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The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 476


Chapter 476: Base Camp
Young masters and young ladies from distinguished households rarely shed all presence of cordiality. But Jiang Qiling did it for Lu Li today.

Truth be told, many young masters and young ladies knew that Lu Li was exiled from the Lu Family. They were also aware that he was driven out because Lu Zhengtan was trying to seize power and could not tolerate the existence of Lu Li.

But who would say it out loud?

Jiang Qiling had basically put the matter out in the open. Also, in order to prove that Lu Li was valuable, she didn't mind humbling herself and the Pavilion of Delicacy.

It seemed it was Lu Li that…didn't care for it.

When someone was praised, the other onlookers would look at this person in a different way. Lu Li's status was elevated in the eyes of the crowd promptly.

Lu Li's smile - as a response to Lu Ni's humiliation became a symbol of the former's sophistication. To others, Lu Li was an achieved man who wouldn't stoop so low to argue with an average guy…

Ye Luo of Tumulus of Heaven, Yan Xuan from the Hades Society and Ji Mengtian from the Samsara Palace began to perceive Lu Li in a different way.

Yang Xuan's glance to Lu Li contained a trace of hostility. Ye Luo, on the other hand, gave Lu Li a friendly look. Ye Luo's eyes were clear. When making eye contact with him, people would feel at home.

Ji Mengtian put a smile on so intoxicating that people dare not to look at her twice. Die Feixue was curious, very interested in Lu Li.

Lu Li was internally irritated of himself for catching so much attention.

He would not want to stay in the limelight and cause the major families to pay attention to him. Northern Desert would have no more secrets. Cyan Phoenix Race and the Mammoth Race would be known, which would be the end of them.

Lu Li thought quickly. Soon, he put on a fawning smile, bowed to Jiang Qiling and said, "Lady Qi, don't do this to me. I am sorry that I have displeased you last time. I don't think you need to get back at me like this. How about this…I will join the Pavilion of Delicacy today. I don't want to be a patriarch, a deacon will do. I think even so, many patriarchs will have a hard time accepting the idea since I am only at the Eternal Realm."

Lu Li's words were cleverly chosen. He had lowered himself to a cringing minion, which would make others look down on him.

Then, he stated clearly that he was only at the Eternal Realm, which subjected himself to more belittling glances. Many people put some thoughts into Lu Li's words and convinced themselves that Jiang Qiling was humiliating him. How could an Eternal Realm warrior become a patriarch of the Pavilion of Delicacy? No way.

Jiang Qiling was confused and turned to Lu Li who threw her a meaningful look. She took the hint, snorted and turned away from Lu Li.

Their eye contact lasted for only one second but two people did notice it, Ji Mengtian from the Samsara Plae and Die Feixue from Pavilion of Blossoms.

Girls were more sensitive. Both of them spent some time deliberating the scene they saw. Ji Mengtian's smile grew bigger while Die Feixue's curiosity intensified. The latter kept sizing him up.

Yang Xuan of the Hades Society Society was friendlier to Lu Li, not like before when he was looking at Lu Li with cold killing intent like a viper. Lu Ni, on the hand, was still gloomy. Lu Suan stayed collected and even had a bit of a smile.

Seeing Lu Suan's smile, Lu Lin and Lu Hongyu felt chills on their spine. Lu Ni was only a boor and he was not to be afraid of. Lu Suan, however, was famous for being sinister. His way of conjuring up schemes was superb. Back at the Mystic Armor City, Lu Li had once fallen into his traps. If it were not for Great Patriarch, Lu Li would have been sentenced to death…

Lu Li put his guard up around Lu Suan. This son of Lu Fenghuo was too sophisticated. People of this kind was the most terrifying. Dogs that bite usually don't bark. They would launch a fatal attack when you least expect it…


It was at that moment when several men came from the distance. Law Enforcement Patriarch was at the front. Jiang Tianshun came as well.

People quieted down. The arrival of big shots meant that the small battlefield was about to open.

As they expected!

Law Enforcement Patriarch landed and delivered a routine speech. Speeches like this were all alike, exhorting people to fight hard, to work together and protect humans, etc..

After the address, Law Enforcement Patriarch waved his hand and said, "Alright, open the hall and enter one by one. The Teleportation Portal will be re-opened after half a year. If anyone of you is afraid of death, you can hide and come back out then."

In front of the plaza, the doors of a hall opened. Inside there was a multi colored multi colored Teleportation Portal glaring, leading to a world unknown.

"Let's go!"

Yang Xuan led the way and went in followed by at least hundreds of other warriors.

After Yang Xuan's team was all in, Ye Luo entered as well, bringing hundreds of men behind him. Then it was Ji Mengtian and Die Feixue's turn. Seeing that Lu Suan showed no signs of moving, Jiang Qiling led her team in. Lu Suan and Lu Ni went in last.

Warriors from other insignificant families entered only after all the ones from distinguished houses were in. The portal was big and it could operate constantly. People were rushing in and disappearing into the portal one by one.

In just a moment, everyone at the plaza had entered. Law Enforcement Patriarch looked at the portal, sighed and said, "How many of the tens of thousands can walk out of there alive?"

Jiang Tianshun thought about it and replied, "It will depend on the strength of the four races. If no young Human Sovereign Realm warrior appear in the four races, then I think more than half of our warriors can survive. But if there is, I will be happy if one fifth of our men can return."

Inside a desert full of broken walls, boulders rolled around in the wind. Against the setting sun, crows were making harsh sounds. It was more than bleak in here.

Suddenly, a group of men showed up from nowhere. They appeared midair and began to fall down abruptly. Many of them were prepared and a few fell on their faces.


Lu Li and Jiang Qiling arrived at almost the same time. They showed up in the sky and crashed down.


Jiang Qiling was familiar Qiling was familiar to this place. While shouting "Bead of Life," one appeared from Jiang Qiling's abdomen, which slowed down her descent to the ground.

Jiang Hu and others were aware of the situation here but not Lu Li. That being said, Jiang Qiling flew to Lu Li and grabbed him.

"The gravity here is strong!"

Landing stably on the ground, Lu Li checked the surroundings. Nobody was flying and there were more emerging and falling down from above him.

"The gravitational force is here 10,000 times of that on the outside!"

Jiang Qiling whispered to him. Then she led the way and showed Lu Li to the sides while explaining, "Apart from the Feather Race, no other race can fly well here. Even warriors at the peak of the Noble Lord Realm will have a hard time flying up."

Lu Li asked with curiosity, "Is this formed naturally?"

"No, it's manmade!"

Jiang Qiling replied, "It was set by the warrior who laid down the layer of Enchantment. Gravitational force exerts the same influence upon everyone here. Naturally, the goal is to intensify the battles. Under the influence of gravity, one will slow down. In this case, one cannot run away from the ambush of enemies and close combat is the only way out. Either you die, or you defeat your enemy."

Walking over to a corner among the broken walls, they found a piece of leveled land. Jiang Qiling waved her hand and said, "Camp here. This will be our base camp. When we are tired from the fight, we come back here to have some rest."

Jiang Hu and the others sprang to their feet whilst Lu Li asked, "Why do you call it a base camp?"


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