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The General Wants To Hug And Sleep - Chapter 1


General Weird Sickness

In the center of Luo Yang province, Xiao Zhi , this name no ones who doesn't know.

As said he is an orphan, he was adopted by Hui Wu Monk, learning and practicing martial art. no one doesn't know how excellent his martial art is. Those people who were trying to test his martial art, none of them could see the second day sun rise. that's why it kind of legend.

Moreover when he was twelve years old he joined the army, Repeatedly made the meritorious military service. No wonder the court non-stop looking for him and his administrative position increase from the second level to the great general. Maybe from second level administrator to great general might not count as big achievement but his status and power which 1/3 of country military force is in his hand. It enough to make people carefully to speak with him.

but the the the most ’’legendary rumor’’ is, this year the twenty five years old of Xiao Zhi hasn't have wife and concubine. moreover he doesn't look to have any relationship with any popular entertainer or scandal being rumor... videlicet, He is so ’’Clean’’.

even the citizen of Luo Yang takes this matter in restaurant as conversation topic, every day they are observing about their great general reason being ’’clean/innocent’’.

Xiao Residence -

The slender slim body sitting on the chair, the beauty good-looking face is showing expressionless-hard to describe expression. by being supported his left hand, Xiao Zhi looking at his hand that holding book, reading one page, his slender finger will gently struck the page and turn to the next page. while the other hand above the desk, allowing doctor Yu to examine his pulse.

Doctor Yu trembling put back the hand, looking at pale eyes of Xiao Zhi who has dark cirlce in his eyes. Frown, sighting why today he is so unlucky, being asked to come to Xiao's residence, if early he knew, yesterday he should asking for sick leaving and took rest at his home.

’’How?’’ very calm voice asking, Doctor Yu stunned for almost half day until he gain himself, realizing after the great general shouted him.

’’General, I afraid you might worry the country matter, so being little exhausted. as long as taking good care, believe will...’’

’’I just asking you, when I can sleep? Xiao Zhi impatiently cut Doctor Yu words.

’’This... Since it has been three days general hasn't sleep, or else I prescribe sleeping medicine, maybe it would help.’’

’’Is it ginseng, Qing pi, The bark of cork tree (Phellodendron), angelica, radix, sheng ma, herb, zhi cao, these kind of medicine?’’ Xiao Zhi raised his eyebrow.

Doctor Yu feels his sweat dripping down from his forehead, in court who doesn't know from the high to the low rank level if making the general sleep is harder than official examination. The general body itself is the group of poison, frankly to say even by using the drug to make him unconscious is something impossible.

’’Does general has others opinion?’’ Doctor Yu asking in very ’’modest’’ way. According to the past experienced, if the eyes of General going to deepen it means his temperament would be worse, and now... he has been to the dangerous mood.

’’Are you asking me ’’my opinion’’? ’’ His looks like sweeping with his cold eyes and his voice tone changed. once the doctor heard it, the body stagger and stepping three backward.

This Xiao general... not just because he is in bad mood, he could even to slaughter the small doctor. Desperately, The doctor trying to turn his brain quickly, The doctor losing his smile said : ’’This lowly has method, maybe general could give a try. General body temperature kinda cold, causing the difficulty to get proper sleep. Perhaps by making general body temperature same with the average people, general might easy to get sleep.’’

paused for moment, doctor Yu tries to see the expression of Xiao Zhi, continue to say : ’’since the ancient time, There were often the people who has warm body temperature turn to be able warming others too. maybe general could give a try.’’

’’Doctor Zhang Yu, do you mean, asking someone to warming my general body?’’ The head of Xiao residence house keeper who stood not far and impatiently, finally spoke out.

Doctor Yu old face suddenly red, ’’General can find some young maid to hug and get some warm temperature...’’

The people of the entire Luo Yang know that the general Xiao is notoriously abstinence. doesn't attracted to women. if the general won't do according to the method, it won't be his matter anymore if the general still can't sleep.

Thinking about it, Doctor Yu feeling very good mood. just trying to relinquish himself and getting out from the Xiao residence.

suddenly, The sitting Xiao Zhi stand up from the chair, walking toward the lady-maid who is serving tea who posses obsession looking, grab her and hug her on his chest and trying to close his eyes.

The chin falling to ground!

ah~ is this ok?

Doctor Yu and the head house keeper, Xiao Ren dumbstruck seeing the scene in front of them, feeling as if there were lighting hit their head through the door. even they know the general is someone who acting strangely but this thing too...

’’does my eyes has problems? Doctor Yu turning look at Xiao Ren.

’’I thought... No.’’ Xiao Ren struggling shook his head.

Shortly after, Xiao Zhi opened his eyes releasing the maid from his arm and seriously said to Xiao Ren : ’’other time change with the fatter ones, this one is so thin. too loose when hugging.’’

’’yes...’’ Xiao Ren twitching his mouth.


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