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The General Wants To Hug And Sleep - Chapter 13


You Are Only Belong to Me

Xiao Zhi is starting to clean and mask his eyes every day on time, he really cares with his eyes dark circle, even Xiao Ren sighing, he never know that his general also someone who cares about his ’’beauty appearance’’.

While the first initiator, Chu Zhu Yu, since the first trial has been awarded as ’’tea's tribute’’ by Xiao Zhi.

The top grade Jun Shan Yin Zhen tea ah~, normally if she want to drink it is so difficult, but now the opportunity comes, naturally she should enjoys it.

While Chu Zhu Yu is enjoying her new pleasures, she is not forgetting others people1, so Xiao Ren and Liu Shan also experiences of tasting the top grade tea too because of Chu Zhu Yu.

’’It really good tea.’’ Liu Shan smells the tea scent, it coveted.

Chu Zhu Yu brewing the tea according to the standard method of brewing tea, after the tea finish brewing, she gives to Liu Shan and Xiao Ren, one cup per person.

Two persons received the tea, Liu Shan said: ’’As seem, Lady Chu method in brewing tea is very skilled, it really comparable with Tea Master in the tea house.’’

’’Since I was young at...’’ tea house brewing tea, luckily isn't come out from her mouth, she abruptly changes ’’since I was young I like to see other people brewing tea, so I know some brewing tea master, that's why I can do it.’’

’’So how it is. I often hearing the general said the tea which brewing by Lady is taste so good, today experience it, so it really as general said.’’ While Liu Shan drinking tea, he turned back his head and asking Xiao Ren : ’’Oh ya, where is general? Why he is not here?’’

’’This...’’ Xiao Ren face showing embarrassed expression, doesn't know how to answer.

’’What's matter? Is something happen to general?’’ looking Xiao Ren embarrassed expression, Liu Shan startled.

’’Nothing, but general is doing treatment to his eyes.’’

’’What?’’ Liu Shan hesitated that he heard wrong.

’’General is doing treatment to his eyes.’’ Xiao Ren replied once more.

’’Does General hurt his eyes?’’

’’This.. not, general just wants to dispel his dark circle under his eyes.’’

It feels the jaw drop down, since when the general cares with his dark circle? Liu Shan hands shaking, afraid that the tea will fall down.

’’Ng, does officer Liu want to meet general?’’ Chu Zhu Yu who is sitting near him asked.

’’Yep, I come to notify the general regarding of the troops that will dispatch to Cong Zhou. The emperor has issued out the imperial edict for general to suppress the rebellion of bandits in Cong Zhou, this few days we are heading to Cong Zhou.’’

’’You guys... will go to Cong Zhou.’’ Zhu Chu Yu secretly said to herself, suddenly her heart feels empty. If Xiao Zhi really dispatching the troops to Cong Zhou, it means she will not be able to see him for long time.

Once she thought that she can't see him, her heart feels so empty, the tea which she holds which actually warm, but suddenly she feels it really cold, drinking it, feels awful.

What happen to her? Why after she heard that Xiao Zhi leaving, this matter makes her feel getting kind of big hit?

Chu Zhu Yu stupefied staring at the tea cup in her hand, even the next conversation between Liu Shan and Xiao Ren, she doesn't listen and care anymore.

Her body slightly shaking....perhaps her situation now alike, her body is lying here but her soul is in somewhere else.

Why this bed is not sturdy? Chu Zhu Yu is perplexed thinking, her eyes not fully opened. While her head only thinking the matter of Xiao Zhi who will go to Cong Zhou, to such extend, yesterday she was sleeping late.

Hoam... don't know what time it is, there is also no one who called her up. She thought, her ear seems to hear sound of wheel moving.

Wheel? It seems beside the wheel sound, it also horse footsteps!

’’Awake?’’ one beautiful face show up, it is the general beautiful face.

Chu Zhu Yu gets up, looking four corners, suddenly said: ’’Why... why I am in horse carriage?’’ she clearly remembered last night before she slept, she was laying on big bed in general residence.

’’We are going to Cong Zhou of course we need to go by horse carriage, or you want to ride the horse?’’ Xiao Zhi lifting his hand, fixing Zhu Yu messy hair.

’’Going to Cong Zhou?!’’ She startled, ’’You are the person who going to Cong Zhou but why I am also in the horse carriage?’’

’’You are going with me.’’ He said, blinking his eyes, ’’Or else, Zhu Yu not willing to go with me?’’

’’This... I don't mean like that.’’ this is also means that she doesn't need to be sad or grieve over being separate with him, because he, from the beginning has decided to bring her with him, together. While Chu Zhu Yu feels that her empty heart is filled very full by something, ’’ But, I haven't prepare anything for long distance travel.’’

’’I had told the maid to prepare it, as long the traveling you don't need to worry lacking of things.’’ He looked at her, his customary pulling her into his bosom.

’’Oh ya, you are going to Cong Zhou for suppressing the revolt of bandits, will it be dangerous? Will you alright?’’ suddenly she asked this kind of questions. He is a general, he often goes to the battle field, his whole body certainly has ever injured before!

Once she thinks about it, Chu Zhu Yu face turned white, suddenly propped his body, one of her hand grabbing Xiao Zhi's front collar band... opened out, pulled down, carefully to examine every inch of his muscle skin.

Half naked upper body, the smooth jade body of muscle has few small scar, the scar won't clearly seen if not careful examine. Still okay, her lips opened and relieved, his body isn't as she thought filled with many scary scars.

Raised head, their eyes meet, at this moment his eyes doesn't have any dark circle, instead of it, his eyes as if having sparkling ignited layers, ’’ Are you worrying me? Zhu Yu.’’ Hoarse voice, even heard so lusting to her, his white cheek, has little pinkish, his strong breath, spread to her face.

’’I...’’ her hand nervously grabbing the front of his collar band. Just realizing what heck she is doing! She even forcedly to opened man cloth, moreover she did it inside the horse carriage! ’’Cloth... giving back to you.’’

Chu Zhu Yu helplessly giving back the cloth to Xiao Zhi, he didn't receive it, but he just embraces her into his bosom, warm muscle touching hers.

’’Zhu Yu, I like the way you worried about me.’’ That nervous expression, very kawaii, let him helplessly be sentimentally attached to her, ’’Would you please worry me little more?’’ in that way he will feel that her cares toward him is incomparably with anything.

Chu Zhu Yu feels that her head in mess. Her breathe and nose is filled all his scent. His face is so close to hers, even she could see herself in his eyes, her helpless expression. Is it really she?

His finger tips gently rubbing her lips, his warm breath made her body tremble in waves. It could be, if it does continue...

Her hands want to push him, but she is firmly held by him, then his lips has pressing to her lips.

’’ng...’’ warm lips, soft but also strong, letting her losing her sanity. Her eyes opened widely, looking at him, the pair of sparkling eyes, once again drowning her.

’’Be good, open mouth widely.’’ His hoarse voice whispering on her ear.

She forgetting to think, forgetting the place, obediently opened her mouth.

His tongue crazily entered to her mouth, sweeping her tongue, not letting go.

’’My Zhu Yu is only belongs to me.’’ His lower voice, casual and soft alike net, capturing all her senses.

Love, passion, lust, and others that do not really need to explain to detail since no one could even able describe it clearly.


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