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The Hero - Volume 8 - Chapter 10


Volume 8 - Motive

Chapter 10

As the sun began to set, night time came.

Suddenly, the door swung open.

’’Today's gathering will end here. Please make sure that you have not forgotten any of your items, and make sure to return back home,’’

People quickly began to leave.

Although the gathering was filled with joy in the beginning, it was quite uncomfortable to be stuck in a single place all day.

Even Black Cat smiled and slowly moved away from Haneul.

’’See you next time.’’

’’Yes, next time.....’’

Haneul responded back, but could not shake the strange feeling that he was getting. They were together all day, and had talked about many things, but he did not know what her true name was, what she liked, or what type of person she was.

'She's truly an interesting person.'

Haneul felt tired.

He did not have a sociable personality. Because of that, he tended to get tired when he had to meet with many people. Furthermore, it was even more so because he had spent all day with a person like Black Cat, who was mysterious and hard to deal with.

’’Thank you for today.’’

’’No problem.’’

YooShik lowered his head and bowed. However, Haneul had no idea what he had even done today. He felt troubled to just be leaving like that.

’’I have something I'd like to ask you before I leave. What exactly were you trying to do today? All I did was meet with some people, talk, and ate...... How is it that you're giving me so much money for doing something so simple? Yesterday I at least took some tests for you, but there weren't any signs of anything like that today.’’

’’Haha, there's nothing for you to be worried about. Even the gathering today was a type of experiment.’’


’’Yes, didn't I tell you yesterday? That Silver Knight had some sort of power that other Heroes didn't have. The Organization thinks that this may have something to do with you forming certain relationships with people, hence the reason why we had people gathered here today. It was a form of experiment.’’

Haneul shook his head.

He now understood why he was part of the social gathering. It was to check and see what type of relationships were needed in order to help with the increase in abilities and such.

Suddenly, YooShik straightened his back, and deeply lowered his head towards Haneul.

’’Why are you being like this all of a sudden?’’

’’Silver Knight, can I impudently speak as the representative of the Organization and request something of you? The power that is within you is something that will be the future for mankind, so can you please continue to run these experiments with us? Of course, we will keep paying you as much as you want, so please become the protagonist for this Hero project.’’

* * *

The scenery outside was quickly passing by.

YooShik had made a request with his head lowered.

It was all for humanity.

A contribution to future threats.

Haneul believed that everything YooShik had said was right.

If JoongHyun, Minah, MinHee, etc were all able to become stronger due to his strength, then it showed how important he was in fighting against future dangers.

If he was in the same shoes as the Organization and YooShik, he would have also requested it himself.

It was the proper thing to do for a great cause.

If it was possible to mass produce Heroes and to even enhance them, it would become a huge step for the world and its people.

Haneul understood everything within his head.

However, regardless of his understanding and empathy, Haneul replied like this.

’’I will think about it.’’

YooShik seemed to have a restless expression, but could not say anything back. It was like this from the beginning. It was Haneul's decision, and was not something that could be pressured.

YooShik continued to stick beside Haneul, until he had completely left the building, speaking about the importance of the project and bowed his head several more times.

If it was for the world, a proper decision had to be made.


However, there was a different feeling from that.

Haneul had become a Hero and fought because he had received Black Walker's will. It was a decision that he had made himself. However, if he was to be asked if this case was the same situation, he would not be able to answer back.

The special strength that he had, and the experiments. None of them were his own volition.

Chapter 10 Completed.


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