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The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 93


The next two days were calm and tranquil. The chariots had traveled day and night for more than 3000 miles. The dozens of Silver Wolves were so exhausted that they were panting and slowing down.

Patriarch Seven finally let the troops halt. He had the troops get down the chariots in a valley outside a small town. Then he sent dozens warriors to control the chariots to move towards the southeast side.

This was a very simple purposeful deceptive battle array to mislead the enemy. Lu Li saw it through at first glance. Patriarch Seven sent two Patriarchs to nearby towns, clearly to find other means of transportation.

They had been out of the Wu Ling County for several days. Many warriors’ injuries were getting better, and Lu Li’s wounds were almost healed.

The fact that Lu Li got off the same chariot with Liu Yi attracted the attention from the disciples of the Liu Family. Many disciples of the Internal Clan of the Liu Family did not know Lu Li. They were asking around about him.

Liu Yi and Patriarch Seven did not let the word about Lu Li out. As such, the other warriors could not get any information out of them. They could only pry something about Lu Li from the warriors that were fighting at the west gate.

Even just a little bit information was enough for others to look at Lu Li with new eyes.

Lu Li slaughtered so many people in the Guest Clan, including several warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm, and even a warrior at the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm of the Zhao Family. Lu Li had successfully turned the situation at the west gate around.

Powerful warriors were always respected. At this moment, the Liu Family didn’t even have one warrior of the Soul Pond Realm anymore, and only more than a score of warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm. The other warriors now had treated Lu Li as a big shot. Since he was riding with Liu Yi on the same chariot, he was even treated as Liu Yi’s beau.

Lu Li turned his back to people’s stares and sat inside the valley silently to cultivate and cure his wound. Liu Yi sat next to him while cultivating with crossed legs and a straight face. The fight at the Wu Ling County had made Liu Yi grow. She was now more diligent in cultivation.

Two hours later, a caravan rushed towards them from the distance. At the forefront were two Patriarchs of the Liu Family.

Patriarch Seven nodded to show his appreciation and walked towards the caravan to talk to the two Patriarchs. When Patriarch Seven walked back, he shouted in a deep voice, "One hundred of you, take off your armors and change into the caravan apparels. Disguise yourselves as a caravan. The rest of you, get inside the carriages."

To disguise as a caravan would slow them down, but their tracks wouldn’t be exposed so easily. Also, the caravan that was hired this time was a famous one around the nearby towns. The caravan frequently travelled nearby towns so it wouldn’t attract too much attention.

Lu Li and Liu Yi naturally did not have to be disguised as caravan escorts because of their status. They two got into a luxury carriage, and after an hour, the caravan hit the road at a fast speed. However, since it were the horses that were pulling, the team was slower than their previous speed.

That being said, there were 100 people disguised as caravan escorts following the carriages on horses. There were less carriages this time, only 20. The team was now moving more flexibly and less of a target.

The 300 warriors would take turns to disguise as escorts. Patriarch Lu from the Hall of Scouts arranged some people to poke around which was a guarantee of security. Many turned a deaf ear to the situation outside. They cultivated in the carriage quietly.

Two more quiet days later, Lu Li’s wounds were completely cured. He had been cultivating. Apart from asking for some Fire Jade Spars from Liu Yi for Little White, he barely talked to her.

Liu Yi had spent her time in cultivation as well. She never showed much passion towards Lu Li except for chatting with him during meals. However, she was much more respectful in the way she spoke and she stopped putting on the airs of an elegant lady.

The situation determined that she had to behave like this!

Before Ghost Snake Granny left, she had made it quite clear that the Liu Family must treat Lu Li well. Besides, the entire Liu Family would have been wiped out if it were not for Lu Li and his sister. Liu Yi was grateful.

Of course, Lu Li had earned Liu Yi’s respect with his combat ability. Uncle Ni on Zhao Rui’s side was at the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. Liu Yi witnessed with her own eyes that he was chopped to death by Lu Li.

Tuk, tuk, tuk!

From afar, there came a noise of people rushing on. Patriarch Seven who was in the first carriage in the front frowned and shouted, "All of you, halt!"

