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The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady - Chapter 307


Chapter 307

The crepis grass had a certain amount of toxin. If used properly it could save a life, but if the measurement wasn't accurate then it could send the person into the next life. This was a very strong medicinal herb which required one to completely grasp its right dose.

Even the senior students wouldn't dare to use it in concocting a potion, so what's more for Shen Yanxiao who was just a freshman student.

It was clear that Shen Yanxiao had picked up the crepis grass instead of a dusk grass.

Pu Lisi's mouth had a trace of sneer. The only difference between a dusk grass and a crepis grass was the veins on the grass, but this kind of detail was a small difference, yet some people were able to notice this difference.

Pu Lisi knew that the moment Shen Yanxiao picked the crepis grass, she had already lost.

’’Naive kid, I would like to see how stupider can you be.’’ Pu Lisi's mood increased greatly. If the Crepis grass was used in concocting a potion instead of a dusk grass, it would produce a small explosion. And when that time came, Shen Yanxiao's face would be at a loss, and she would become a laughingstock.

He believed that after Shen Yanxiao had done such a disgraceful thing, Ye Qing would not keep this smelly brat anymore!

Pu Lisi was in such a good mood after taking a glance at Shen Yanxiao, knowing that she would fail. Then, he shifted his gaze towards Shangguan Xiao afterwards.

After ten minutes of searching, some students finally distinguished a few medicinal herbs. But, they were still far away from their objective. A lot of students even gave up concocting the potion they initially planned to make and instead just looked for some medicinal herbs that were needed for some low level potions.

And since there were only a few medicinal herbs needed to concoct a low level potion, the speed of searching for the medicinal herbs was naturally faster.

Rather than failing to find all the medicinal herbs and being eliminated, they were more willing to concoct a low level potion.

That way, they could also get in the first ten.

Everyone was searching for the medicinal herbs they needed, but at this time, Shangguan Xiao had already found more than ten different kinds of medicinal herbs. Still, his pace didn't slow down, and he continued to search for more.

This made a lot of students who were spectating be secretly amazed.

’’In the end, what kind of potion Shangguan Xiao is planning to concoct that even though he has already collected more than twenty different kinds of herbs, he's still searching for more?’’ A student asked.

An intermediate level potion usually only required ten different kinds of medicinal herbs at the very least. The more medicinal herbs needed, the more difficult it was to concoct. Hence, concocting a potion that had twenty different kinds of herbs and above was more difficult.

The more they watched Shangguan Xiao as he continuously grabbed more medicinal herbs and put them in his bosom, the more everyone looked forward to the competition.

Besides their feelings of anticipation, the students were even more eager for the drama that would soon rise because of Shen Yanxiao, who had remained quiet for a long time already.

Actually, Shen Yanxiao's tiny figure was easily missed in this crowd of hundreds of people.

And right at this moment, that petite figure was being blocked from their sight by an unknown figure of a participant.

’’Did that kid called Shen Jue take some medicinal herbs? How come I can't find him?’’ A second year student stretched his neck to find that petite figure that could easily be overlooked.

’’There he is,’’ Another student pointed to a petite figure that had just come out from the back of the other contestants.

Only to see that, to make things convenient, Shen Yanxiao had prepared a cloth sack where she could put all the medicinal herbs inside, so they wouldn't get lost. The spectating students couldn't see what it contained, so they were highly uncertain of how many herbs she had gotten in the end.

Because that figure was being blocked for some time, they could only see his figure from time to time. Even the students present at that place, as well as the mentors, were uncertain as to how many herbs she had collected in the end.

Even Pu Lisi had only seen her taking a crepis grass. As for the other medicinal herbs that were stuffed into the cloth sack, he couldn't even see their root hairs.


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