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The First Hunter - Chapter 74.2


Chapter 74.2

Chapter 74 Part 2

- Artifact value: Rare

- Artifact effects: Quickly restore everything an owner has.

The National Treasure No. 293, the gold Buddhist priest.

That's why she was gladly present in front of the nonsensical damage and appeared before Kim Tae-Hoon.

’’What is your identity!’’

And that's why I was angry at Kim Tae-Hoon.

She was a messiah, because there were myriads of artifacts in her number to perform miracles.

At a time when relics had power, there was no reason for her to lower her voice with a bunch of powerful relics from the National Grant Museum.

Kim Tae Hoon had no intention of denying the fact.

That logic was easy for Kim Tae-Hoon.


In the back of Kim Tae-Hoon, a sword was pulled out and immediately flew to Park In-Young.


Tututu! Tututu!

Shots that burst out without a break began to run like snakes between buildings and buildings, roads and roads.


The snake-like gunshots were always screaming.

'Damn it.'

Kate, who is waiting for a chance to counterattack with those who serve herself as a savior in the building, clung to the shouting and screaming that does not stop her ears.

'How many people have died?'

As time went by, the soldiers of the Messiah and the Guardians entered the granting county.

Of course, the battle began.

And the battle was, of course, unilateral.

No matter how many firearms you have taken, it is impossible to expect a proper fight for those who have managed to keep a certain amount of ammunition for a few months, even if they still have enough ammunition to make the guns.

Moreover, even if I served as a duty officer, how many times did I have to do EXP to battle in the street during my duty?

Even the opponent is a combat organization that the Messiah made after its own selection to convince the idyllic existence of the Messiah.

None of the flesh, spirit, skill, EXP ••••••was beneficial to the survivors.

Originally, everything had to be done in the preceding shelling.

No, it should not have been this war itself.

The Survivors of Buyeo did not have the will, reason or hope to fight in the first place.

’’We'll take some time.’’

’’Please flee the saviors.’’

Nevertheless, it was only Kate that the survivors did not give up in this terrible war, but they did not give up.

Because she believed that the hope that she showed was a real hope, and they were willing to fight.

It was also evidence that Kate's performance was excellent.

If her acting of the savior was bad, those who were in desperate need to show such a noble faith and sacrifice.

'I am not a savior!'

That fact has now been blown away by Kate.

'I ••••••.'

It is so painful to use others' hope that they eventually planted them in vain.

'I am not the savior. I cannot save you.'

At this moment Kate regretted two things.

I regret the fact that I did not grasp the world yet and that I would act to pay off my debt, and regretted that I did not have the power to be a savior for them.

’’Here you are.’’

At that moment, three men came into the building with Kate and the Survivors of Buyeo.

They were Guardian of the Messiah.

As they appeared, survivors' faces became speculative. The Guardian of the Messiah was Monster like the Monster to the Survivors of Buyeo.



At the same time, the Guardians of Messiah were also amazed.

’’Liver sword?’’


Kate 's liver sword in hand was even unexpected.

In that situation, only one person, Kate, moved instead of being surprised, instead of coloring her face.

She rushed to one of the guardians, injecting energy into her whole body and into the handled sword.

Then he wielded the liver sword with an oblique line.


The liver sword has made Guardian's body in two parts at once.

Her attack did not stop there.


I heard a high sword with a cry for one of the remaining two.

'You little ••••••!'

Now the Guardian, facing the sword to be struck down like a thunderbolt to himself, injected his energy into the guardian after holding the liver sword in his/her belt. I put the implanted liver sword over his head.

Two crossed liver sword.


But this time, it was just the sound of being cut off, the sound of the liver sword and the body of the guardian being cut off at once.

Strength Rank A.

Kate had the overwhelming strength of the liver sword, which was stronger than any weapon at the moment.


One of them, who lost his two companions in a moment, pulled out a revolver pistol from his belt instead of a bronze sword in front of the scene.

Taang, Taang!

Shots broke out immediately.


But the shot did not dare go through the armor of Kate's armor, the armor of twin head ogre's leather.


In the mouth of the guardian, a cry that seemed unacceptable.

The intercourse narrowed the distance to the guardian, and at the same time, it cut off.

Suddenly the guardian became six pieces of three and fell on the floor.

’’Hhew, Hhew!’’

In the meantime Kate drove her breath away.

This was her first murder.

'I ••••••.'

That fact was definitely a shock.

At this moment, the texture of the person's body was clearly felt through her palm.

