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The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady - Chapter 176


Chapter 176th Shameless fellow (1)

At the Holy Roland School's encampment, Shen Yanxiao and the others were taken to their own tents by other students after leaving the mentors' station. The assignment of tents in the encampment is according to their previous assignment of rooms in their dormitories.

In Shen Yanxiao's tent, in addition to herself, there were also her two roommates - Tang Nazhi and Lin Xuan.

After entering the tent, Tang Nazhi directly lay down on his own bed and immediately sank into the fragrance of dreams due to the seven days of hard camping life in the wilderness.

Lin Xuan, just like how he usually in school, doesn't have any sense of existence. He was back to the encampment a few days earlier than Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi, and after seeing the two people, he only dare to nod and smile at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao smiled back at him and then sat down on her own bed.

Her mind is still pondering about something.

Just now in the mentors' tent, she almost thought she was going to be exposed. But she didn't expect that Qi Xia will suddenly push the issue of the antidotes to Tang Nazhi. What's more unexpected is that, Tang Nazhi, almost as if he had discussed the matter with Qi Xia beforehand, followed up on the topic perfectly.

The two people's impeccable tacit understanding let her escape the problem.

However, she didn't understand why Qi Xia would do so. He didn't know the origins of the three bottles of the antidote, and didn't know the worries in her heart. How could he suddenly help her?

Could it be she had a solemn and tragic expression? Shen Yanxiao smiled and touched her face.

On the way back, she was determined to ask Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi for the reason, but due to the presence of the other students in the encampment, she was not able to speak out her mind.

She decided to ask Tang Nazhi once they have returned to the tent, who knew this goods will directly sleep into a dead pig!!

’’I heard you did a great job, congratulations.’’ Lin Xuan timidly walked over to Shen Yanxiao, stiffly holding the books in his hands, he congratulated her.

Shen Yanxiao stared blankly for a moment before nodding her head.

’’Thank you, how about you?’’ Within the seven-day test in the dark forest, she did not see Lin Xuan, and she didn't know as well which team he was in.

Lin Xuan shyly smiled and said: ’’Not good. My team was eliminated on the third day of the test. I'm afraid I will be assigned to the red class. ’’

Lin Xuan's eyes were dim. Although he doesn't have the arrogance of Tang Nazhi, he still has his own quiet pursuit.

However, aside from being a pharmacist, he's also a freshman. He has no connections in the Holy Roland School. At the time of forming a group, there was no team who had invited him. Only until the final moment he was lucky to have joined a team from among the group of students who did not group together. And the other members of the team were basically the freshmen of various branches.

’’Not really.’’ Shen Yanxiao commented.

’’Uh?’’ Lin Xuan looked at Shen Yanxiao quizzically, wondering what she was saying.

’’I'm saying you will not be assigned to the red class. The worst should be orange class.’’ Shen Yanxiao was certain. Because after the three animals drank the antidotes the second night, they seemed to have transformed into some wild beasts that swept through the dark forest. Until noon of the third day, at least 300 students were driven out of the test. Aside from this, the other teams started to eliminate each other presumably before noon on the third day. The seats on the red classes of each branch have already been ’’snatched’’ up by then.


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