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The Great Thief - Chapter 212


The girls were immediately provoked to anger the moment that Wandering finished speaking. They were naturally quite beautiful and were almost reaching maturity, so what he had said was unbearable to them.

In view of the grieving Remnant Dream, Azure Sea Breeze kicked his buddy down into river.

Wandering: “Aaaah…”

“Will he die?” March Rain asked cheekily.

“Splash! Listen, there’s water down there,” Azure Sea Breeze responded with a laugh.

“You made that ‘splash’ sound,” Sakura Memories shot back at him.

“It’s all the same, let’s go.” After he finished speaking, he left the Instance Dungeon.

The other men didn’t hesitate to leave with him. The girls were currently still kind-hearted, but this would only last for another three seconds. Everyone was wondering why Wandering had thought it was a good idea to say that to those girls, as they quickly left as a group.

Only Wandering was left in the river, forced to find another way out. He hoped that he wouldn’t run into any monsters.

After leaving the Instance Dungeon, Lu Li brought everyone to the camp that was spoken of in the legends. While they were working on clearing the Howling Caves, they had to stay here in this village.

With the little bit of time they had left, Lu Li asked Remnant Dream for some cooked food.

In order to raise Guo Guo, Remnant Dream had to develop her cooking skills. While in reality, she was unable to even make fried potato strips, she could cook food that was beyond delicious in game. This food could even give bonus attributes.

After distributing some food to everyone, Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan logged off. They seemed to have something on their minds.

From the top of the canopy tigers fall, Dreamy and Hachi were 1.5 metres tall.

Lonesome Flower then brought his sister and the others who weren’t logging off to train.

As for Moonlight, the Barrenlands were heaven for him. They were filled with Horde players!

Lu Li didn’t go to train. Instead, he left the camp after receiving the food to search for some Treasure Chests.

Treasure Chests would often spawn in weird places. For example, they could spawn on mountains, in caves, or even in ditches. Of course, the most important place to check was a monster’s tent, as this was the most likely place for a Treasure Chest to appear.

Some Treasure Chests had a fixed refresh time, while others had a random refresh timer. The inability to determine a Chests’ refresh time was a Treasure Chest hunter’s biggest fear.

As Lu Li flapped his wings, he flew slowly and close to the ground, not wanting to accidentally fly past a Chest.

He had quite the harvest along the way, but it was too bad that most of the chests were Bronze. Most of the items inside, other than the two skill books and some low-end material, had no market value.

Regular materials were quite different from rare materials.

Rare materials were still useful in the long term, no matter how low their level was. A LV80 Mold could potentially still use a Jade Spider Web. On the other hand, low-level regular materials didn’t retain their value, as they could only be used for low-level equipment.

One of the two skill books was for a Paladin skill – ‘divine Intervention’. Obtaining this was a complete surprise.

A Paladin could use divine Intervention on a friendly target to protect them from any physical or skill damage. Although this removed the target from battle and prevented them from moving, monsters would be unable to hit them for the duration of the skill.

In a situation where a team was about be destroyed, a Paladin could sacrifice himself to protect the Healer and cast this skill on them.

This would lead to the Healer being the lone survivor on the battlefield. However, the Boss would then also return to its original position.

Wandering would definitely appreciate this skill;it would also serve as a consolation for being thrown off the cliff.

The other skill book was far worse. The Warrior’s ‘Shieldstrike’ was currently only worth 10 silver in the Exchange Hall and was pretty worthless.

There was a kind of Thief called a ‘Treasure Hunter’ that made a profession out of opening Treasure Chests. The forums were filled with ‘get rich quick’ schemes for such players. In his past life, Lu Li was envious of these people and this was partly the reason why he had chosen to play as a Thief.

Unfortunately, now that he was actually playing as a Thief, he realized that reality was quite different from what he imagined.

Treasure Chests weren’t widely distributed and they didn’t necessarily drop good items, let alone anything that would make him rich overnight.

With a deep resentment for the game, Lu Li logged off.

After some sleep, he sent his sister to school. As she had not yet formally accepted the treatment, she still needed to go to school.

Lu Li greeted the teacher, hoping that his sister would be able to receive special treatment. She absolutely could not participate in any physical activity or do any school work that was particularly arduous.

According to Lu Li, it didn’t matter too much if she couldn’t make it into university. Her brother could support her for life.

When Lu Li logged on the next day, he received some news: Some Water Elementals had appeared near Meisnera’s Output and were being farmed.

“Guardian Goddess…” Lu Li muttered to himself.

If it weren’t for this news, Lu Li would have completely forgotten about this. This was his original reason for choosing Astrana as a landing point.

As previously mentioned, Meisnera was truly beautiful and had a serene voice.

For the players in Grey Valley, it would be understandable if they had not heard of Raene Wolfrunning (Astrana’s Chief), or Malfurion, but if one did not know about Meisnera, then their life had not been truly lived.

There were even girls who were addicted to her voice. She was the pinnacle of 200 years of gaming history.

Lots of players had her lines recorded and used them as a ringtone in real life.

If there were Water Elementals near Meisnera’s Output, then the High Disciple Anzelin of the Twillight Hammer had completed his plan to deploy in Astrana. The day of attack was imminent.

There had been some Twilight Cultist activity in the Grey Valley, but their numbers were small and were not considered as a threat to the Night Elf Sentinel Army.

Anzelin and his subordinates understood this, so they created a Twilight Altar and used its strength to summon Water Elementals from the sea.

Lu Li also had some kind of relationship with these Water Elementals.

In order to upgrade his ring, Lu Li and the High Disciple Anzelin of the Twillight Hammer had struck a deal. He would give some materials to the altar and be allowed to draw some of its strength.

However, Anzelin had underestimated the energy needed for the ring.

This resulted in a delay in the formation time of the Water Elementals.

However, there was also another side to the situation. Although Lu Li had delayed the formation of the Water Elementals, the current Water Elementals would be a lot stronger than the ones he had faced in his past life. This was because of the materials he had given.

“What level are the Water Elementals?” Lu Li asked.

“Around level 20. They give quite a bit of EXP. Do you want to go and join the party?” Wandering was still in the Barrenlands camp, but his heart had already returned all the way back to Meisnera’s Output.

“Go if you want to and take the others with you as well. There’s no rush to complete the Instance Dungeon.” Lu Li was very supportive of his decision.

Guardian Goddess, or as the official statement called it, ‘The Meisnera Outpost Battle’, appeared to be a very worthwhile event. There were large amounts of EXP, equipment, rewards and Glory points to be earned…

When he heard about the Glory points rewards, Lu Li’s face fell.


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