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The General Wants To Hug And Sleep - Chapter 19


Shut the City

Early in the morning, first glimmer of dawn, a figure of girl who wears the maid clothes, her hands is holding tall vase, almost covered her whole face.

When she passing the guards who guarded the residence, the guard curiously asked : ’’Xiao Mei, does Lady Chu dislike this vase?’’

’’Yes.. yes, Lady Chu asking me to change it with another one.’’ The maid murmured, she fasten her steps, goes out from the Zhi's residence.

Once she goes out from the residence, she boarded to horse carriage, the maid is breathing long breathe, when the vase removed, it exposed that face is Chu Zhu Yu.

’’Little maid, where are you going?’’ the horse chauffeur asked. Even Chu Zhu Yu has been staying for a while in Zhi Residence, but she only been inside the mansion and court yard, that's why there is no many people inside the residence knows her.

’’As I heard there is a new comer of tea master in this city who has good brewing tea technique, do you know which tea house he is?’’

’’Oh, do you mean that Xing Yuan Tea House.’’

’’Just go to that tea house!’’

’’Yi(signal to ask the horse to move), little maid, why do you want go to that Tea House?’’ the horse chauffeur asked.

’’o... Lady Chu asking me to go to that tea house for observing what types of tea leaves used by the tea master.’’ Chu Zhu Yu made up the reason.

The carriage drove all the way to the Tea House, Chu Zhu Yu jumped from the carriage, walking inside the tea house.

’’Aiya, does the guest is the first time coming?’’ The Xiao Er (servant/helper of tea house) asked.

’’Yes. I heard you guys have a new tea master, I want to drink your tea that you have and find what the different with others.’’ Her curious eyes sweeping the four corners of the room, very expecting. It really something rare that Xiao Zhi was going out for several days from the Zhi residence, and of course she needs to take a good look for the Tea House.

’’Alright, my lady can choose the tea leafs, see what kind of tea you want to drink!’’ Xiao Er giving Chu Zhu Yu the tea menu list.

Here, Chu Zhu Yu is busying choosing the tea, didn't realized that inside the Zhi residence there was a big storm going on.

The person who kneeling on the ground is Xiao Mei who nose and eyes tears, said : ’’Chu... Lady Chu must be changed mine clothes with hers, and... and still, that vase which was brought by Lady Chu while the general left the residence, she asked me to buy it back. Lady also said...’’

’’What she said?’’ Zhi Officer panicking. This is only several days peace here, but how can there still appear kind of matter!

’’The Lady still said... the general will be coming home in few days, there won't be problem...’’ Xiao Mei afraid of looking at the person who sitting in Master Seat, the gloomy expression of general is so scary! That kind of expression as if wanting to kill anyone. She doubts whether she will be hit till death or not by the general.


Initially Xiao Zhi left hand grabbed papers, at the moment it pulverized.

His body is radiating anger, which really needs something to vent out his anger.

When he came back and arrived at the room, he saw the person that was not her, that kind of losing, that kind of panicking, he even didn't know how to describe. She even secretly went out, her words still on his ears (her promised), but why she still leaving him?

Still, all those words she said to him, didn't it all lies?’’

Xiao Zhi crashed and smashed everything on his hands, his hands bleeding, the fresh blood is dripping from his palm, his finger until on the ground.

Xiao Mei is scared till limp on the ground, while the other people who was at the room, their expression also changed to shock.

’’General, your hand!’’ Liu Shan shocked. He has followed Xiao Zhi for many years, had seen him bleeding during in battle field, but now... only the word ’’Love’’, is the most hurt person, even this general can't escape for it.

Since he doesn't care of the blood that dripping from his hand, Xiao Zhi continuously asked : ’’How about outside the residence of the horse chauffer, have you search it?’’

’’Still not yet been find out.’’ Liu Shan replied.

’’Do you know where she is going?’’

’’Has been asked all the people inside the residence, but no one knows where lady Chu was going out.’’

Xiao Zhi couldn't sleep, stroking his lips, it seems he has think something on his mind. All the people, waiting for him without dares to breathe.

Finally, he opened his mouth, he said two words that makes all the people surprised : ’’Shut the city.’’


’’General wants to shut the city?’’

’’Shut the city isn't small matters, it will arouse the people to be panicking!’’

Suddenly, everyone was so shocked after heard that two words.

Xiao Zhi doesn't have others idea to save the situation, ’’Hurried shut the city main door, then every corner of the street being inspected, inspecting until find out where she is!’’ he wanted to capture her out, no matter what happen, he won't let her leaves him.

’’Xiao General, only looking for a woman, shut the city and inspecting every street...’’ Zhi officer hesitated said, only said half, abruptly he stopped.

That pair of eyes profound, as if being infected with something black thick layer, as if wanting to gulp all people thought. While his corner of lips, raised and makes like an arch, ’’If you can find her, even to massacre is allowed.’’

The cold voice, heavily tap inside people heart.

His smile, could describe as the extremely anger smile.


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