The sight of your broken body at your feet, and the sickness that started to bloom now, were also imprinted on your mind.

But Kate did not fall into shock.


She was thrilled to be overwhelmed by her work, to the emotions of those who prayed beyond thanksgiving, and she wanted to be in shock for the first murder.

No, she did not even deserve it.

It's not Kate, who is now bombarding the guns, shooting the guardians of the Messiah, and those killed, by the soldiers?

There is no such thing as deserving to fall into her disappointment.

She was the only one that could do at this moment.

'It's been ten minutes! Come quickly! '

Praying diligently for the real savior to come.

’’Look at the sky! Someone is coming down from heaven!’’

Her prayer came to her.


Then she spoke sincerely.

’’It's over now.’’

The war is over.


’’This is a good day.’’

Starfish Clan Master, Yang Jung-Hwan put a heavy black plastic bag on his desk, and left the room.

Chang Sung-Hoon looked silently at the plastic bags that filled his desk.

Chang Sung Hoon opened his mouth.

’’F*k, if I was an awakening person ••••••.’’

The identity of the plastic bags was no different, but it was part of the Monster stone that McGuild's Clan hunted the monsters.

Now that the number of Hunter working under the McGuild is a number, I was forced to pay a huge sum.

It is a pile of treasures that cannot be compared to any other treasure for those who are awakened.

'Oh, I feel butterflies in my stomach.'

On the other hand, Jang Sung-Hoon, who is not an awakening, was just a stone.

Of course, Jang Sung-Hoon did not spit at its heart.

He knows.

What are the avenues for awakening to be aroused, and what are the threats and dangers they should face?

Moreover, the stronger the threat to face, the greater will be the fact that.

Jang Sung-Hoon was frankly thankful for his situation.

'Is BOSS better than that?'

Especially, Kim Tae-Hoon shows that he could reverence Chang' s mind.

'Well, you're doing well. Unless you fight the blue Grade Monster in Sejong City, who can touch the BOSS body?’’

Of course, Jang Sung-Hoon's complaint was short.

After complaining, Jang Sung-Hoon opened his suitcase next to him immediately after he got out of his chair.

First, Chang Sung-Hoon confirmed Napoleon's golden cup.

'It's not full yet.'

The next thing I checked was Daedong Ward.

Chang Sung-Hoon, who opened a thick allegiance, confirmed Bucheon city first.

'Now monster in Bucheon is almost dry.'

After that, I looked around <Area>around Bucheon city and watched Seoul.

'There are still a lot of yellow Grade Monsters in Seoul. BOSS was right. There is no substitute for the National Defense Command. If you have such a powerful awakeness, even if you do not want to hunt the monster?'

The last thing I saw was Sejong City.

And at the moment when I checked Sejong City, Chang Sung-Hoon's facial expression turned white.

Chang's hands moved quickly.

Next to Sejong City, I opened the page where Cheonan city is located.

'There is none.'

I immediately opened the page where Pyeongtaek city is located.

'There is nothing.'

There too, the hand was not stopped, but the page where Osan city was located was unfolded. Then Chang was able to find what he was looking for.

One blue light.

One of the blue lights was moving from Osan to Suwon.

At the moment of finding the light, Jang Sung-Hoon missed the Daedong that lied in his hand.

Daedong, which tremendous treasure fell on the floor.

However, Chang Sung-Hoon could not respond to the fact. What his body can do right now is that it can shake up like a straw tree, that's all.

’’Damn it, damn it!’’

Trembling in front of Jang Sung-Hoon, he spoke out harshly and eventually moved his trembling hand to bare his cheek.


Chang Sung-Hoon's body, which had just shivered with an eerie sound, began to move.

’’Chang Sung-Hoon, you have tens of thousands of lives on your head! Roll over, roll! ’’

Along with the screaming command for him, Jang Sung-Hoon immediately picked up the Daedong on the floor and confirmed the blue light again.

'It's them.'

At this moment, one scenario emerged in the mind of Chang Sung-Hoon.

'Six snakes, they're bringing the blue Grade Monster here to crush us. Otherwise, there is no reason for the blue Grade Monster to come to Bucheon.'

If you want to screw up your McGuild, if you want to crumble, the worst scenario you can pick.

It was a great thing.

In front of this overwhelming despair, Chang Sung-Hoon imagined the answer to the truth.

However, Chang Sung-Hoon did not think of such a scenario.

’’Damn it••••••.’’

There was no unique actor here to make that scenario happen.


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