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The General Wants To Hug And Sleep - Chapter 6


Not an Imperial Guard

The first time he slept was sleeping, the second time also sleeping, slept till the third and the fourth times, still sleeping.

He slept till, Chu Zhu Yu body has been numb. The person only hugging on her for getting sleep, never did something weird to her.

Because of, she pities on him,

That time, because of he really want to sleep, he even broke his hand, she sympathize him. The easy things that ordinary people can do, he hardly does it and need so complicated way to do it. A very good hand he just broke it, didn't it hurt?

If only the simple thing such as hugging her, would make he sleeps, so why she should be so stubborn.

Of course, she needs the guarantee, she doesn't want him to acupuncture her, since being acupuncture left her very uncomfortable feeling.

Accepting her fate, Chu Zhu Yu didn't make any refusal.

So, she asked : ’’Jue Qing, do you have father and mother in your family?’’


’’Siblings (elder/younger-brother/sister)?

’’No, I don't have. I only have my Shi Fu (sensei), does he count as family?’’

Hag? Is he an orphan? ’’ Do you ever have thought being someone son in law, who married into girl family?’’

His hand is holding the beads, ’’I never thinking to get married.’’

’’...’’ Chu Zhu Yu speechless, even this man who ’’the closest’’ one to her, couldn't be recruit by her, if there is an opportunity to bear the baby, it really good thing. He is someone good looking, the child, must born be beautiful too. Without she realized, she is thinking the appearance of the baby possibility if she pregnant with him.

Compare to the folks about the cruel, ferocious and brutal, that who could break bones general, he is the safest and best candidate.

But unfortunately everyday he gets in and out her room, every night hugging onto her for sleeping and wearing cloth.

Even his head moved to her breast, even he sleeps so close to her for smelling her tea scent, but there no more any other intimate act than it.

Shortly to say, from the start till now, at least Chu Zhu Yu is still virgin.

And when she acted alike the prostitutes, blinking and winking her eyes, his facial expression looks dumbfound: ’’Zhu Yu, does your eyes not comfortable?’’

’’.....’’ please, she is trying to seduce, doesn't you know?

From that moment, Chu Zhu Yu is giving up, she just thinking to heal Jue Qing's insomnia sickness and she could get her freedom earlier.

Lazily opened her eyes, the sun shines through her window.

Slowly the sun rises, as maid she needs to wake up early, moves and moves, she wake up.

A lean arm pressed against her waist, doesn't let her to raise even moves. Chu Zhu Yu heavily sighed, outstretched her hand from blanket intended to remove that arm.

She pushed!

That arm didn't move.

She pushed again!

That arm still pressed on her waist.

Chu Zhu Yu put all her energy to pull until her face red, both of her hand grabbing to his hand, but his hand...

’’What's going on?’’ soft silk voice, He spoke close to her ear.

Once she released, turning her head, she saw beautiful face in front of her.

Xiao Zhi is lying at one side of bed, his black hair messed, because he moves a lot while sleeping, his clothes opened slightly, exposed his chest which is so seducing. His lazy facial features, pale lips. His awake with misty with looks, makes Chu Zhu Yu blood as if going up to her head, she quickly turns away.

This kind of man, born to destroy women.

Her ear turned red and she grabbed a pillow, for pressing into his face ’’It already morning, wake up!’’

’’Can't I sleep for a while?’’ he lifts hit head asking.

She glared at him, using her eyes to express her determination - cannot!

Xiao Zhi stroke his nose, finally removed his hand from her waist, ’’Zhu Yu, you really different compare to others girl.’’

’’And then the next line, you want to say that hugging me is extremely soft?’’ she rolled her eyes, ’’You have said this sentences so many times, don't ever to remind me how fat I am.’’

’’You are not fat.’’ he said seriously.

’’So, why you often say me so soft?’’

’’I don't like the thin girl.’’ He thinks for while, ’’I like someone like you, more meat little bit, it so comfortable when hugged.’’

’’.....’’ it still mean she fat, is there any differences? It seem no.

Chu Zhu Yu is lazy to think about this topic, move her body up, tidied her bed. While Xiao Zhi walking toward to the only mirror at the room, taking comb and his combing hair.

Waiting Chu Zhu Yu finish tidying the bed, get back to the room and after washing her face, looking at him still ’’fighting’’ with his hair.

’’wkwkwkw!’’ she laughing hardly, ’’There is no one who comb the hair like you!’’ he is so clumsy when combing his hair.

When Xiao Zhi looked at Chu Zhu Yu, naturally he gives the comb to her.


’’Combing hair.’’ This two words, very simple and explicitly describe his intention.

She rolled her eyes, ’’Are you really an imperial guard? Why you can't even comb your own hair?’’

’’Who is an imperial guard?’’ he asking her back.

’’Every day you wearing black cloth, don't you an imperial guard or you are a monk?’’ but she never seen a monk who sleeping by hugging women.

Xiao Zhi doesn't speak anything, he just sitting in front of a low stool, waiting Chu Zhu Yu to comb his hair.

With single hand she held the comb and the other hand covered by his hair.

Her palm touching his soft hair, indeed beyond her expectation. Never expect that a man would have kind of soft, silk, smooth hair.

Slowly and carefully she combed his messy hair, until all his black hair neatly combed.

’’Oh ya, yesterday when you came in, did you put hair pin on your hair?’’ Chu Zhu Yu asked.

’’I don't know. It might somewhere near the bed.’’ Xiao Zhi laughed.

Chu Zhu Yu searching near her bed for while, finally she found out the jade hair pin laid under the bed.

The jade hair pin has very simple design, can't help, she said with lower voice, since when the imperial guard has kind of good, it is hair pin made from jade.

Even she speak to herself, Chu Zhu Yu stick the jade hair pin in Xiao Zhi's hair.

The jade hair pin with his long black hair looks very contrast. When he woke up he looked lazy messy but now after his hair combed, he absolutely beautiful man.

My God! She uses absolutely beautiful man these words to describe an imperial guard, she must be muddled, Chu Zhu Yu quickly comb hair, glancing him who gives odd looking expression at her, as if waiting for something.

’’Is there any matter?’’ in other words why he still here?

’’Washing face and rinse the mouth.’’ His eyes glanced at the side where the wash water is.

Chu Zhu Yu wanted to shout at the sky! Does she come to general residence for serving an imperial guard?


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