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The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady - Chapter 177


Chapter 177th Shameless fellow (2)

’’Really?’’ Lin Xuan gave an astonished look at Shen Yanxiao. For a roommate who is obviously much smaller than himself, Lin Xuan's heart has an unspeakable trust. He has always felt that Shen Jue is a very powerful person, much more powerful than the Black Tortoise Clan's Tang Nazhi.

The reason why Lin Xuan would have such an 'illusion' is entirely because Tang Nazhi's attitude towards Shen Yanxiao at the Holy Roland School is like... a lackey!

’’En.’’ Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Lin Xuan thanked Shen Yanxiao for her words. Afraid of disturbing Shen Yanxiao's rest, he went back to his own bed and keep on reading the book on his hands.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao is not a bit tired. Aside from a little consumption of magic energy because of the curse technique, she didn't do much. In the next few days, she was completely in the soy sauce business, and the largest amount of activity is to pick up those badges.

With doubts in her heart, Shen Yanxiao feels really uncomfortable. She was too lazy to bother thinking, simply walked straight out of the tent and went over to the tent were Qi Xia is.

At the encampment, the students of the three major branches who were in an endless war before had a strange look in their eyes when they saw Shen Yanxiao coming out.

’’Hey, this guy is the lucky one with Qi Xia?’’ One student pointed to Shen Yanxiao and asked his companions.

’’It's him. I don't know where he got his dog's luck to have actually joined the four young masters of the five great clans. I heard that this kid didn't do anything along the way and just followed behind the asses of the four people, picking up badges. Didn't you see his body covered with badges when they came back? Do you think he can get so many badges being the waste that he is? I think it's not because his luck is good, but rather, they felt sorry for him.’’ The students were awfully upset, and can only say the *grapes are sour since they can't eat them.

[*Something that one cannot have and so mocks it as if it was never desirable]

’’Well, some people are really lucky, not that we can compare. This kid seems to be in a dorm with Tang Nazhi. For his own security, I bet he begged Tang Nazhi to be mixed into the same team. Otherwise, just look at his poor appearance, would he be able to join them in one team?’’ For the fruitful results of Qi Xia and the others, the other students could only watch with envy. They had no guts to speak ill of the young masters of the five great clans.

But Shen Yanxiao is different. Her external identity is only a member of a branch family of the Vermillion Bird Clan, and because of this separation from the main family, they are not usually taken seriously by the others. Coupled with Shen Yanxiao's deliberately vilified appearance and her simple dressing, in the eyes of others she will naturally have an insignificant, small role.

And this guy with such a small role actually hugged four super thighs, and got the badge that the other people have dreamed of, which they cannot tolerate!

’’Some people of humble status, in order to achieve their goals can be said to be shameless. Being meek and subservient, such methods of humble people are something we cannot learn.’’ The caustic and mean remarks were not concealed from the mouths of several students.

They were not worried about what would happen when Shen Yanxiao heard them. She's merely a pharmacist freshman student, the age is young and she's too small, does she have the ability to fight them?

Shen Yanxiao looked straight ahead, walking past the several people as if she hadn't heard the sarcasm from those sour grapes.

She arrived at the front of Qi Xia's tent. Without calling out for permission, she walked inside.

’’Look, this kid must be planning to curry favor with Qi Xia again, really shameless.’’ Upon seeing her whereabouts, several students immediately voiced out their impolite remarks.

Inside the tent, the atmosphere is somewhat strange.


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