of the pike.

"Clank, clank~"

The pike stabbed at Lu Li’s armor which was Zhao Rui’s Earth Grade Xuan Artifact. The pike could not get through. Only sparkles came out because of the friction.

Lu Li’s Heaven Kylin Sword cut at the pike and the huge strength made it impossible for the warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm to hold onto the pike which was smashed to the ground.

With one backhand move, Lu Li cut at this man’s neck. Lu Li’s speed was so fast that it didn’t look like that of a warrior only at the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. The man’s reaction was slow. He died an unnatural death because his neck was broken.

"Uncle Five, come here and help!"

The 6.5 feet guy on the left quickly retreated and shouted at the same time seeing how brave and unstoppable Lu Li was. A bald old man of the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm in the distance glanced over with chillness in his eyesight. Instantly, ferocious-beast like murderous intent came off of him.


He bellowed and rushed towards Lu Li who had smacked off several warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm in a row and was trying to break out of the encirclement with Liu Yi. Lu Li, on the other hand, secretly complained of the hardship after seeing that a bald old man was running towards him from the front-left.

He could kill warriors of the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm easily and deal with those at the middle stage with an effort. However, it was still difficult for him to face one in the latter stage. A simple mistake could get himself killed.

Liu Yi also saw the bald old man. She looked to other directions and saw all the Liu Family warriors were working hard to break out of the encirclement desperately. Since Lu Li did not fight together with Patriarch Seven, there was some distance between them. Liu Family’s Spirit Sea Realm Patriarchs could not offer help.

"Lu Li, I will stop them for you for a while. You just try to break out!"

Liu Yi said to Lu Li in a low voice. She swung her sword and was ready to rush towards the bald old man. Lu Li smacked a Xuan Wu Realm warrior with one stroke of his sword on his left and scolded her in a cold voice, "Idiot, you go there and you will die within one move. How can you stop them for a while? Later, you try to break out. Don’t slow me down."

Liu Yi was just about to run out but she got back. Now, she looked awful. In the former days, who dared to scold her in the Liu Family? Even her grandpa was reluctant to do that. How could Lu Li call her an idiot? And that she was going to slow him down?

"Run out!"

Lu Li swept his Heaven Kylin Sword and forced several men in the front away. In the meantime, he kicked another one away who knocked off three other men. A path emerged. Lu Li shouted abruptly, but he himself ran towards the bald old man in the front-left.

Liu Yi made up her mind with great effort and rushed towards the front while swinging her sword. All the warriors in front of her were of the Xuan Wu Realm, but Liu Yi was one of the Spirit Sea Realm. Also, all her attire and equipment were of value, so she managed to break out easily.

She looked back and saw that the bald old man had approached Lu Li. He cut at Lu Li’s Heaven Kylin Sword. Lu Li was knocked into flying for about 15 feet instantly. He also smashed another one away in the process. Liu Yi shouted with great alarm, "Lu Li!"


With a backhand move, Lu Li killed a man at his back. He got up and looked at Liu Yi with rage. Then Lu Li bellowed while he ran towards the bald old man. He shouted in a deep voice, "Burning Blood!"

Warriors of the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm were so powerful. Back at the Liu Family Compound, Lu Li was almost killed by Patriarch Qing. At this moment, Lu Li could not afford to be careless. He released his Bloodline Skill immediately.

A light flickered in his eyes and his pupils turned silver. A powerful qi and energy surged out from him as he morphed into a human-shaped dragon once again. Lu Li roared and swept away two men with his leg. Then, he leveraged the strength and jumped up. He cut heavily at the bald old man’s head.


Doubt appeared in the bald old man’s eyes. How come Lu Li’s qi and energy would suddenly become so much more powerful? He got faster as well. Could it be that Lu Li had taken pellets that could enhance strength?

Yet the old man did not see Lu Li taking any pellets. He looked at Lu Li’s neck only to become more confused as there was not Bloodline mark on Lu Li’s neck.


Lu Li’s broadsword had cut through the air. The bald old man was afraid to watch it any longer. He moved to the sides like a slimy loach, then he swung his saber along a beautiful trajectory towards Lu Li’s thigh.

"Little White!"

Lu Li shouted. A white blur flashed in his sleeve and launched at the bald old man’s shoulder. It swiftly started biting the old man’s neck.


The bald old man’s saber lacerated Lu Li’s thigh. His Xuan Artifact was so sharp that if he were to continue like this, Lu Li’s entire leg would be cut off.


A sharply painful sensation came from the old man’s neck. He could not continue to cut Lu Li’s leg. Lu Li swung his Heaven Kylin Sword and crushed the old man’s head.

"Hiss, hiss…"

Lu Li rolled around on the ground as blood spilled out of his thigh. His bones were almost broken. Time was pressing, so he could not afford to tangle any longer with the old man. He chose to take a chance. Little White did not disappoint. He had won the bet.

"Little White!"

Lu Li shouted in a deep voice as he kicked backwards with one leg. Then, he rushed forward while dragging his bleeding leg with Little White. He waved his Heaven Kylin Sword to knock off several Xuan Wu Realm warriors in his way and broke out of the encirclement.

"Lu Li!"

Liu Yi, who had left, returned and carried Lu Li on her back. She ran towards the Thousand-island Lake like hell. Soon, she made it into the lake and began swimming towards the distance.


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