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The Great Thief - Chapter 215


“Are you guys done? There are more and more monster! It feels so good to see my EXP grow so quickly!” Azure Sea Breeze yelled in the chat. He had already done this many times.

Lu Li picked up the equipment on the ground and said, “Let’s finish here today.”

“I haven’t had enough though.” Moonlight preferred killing people with his axe to farming for EXP.

Surprisingly, March Rain actually nodded her head in agreement. Through their session today, her violent side had been awakened, and she found her heart racing as she fought and killed.

If Lonesome Flower knew that Lu Li had corrupted his darling little sister, he would be furious.

“Don’t worry, we’ll come here to play for a bit every day. It’ll be good preparation for the competition next Monday,” Lu Li said, supporting her enthusiasm.” March Rain, there’s something I want you to do. I want you to think about how to survive despite being attacked by 3 players, and give us the opportunity to protect you…”

It was entirely possible that they would be up against 3 attackers.

In 3v3 battles, many teams were formed of professions with high Attack, foregoing any Healers. Their goal was to immediately focus and burst down the Healer or Mage in the other team.

“Mm, I’ve learned a lot today. I’ll have a good think about it,” March Rain nodded.

She had improved immensely, and through this, she could truly see just how skilled Lu Li and Moonlight were. From this, she saw just how lacking she was.

The Meisnera Outpost had become the most densely packed place in the game.

Countless player were fighting on this map.

“Goddamit Lu Li, hurry up and bring March Rain here. I’m nearly dead and Hachi Chan’s healing isn’t reliable. She always runs out of MP…” Under Lu Li’s guidance, Hachi Chan’s healing skills had improved, but her timing wasn’t as good as March Rain’s.

Azure Sea Breeze continuously shouted, leaving Lu Li and the others no other choice but to hurry up.

They suddenly heard him scream, “Hachi Chan hurry up and heal!! Why aren’t you healing?? You still have a lot of MP right? You just recovered some…”

Hachi Chan angrily replied, “No way, I’m not healing you. You think my healing isn’t good enough, so you’re not getting any.”

“Serves you right…” Wandering coldly laughed. However, for the team, he pacified Hachi Chan, saying, “Look at how stupid he looks. Just heal him once or twice – it doesn’t really matter if he dies, but we’ll have less cannon fodder.”

Tears poured down Azure Sea Breeze’s face and he didn’t dare to say anything further.

When the three of them finally joined up with everyone else, they were able to greatly reduce the pressure on the others.

“Goddamn, didn’t I tell you to stay safe? Why’d you choose to defend this place?” Lu Li asked as soon as he arrived.

Wandering looked around them and replied in annoyance, “Everything was fine at first and farming EXP was easy. Who would have thought that things would turn out like this?”

“There are going to be a lot more later, so let’s quickly move out,” Lu Li softly said, as he killed the monster he was dealing with.

Undoubtedly, these monsters were just cannon fodder sent in by Anzelin. The event would only truly start when the system gave out the quest later.

“If we go, this area will be undefended,” Wandering sceptically said.

“That’s the Wings of Dawn guild over there;they’ll be happy to cover for us.” Lu Li looked over and saw that the group of people close to them were wearing the uniform of the Wings of Dawn.

“Where are we going?”

“To the east side, of course,” Lu Li replied as he led his team and retreated.

The Wings of Dawn knew that this place was a treasure trove of EXP and if it wasn’t for the fact that this was the first time that such an event had occurred, they would have tried to snatch this spot from them. Furthermore, everyone was getting along quite nicely.

When they saw Lu Li and his team leave, they immediately sent over a 50-person team.

The east side of the sentry outpost faced a tall mountain, and at the centre lay a small basin. The monsters that attacked this place had to squeeze through the two sides, so there weren’t many of them.

As well as this, the monsters had to walk uphill, which reduced their Movement Speed and Attack.

“There were more monsters back there. Why did we have to come here?” Azure Sea Breeze wasn’t too happy about this. To a levelling maniac, monsters equalled EXP. Giving up on a place with that many monsters was like stabbing him.

“Farm at peace here. Just don’t cry later,” Lu Li replied. “Everyone, have a look at your consumables and see if you’re lacking anything. This battle’s going to go on for a long time, and we won’t have time to sit down and recover.”

“How long will it last for?” Wandering asked in shock.

Wasn’t it just an event? Normally, events only lasted for 1 or 2 hours, with some of the shortest ones lasting for only 10 or so minutes. They had already been fighting for 4 or 5 hours, but Lu Li’s words had made it seem like this was just the beginning.

“Probably around 12 hours,” It had been far too long ago, and Lu Li couldn’t exactly remember the duration of the event.

“Fudge,” Wandering cursed. “Then what we have probably isn’t enough, especially our Intermediate Health potions and Intermediate MP Potions…”

“I’ll go buy some.” Lu Li distributed the things he had on him then returned to Astrana.

He bought a large quantity of Potions from the Exchange Hall and stuffed his bag to its limit, then returned to the Meisnera Outpost.

“So fast!” Wandering was completely dumbfounded.

There were no transportation channels between the Meisnera Outpost and Astrana. Under optimal circumstances, it would still take at least 30 minutes to travel to and from.

There were water elementals everywhere, and yet, it had only taken Lu Li 10 or so minutes to get back. This was including the time it had taken him to go to the Exchange Hall and buy everything.

“I’m a Thief, so I move quickly and have many skills that can increase my Movement Speed.” Lu Li suddenly realised he had made a mistake – after all, he had flown all the way back.

Luckily, Wandering was only shocked and didn’t want to pry any further. At this moment, a system announcement rang out, drawing away their attention.

System: A group of Twilight Hammer cultists have set up camp to the south-west. Anzelin and the dark Old Gods formed an alliance, granting them the power to control the water elementals. A vast water elemental army is heading towards the Meisnera Outpost. Esteemed adventurers, please fight valiantly for the Moon Goddess!

System: Would you like to accept the quest ‘Defend the Meisnera Outpost’?

“For the Moon Goddess!” someone yelled out.

Momentarily, yells could be heard echoing around the Meisnera Outpost.

For the Moon Goddess!

For the Moon Goddess!

For the Moon Goddess!

Almost every single player accepted the quest – after all, they were going to kill monsters anyway. If they could receive additional rewards while doing so, why would they refuse?

System: Accepting the quest and surviving until the water elemental army is destroyed will result in abundant rewards.

Anyone else would probably think that it was just some EXP, but only Lu Li knew just how ‘abundant’ the rewards were.

From the recounts he had read, almost all of the surviving players had levelled-up, with some players even levelling-up twice. It was estimated that over 100,000 players received Silver grade equipment, some players received Molds, and some said that they had even received Skill Points.

The players who chose not to participate would regret it for the rest of their lives.


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