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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 101


Chapter 101

chapter 101: The little leopard

Zhou Liang doesn't know anything about the higher-up's debate, and he didn't expect anything from them, because the higher his expectation, the bigger would be his disappointment if they didn't care about him.

Recently, Although he didn't neglect his daily training, but it was a long while since he went to the Beast Spirit World, and he wants to fight several matches while he still has free time, since the academy will open its gate tomorrow.

Beast Spirit World.

Although the spring festival is still in its last period in most cities, but the beast spirit world is as crowded as ever.

After he was spotted, a great number of experts poured in hoping to fight him, but since they didn't know where he's, and he didn't come out, they started fighting among themselves, and once they started, it hard to stop mid-way regardless if they won or lost.

Recently Randy is passing a quite great time and become quite complacent, his 2-6 Little Round Shield is too cheated, and it's considered extremely overwhelming for the younger generation battlefield.

For one to promote their equipment rank, they don't only need enough beast spirit but they also need to promote their beast spirit quality to the Copper Branded Grade and in general the beastmens undergo this change only at 30 years old and the gifted ones at 27 or 28 years old.

Peoples which are over 30 years old are rarely seen in the younger generation war zone, because if they fought youngsters and lost they will lose all their honor and even if they won, they aren't any glory in such win, and those that make an appearance once in a while are only here for observing their younger generation.

Because of such fact, Randy can depend on his 2-6 child in addition to his special defense and evasion technique to become unrivaled in the young generation war zone.

Even the shadow hunters nemesis the Crusaders suffered a great loss against him, A crusader will lose all his advantages if the shadow hunter he's facing doesn't needn't break his attack rhythm under his attacks.

Randy smugly occupied the combat altar

Zhou Lian calmly looked at Randy using other people unfamiliarity toward his shield to instantly kill two of his opponent, he's familiar with this fellow personality, he's too extroverted and it's easy for him to become dejected or excited, and recently everything was too smooth for him. and he did get carried away, which regarding his growth isn't a good thing at all.

Zhou Liang only saw him winning two battles and he didn't know how many battles he won before, but it's obvious he's too dependent in his shield, equipments are only a tool, if he becomes too dependent on it, it will obstruct his growth. and looking at his smug appearance, it's evident that he believes his little shield is invincible

But it's truly difficult for someone in plain equipment phase to defeat him.

The butterfly knife technique and his little shield let him bask in all the limelight, and he's too fond of this feeling, winning every battle and frightening all of his opponents.

He slightly closed his eyes enjoying the surrounding people cheering, he truly likes this feeling.

Suddenly the combat altar become peaceful, and he opened his eyes, such a quietness is unbearable for him, why are the people pouring on the altar nearby as if he's nothing.

In the altar nearby an imposing figure appeared. And the only person that posses such deterrence is Asura.

Randy gaze burst out with intense ray, he becomes aware that a true expert comes which let his blood start boiling, he was truly looking forward to one day battling the asura and see if he can withstand his killing move.

What an ordinary expert receive is various warrior challenges, and what a true expert receive is respect and worship.

But want asura received surpassed worship and dread, he ignited true experts fighting spirit, and made desire having a decisive battle with him

Zhou Liang is calmly standing in the altar, he wants to fight a battle for Randy to look at, and let him understands that there are many people who are better than him.

But he did forget that only experts would dare to fight him, and the nearest one is Randy which is already walking toward him.

The currently famous Chabad Randy come from Yelusamo city shadow hunters guild, possessing dazzling blade play and invincible defense, and it is rumored that in the spring festivals period, he was nominated as one of twenty strongest warriors present in the beast spirit world.

He already accumulated enough confidence in himself, which let him fearless even facing asura.

Although the asura reputation is quite great and resounding, but it's difficult for a fellow without weapon or armor to make anyone feel threatened.

’’Asura only fights experts and he isn't interested in weaklings.’’

’’Recently this Randy was extremely ferocious’’

’’Even if he's ferocious, would he be as ferocious as Asura, but I truly want to take a look how asura will deal with Randy butterfly knife technique and little round shield.

’’Asura should have a weakness or two, there aren't any perfect technique in this world.’’

Under the people's stares, Randy without any hesitation strode toward the altar.

He knew that as long as he can defeat this person his name will be known by all in the empire.

Randy excitedly tightly gripped his dagger, his excitement can let him display his best strength, and honestly speaking, bullying weakling was truly boring, and it was quite a while since he did experience such sense of crisis.

Zhou Liang is still calmly standing, but he's ragings inside, this idiot, why he's this impulsive ?, even if he wanted to fight him, shouldn't he at least wait and observe several of my battles before rushing in.

It's obvious that Randy is no longer like when he was in the trial, he had a noticeable increase to his strength and confidence, and since he's already standing in the altar, then they must fight a decisive battle.

In the beast spirit world, Zhou Liang can be himself and unscrupulously enjoy this serenity, serenity before the storm.

Randy suddenly attacked, he doesn't care that his opponent is still lost in his thoughts.

Randy dagger instantly arrived before Zhou Liang, and it seems like Randy diligently practiced, normal shadow hunters can only control their dagger with their hands, but he can control it with his fingers.

This fierce leopard already found his path, and he's different from the past him.


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