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The Great Thief - Chapter 213


Lu Li opened up his stats page and saw that his Glory was still -312.

Burning the Horde’s supplies rewarded him with a generous amount of EXP and a Deception Orb. However, he had lost large amounts of Glory because he had made the mistake of burning some of the human slaves to death.

He was definitely the player with the lowest Glory in all of Dawn!

If he wanted to participate in the “Goddess Protection” event, he had to quickly raise his Glory back to a positive value!

Everyone else was enjoying their EXP, but he had to go to the Warsong Valley.

“Lu Li, why aren’t you coming?” Apart from the two girls who could only log-on after 8pm, everyone else was waiting for Lu Li.

“I’m going to the Warsong Valley to get my Glory back to positive,” Lu Li sighed.

“Why?” Wandering was quite frustrated.

“It’s complicated. Regardless, it’s what I need to do, so you guys go first. Be careful though – right now, there aren’t many water elementals, so it’s the players farming the monsters. In the afternoon, it’ll be the monsters farming the players,” Lu Li warned them.

Indeed, Anzelin barely qualified as a Boss and had low status. However, he was a genius, and had gathered some zealots to form a massive water elemental army right under the noses of the Night Elf Sentinel Corps.

In his ‘past life’, Lu Li had entered the game after this battle, but he had heard many old players talk about it.

According to them, the water elementals seemed to extend endlessly over the heavens and the earth, which at the time, had thrown them into a state of despair.

“I’ll help you. The Alliance players are all farming water elementals, so there are many Horde players at the Warsong Valley.” Moonlight loved to fight other players and had wanted to work with Lu Li for a long time. As he thought about a Warrior and a Thief working together, his blood began to boil with excitement.

“Mmm okay.”

Lu Li evilly realised that a Berserker would be decent cannon fodder.

“I want to go as well. We’re a three-person party right?” March Rain thought for a moment before deciding to tag along as well.

“Hmm, alright, you can do some practice and observe some real killing techniques.” Moonlight liked to call killing an art, and was obsessed with PVP. This was why he wasn’t a very fitting leader.

“Then I’ll go as well,” Sesame Rice Ball said.

“No, it’s alright;three people is enough. Having too many people can be troublesome as well. You’re lower level than us, so it’s better for you to farm some EXP,” Lu Li refused.

Having more people wasn’t necessarily a good thing, and there were many parties that had more people than them.

Lu Li returned to town and first went to the Exchange Hall.

A Stampeding Roar Skill Book costed 60 gold, which was worth around $6000 in real life. Lu Li unhesitatingly bought it.

Supreme Two Ring’s Special Effect: The Lord of the Forest, Cenarius, gave this ring special powers. You can learn three Druid transformation skills, as well as two skills for each of those transformations.

Lu Li had learned the Seal Transformation at the very beginning, which payed off extremely well for him.

The second skill he had learned was the Child of the Forest, which allowed him to transform into the little cheetah.

The third one was his Raven Transformation, which allowed him to fly. It was a skill he relied on heavily, as it allowed him to simply fly over places that other people wouldn’t dare to go near.

As for the ‘learn two skills for each of those transformations’, he could only learn skills for his cheetah transformation. The Seal and Raven Transformations belonged to swimming and flying transformations, so no additional skills could be learned on top of those.

Lu Li had always been unsure as to what he should learn for his cheetah transformation.

Not too long ago, he had learned Stealth.

And now, he had chosen his second skill, Stampeding Roar.

Stampeding Roar, Instant Cast, Cooldown Time: 60 seconds. A roar let out by a Druid that causes the Movement Speed of allied players within 5 feet to increase by 30%. Lasts for 5 seconds, and removes all snare and trap effects. Current Level: 1/5.

In actuality, Stampeding Roar wasn’t very suitable for Lu Li, and didn’t make him stronger.

It was for his team! Or at least, that’s what Lu Li told himself.

When he thought of the Shadow Cup’s massive prize, he felt much better.

Half an hour later, their three-person party arrived outside the battlefield.

“I’m in charge of scouting,” Lu Li said as he pointed at himself. “Lighty’s in charge of engaging. March Rain, just protect yourself and heal us up now and then.”

Moonlight and March Rain both nodded, as the three of them entered the Warsong Valley together.

Lu Li turned into a little cheetah and entered into Stealth. If one were to be direct and unflattering, he could be described as a rat darting around. If anyone looked over, they would only notice the grass moving.

“In front of us, 3 O’clock, 1 Warrior, 1 Priest, 2 Mages, 1 Warlock. They have a pretty bad formation. Moonlight, use your windmill and kill them,” Lu Li softly said in their chat.

This team had a standard composition. What defined a standard composition? It was quite simple – a team with a Healer was a standard composition.

Perhaps everything had gone too well for them, but they began to relax their wariness.

“What’s with the Alliance dogs today? So unsatisfying,” the Warrior at the head laughed.

“They’re probably too scared of us after yesterday. Glory Capital is the biggest guild in the game now, and is destroying everyone in the Warsong Valley. The Blood Red War Flag doesn’t even dare to retaliate,” the Mage walking beside him scoffed.

“Are we going to continue today?” someone at the back asked.

“It’s impossible for there to be a big battle today like yesterday. The Glory Capital’s starting on the Wailing Cave today, so there are only a couple of small teams patrolling around to suppress the Alliance dogs,” the Mage said.

“It was a single battle, but it was so awe-inspiring. It’s a pity their standards for recruiting are too high. Crap, enemy attack…”

The Warrior turned his head and saw a person suddenly burst out from the thickets. Just as they stopped walking, a Whirlwind came towards them.

The Priest lifted his staff, but before he could cast a heal, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head, and his vision became dark.

Lu Li managed to deal with the Healer in just a few strikes, before Moonlight’s Whirlwind had even finished.

Apart from the Warrior, the other three players instantly fell to Critical HP!

Moonlight cut off the Priest’s escape route with a Charge and executed him with two strikes from his Axe. Lu Li activated his Cloak’s special effect and instantly appeared behind the Warlock, then Kicked him, interrupting the Fear he was about to cast. He then dealt a Shadowstrike with a high Skill Completion which stunned him, then finished him off with another two blows.

There was still a Mage and a Warrior left.

“Brace yourself!” Moonlight and the other Warrior Charged into each other, leaving both of them Stunned.

The Mage wasn’t so lucky. He was used to casting Cone of Cold to slow down Thieves, but he simply couldn’t hit Lu Li with it. Lu Li continuously flitted around while dealing damage.

An expert!

A pretty girl came out from behind a tree and started to channel a healing spell, leaving the other two survivors in despair.

It had taken the three of them less than 40 seconds to achieve a flawless victory over five players. Moonlight had lost a bit of HP, while Lu Li hadn’t even been hit. The difference in strength between the two teams was extremely obvious.

“March Rain, you didn’t need to come out. Be careful in the future.”

Lu Li didn’t pick up the dropped equipment, and instead entered into Stealth.

He continued to scout ahead of them for enemies. When there were too many of them, he would guide Moonlight and March Rain to avoid them. When he found modestly-sized teams, he would coordinate with Moonlight and March Rain to ambush them, and when he found single players, he would simply kill them by himself. There was simply no opportunity for Moonlight and March Rain to participate in those battles.

The Warsong Valley was incredibly vast, and if one could casually bump into an expert like Lu Li, then experts would be far too common.


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