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The Great Thief - Chapter 214


“There are quite a few people, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have an opportunity,” Lu Li said as he stroked the edge of his Dagger. “Let’s watch the show for now.”

Below the mountain slope, a group of people were fighting and killing each other.

The Alliance’s side was at an obvious disadvantage, both in their numbers and their skill.

As for the Horde’s side, they had made smart decisions to advance or to retreat. Evidently, they had a competent commander.

The Alliance’s numbers continuously dwindled. Almost all of them had to face two enemies, or an enemy with a Healer following them around.

“It’s about time. I’ll go down first. Moonlight, try to kill as many Healers as possible. March Rain…” Lu Li paused, “It’s time for you to get into action.”

After killing their way through the Warsong Valley, March Rain was no longer the scared quail hiding in the thickets. Although Moonlight was not fully satisfied with her performance, at least they had confirmed that she had talent in this area.

March Rain gripped the staff in her hands and heavily nodded.

Lu Li crept behind a Druid in Stealth, who was probably their commander. The reason he had deduced this was because everyone paid quite a deal of attention to him.

If he wasn’t the commander, there would be no reason for everyone to look at him so often. After all, it wasn’t at though he were a beautiful lady.

The Alliance players weren’t idiots. Occasionally, a few of them would rush over to try and kill this Druid. However, the Horde players protected him well, and he was quite skilled as well.

Lu Li waited patiently. Even if Moonlight charged down from the mountain slope and rushed into the crowd of enemies, he would continue to remain Stealthed.

This new Warrior was an expert.

The Druid’s attention was quickly commanded by Moonlight. His lips moved and a few Horde Mages went over in an attempt to surround and suppress Moonlight.

Moonlight reacted quickly and immediately activated Petrified Skin. This greatly boosted his Defence and made him immune to all Crowd Control skills, allowing him to tank many of the Mages’ attacks.

Which profession was the toughest on the battlefield?


When Petrified Skin’s effects ended, Moonlight activated his second Crowd Control immunity skill, Berserk!

This was a Berserker’s most famous skill. At its max level, Berserk sacrificed 30% Defence for 30% Attack, 30% Attack Speed and 30% Critical Rate.

Moreover, he would be immune to all Crowd Control effects during that period of time.

After activating Berserk, he immediately casted Whirlwind and spun around like a human spinning top within the crowd of Horde players.

Some people said that Warriors only had three tricks. There were two explanations for this.

The first was their skills: Charge, Berserk and Whirlwind, which could pretty much kill anyone.

The other explanation was their three buffs: Attack, Attack Speed and Critical Rate, which Berserk buffed by 30%. Currently, it was mainly the Berserkers who had the ability to insta-kill players!

Lu Li personally witnessed Moonlight executing a Mage in one hit, although his HP wasn’t full to begin with.

The Druid commander also saw Moonlight’s ferocity and ordered more people to surround him. The Alliance players who were barely hanging in there finally had an opportunity to breathe, and began to fight with more vigour.

Moonlight fell to Critical HP!

After all, he wasn’t a god. Being able to furiously attack despite being attacked by 4 or 5 people was already quite impressive.

Just as Moonlight was about to fall, a ball of white light floated over and disappeared into his body.


+56, +62, +44……

Immediately, half of his HP bar was filled again.

“Goddamn, such overpowered healing”, the Druid cursed silently. He could only order the people around him to join those attacking the Warrior in frustration.

“Thieves and Warriors, go and kill the Healers!”

This was the last order he issued before he was hit by a Cheap Shot from Lu Li.

Cheap Shot, followed by a high Skill Completion Back Stab, successfully activated Armour Pierce. The Druid frantically transformed into a bear – Druid transformations could cancel out Crowd Control effects.

The stun from Cheap Shot disappeared with the transformation. However, it was a pity that the Druid’s reaction speed, which he had prided himself in, was completely laughable compared to Lu Li’s.

Lu Li had already taken his reaction speed into account and used Ambush, rendering him paralysed. He then used a normal attack, Shadowstrike (stun), Slit Throat (bleed)…

The Druid stumbled backwards and fell to the ground.

The people standing at the front were puzzled as to why their commander hadn’t spoken in a while. As they turned around, they happened to see the Druid fall to the ground, but there was no one around him!

Anyone who saw this scene would feel spooked – only ten seconds had passed.

Lu Li had timed his assassination perfectly and chained his skills together seamlessly. This Druid was only the leader of a small team in the Glory Capital. How could he react in time to the attack of someone of Lu Li’s calibre?

From the beginning up until end, he hadn’t even seen who it was.

The commander’s death didn’t cause the Horde players to despair or feel scared. Instead, they became furious and began to fight even harder.

The Alliance players fell one by one, but this didn’t include the members of Lu Li’s team. Moonlight became much more reserved and stood in front of March Rain, tanking most of the damage.

In a virtual game where most attacks didn’t pass through players, protecting Healers was entirely possible.

With their superb skills and excellent equipment, Lu Li’s team was incredibly strong. They were at a clear advantage and managed to tie many of the Horde players down.

Lu Li casually walked around, taking life after life. His main targets were players who weren’t at full health, as he could kill players at Critical HP with a single hit. At first, the Horde players didn’t notice, but as more and more players died, they saw Lu Li walking around like a death god.

It was a pity that with their current numbers, it was impossible for them to surround him with many people.

After the battle concluded, the three of them politely declined the invitation from the Alliance survivors to join them, and went to look for new targets.

“Looks like you killed a lot of people. How much Glory did you get?” Moonlight asked.

“They were all recruits, so I only got about 70-80 Glory,” Lu Li replied after looking through his stats. He still needed over 100 Glory to get back to a positive value, but he would be done soon if he was lucky.

“Last time, I killed a Rank 4 Sergeant Major and received 40 Glory for that,” Moonlight said, not feeling satisfied yet.

“What’s your rank now?” Lu Li felt quite curious.

“I died quite a few times, so I’m a Rank 6 Sergeant Major. If it wasn’t for those deaths, I would’ve been a Centurion a long time ago. From what I know, there are more than 10 Centurions right now,” Moonlight said in disappointment.

Dawn’s Glory system and Military Rank system were quite complicated. To put it simply, one’s Military Rank was linked to their Glory: under 100 points was a Private, 100-500 was a Corporal, 500-1000 was a Sergeant and 1000-2000 was a Rank 1 Sergeant Major. For every 1000 Glory after that, they would increase by 1 rank, eventually becoming a Centurion at 10000 Glory.

After Centurion there was Legatus, Brigadier, General, Marshal, Grand Marshal, Warlord, Supreme Warlord…

If players were killed on the battlefield, they would lose a certain amount of Glory, which was quite complicated to calculate. However, it precluded the possibility of hiring people to farm Glory.

Killing players of different ranks gave different amounts of Glory. Killing Privates or Corporals only gave 1 Glory, and there were many of these noobs running around. Killing a Sergeant gave 5 points. In the group that Lu Li had just killed, there were 2 Sergeants. These sorts of people were becoming more and more common.

Killing a Rank 1 Sergeant Major gave 10 points, while killing a Centurion or above gave extra rewards.

It was a pity that despite staying in the Warsong Valley for 3-4 hours, Lu Li and his team hadn’t even run into a Sergeant Major, let alone a Centurion.

Luckily, because there were many noobs, Lu Li was able to become a Private after 3 or so hours and escape the embarrassment of having negative Glory.


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