All the warriors stopped their carriages. Patriarch Seven lifted up the curtain and jumped out. He looked at a scout rushing here and asked, "What is going on?"

"The mountain bandits!"

The scout reported, "There is a valley ahead. Several hundred bandits are lurking on both sides of the trail. Patriarch Lu sent me to report to you."


Patriarch Seven was relieved. As long as it was not the pursuing troops sent by Lord Yu, it would be fine. Patriarch Seven asked, "How is their fighting capacity?"

"Not too strong!"

The scout reported, "Patriarch Lu just said it was a small group of bandits. He didn’t elaborate on how many powerful warriors were there."

"Let’s move."

Patriarch Seven waved his hands, not taking it seriously. He trusted Patriarch Lu. Now that Patriarch Lu didn’t ask them to flee, and just gave them a heads-up, then it must be just some low-end mountain bandits group.

The caravan carried on. The 100 escorts on both sides looked more solemn now. They grabbed tight onto their weapons, ready to fight at any moment now.

Lu Li did not pay much attention. The Liu Family still had more than a score of Patriarchs of the Spirit Sea Realm. They wouldn’t need Lu Li to resolve the matter just yet. Lu Li kept on cultivating with his eyes closed. The disciples of the Liu Family, on the other hand, became nervous. They were looking to the outside through the window.

Another three miles later, a valley appeared as they were told. Patriarch Seven gave no orders so the caravan continued to press forward. After they were inside the valley, a miserable cry suddenly rang out in the distant mountains. Then many warriors appeared along the both sides of the valley with bows and arrows in their hands.

"Really just a disorderly mob!"

Patriarch Seven stood on the shaft and threw a quick look. Realizing that there were only three warriors at the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm in the mob, Patriarch Seven put on a mocking expression. Then he waved his hands and said, "Brother Thirteen, get a crew and wipe them out."


Seven or eight warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm shot out of the carriages and the 100 escorts charged forward with them. They dashed towards both sides of the valley like sharp swords. The warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm were as fast as lightning. They got onto the top of the mountain in just a few jumps.

"Back, fall back~"

The leader of the bandits knew they were against powerful warriors when he saw so many at the Spirit Sea Realm. He shouted and ran back into the mountains, daring not to fight.

What followed was easy. The seven or eight Patriarchs, along with Patriarch Lu who was hiding in the mountains, and the more than 100 Liu Family warriors made their moves. They were the irresistible force that killed more than 100 people and captured many bows and weapons. They came back with great victory.

The caravan continued their way forward. Their mood was lighter now. Maybe it was because they had killed more than 100 bandits this time which helped them vent the anger they had been suppressing down for days. Many looked relaxed now. Smile was back on some people’s faces.

The glory of the Wu Ling County was now in the past. The dead could not be brought back to life. The living, however, must move on. Grief was not a solution to anything. Only facing life with toughness could they not let the deceased down…

Three more days had passed. They ran into another group of mountain bandits. This time, there were more bandits, like five or six hundred. However, there were too few warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm among the bandits.

Patriarch Seven had sent the more than 300 warriors to fight. The number of warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm in the fight reached 10. They chopped and cut to their satisfaction and came back triumphantly. They let off their rage once again.

The team had been on the road for more than 10 days now. The Thousand-island Lake was not far away. Without any accidents, they could arrive in five more days. The pressure was off a bit in their hearts.

Patriarch Seven could not afford to be careless. When they arrived near a town, he had his men to hire three more caravans.


Three more caravans. Patriarch Seven had the three caravans travel to three different directions. They disguised themselves as another caravan and moved forward to the Thousand-island Lake.

At the same time, Patriarch Seven let Patriarch Lu bring more than 20 people with him to inquire some information in the counties and probe around. Ten days had passed. If Lord Yu wanted to pursue them, it would be around this time.

Patriarch Seven’s concern was not unreasonable!

Three days later, Patriarch Lu came back with a pulled face. He brought back with him a bad news—Yu Family warriors were found in three counties to the northeast of the Thousand-island Lake.


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