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The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad - Chapter 46


Go to hell Baby!

Neito was on the rooftops above New York City.

From time to time, he could he gunshots passing him. The direction was as Niina had told him.

He knows. He's already shifting his focus on me.

Since Neito already transformed, it was possible for him to block the bullets. It would be dangerous if it came to a certain distance, but at their current distance, he had no trouble defending himself.

Neito advanced while trying to block the bullets.

[There you are!]

Neito, who was hanging from a wall, saw him.

He had a muscular body, covered in black leather tights as his costume, he had a gauntlet that looked like a guillotine. (TLN: Yup, you guessed it right! It's Batman... Even his suit is black)


Slipknot was on the roof of a building. The weapon he had, looked like a large sniper rifle with its long barrel, but it didn't look like anything like it.

[A rocket launcher?!]

On top of that, it was the latest model. The model that could destroy armored targets with ease.

It wasn't something you would use in a cityscape, but Slipknot was shooting without discretion.

He dodged a bullet while flying, barely missing him in the face. The bullet launched went by Neito and exploded as it contacted the building behind him.

Looking behind him, Neito saw that the firepower had been significantly decreased. That didn't exempt a certain portion of the building from being destroyed. The ruble from the building also started falling down to the streets.

No matter how you look like it, there would be casualties.

[He's definitely crazy...]

He can't say for others, but Neito certainly thought so. He looked at Slipknot once more.

On the other hand, Slipknot also saw Neito. It was as if a demon was closing in on him.

Slipknot looked at Neito and raised his middle finger. Afterwards, he made a thumbs down gesture.

’’Come at me you bastard. I'll send you back to hell’’

The gesture must've meant something like that.

[All full and confident huh?]

Neito maintained his composure and stretched his wings. He calmly navigated towards Slipknot.

When Neito almost landed on the building Slipknot was in, Slipknot started moving.

Running across the building, he pulled out something like a wire and used it to slide downwards the building. Slipknot broke the windows and entered the building.

(TLN: Again, a Batman reference)

Neito followed after him and entered the building.

[... Where did he run off to...?]

The floor they were in resembled an office. There were numerous desks in the area and the city lights lighted the room from outside. It wasn't crowded, but it was very spacious.

There was no lights turned on in the room, but the city lights illuminated dimly. Neito couldn't see now, but given the time, his eyes would adjust automatically.

Looking around the darkness, there was no sign of Slipknot. He knew Slipknot was hiding nearby.

[Hey you! What are you hiding for? You aren't suited for girl hunting are you?]

It was a sudden, but he heard a voice behind him. It was as if Slipknot was mocking him. It was yet sudden and unexpected.

Neito tried to turn around, but a barrel was already pointed at his back.

Bang Bang bang bang!

A rapid fire of bullets came from behind. On top of it he was aiming his machine gun in one specific spot. Neito could tell he was almost at a point blank range. No matter how much Neito transformed, Slipknot's attack was effective.

This guy...! Where did he come from...! Damn it... if this goes on... I can't hold in forever...

[Kugh...! Haaaa!!]

I'm done for if I fall here. Neito gathered himself and turned around. He used his arm to stop the hail of bullets.

[Take this!!]

The room was dark, but it was only a matter of pinpointing where the muzzle flash came from. Neito continued blocking the bullets while swinging his claws at the light source.


Slipknot's texture was weird. Neito didn't feel any kind of flesh being clawed apart. Instead he felt something wooden.

Nonetheless Neito didn't doubt where the muzzle flash came from.

[You're this old and you're still playing with dolls? I'm getting jealous that you having so much fun]

Neito again heard a voice behind him. He the noticed that the figure he attacked was a mannequin. The mannequin was locked in place with a machine gun strapped to it. Slipknot somehow managed to strap a mannequin with machine gun and position it behind him in a short period of time.

[I love playing doll with heroes, but I'll do that after I beat you up!]

It was certainly a weird way to fight. Slipknot must be already used to seeing in the dark. Since Neito was huge in size while transformed, he was clearly at a disadvantage.

Neito picked up the desks and computers around him and started throwing them.

It was effective in blocking bullets as well as extending his attack distance. With ’’Evil Silhouette's’’ power, anybody would be seriously injured if they were hit by the projectiles.

But there was no form of resistance coming from Slipknot. He was using some kind of body techniques to dodge Neito's attacks.

[Hey there, hold on... Why are you so mad? You're causing trouble to the employees of this office by doing that.]

Neito periodically saw a shadow that evaded his attacks.

[If you stand still, we could finish this in no time.]

If it was a battle in terms of physical power, there was no way Slipknot would be able to stand up against his Evil Silhouette. Neito's eyes were slowly adjusting to the dark. If he somehow managed to get a glimpse of Slipknot, then it would be all over.

As long as he kept attacking Slipknot, he would be too busy dodging his attacks. Neito didn't have to worry about a counter-attack.

Just a bit... a little bit more...

After a few seconds passed, he saw him. There was no need to keep throwing projectiles at him. He just needed to step in and use his claws.

[We're done playing tag.]

Neito could now clearly see Slipknot. Slipknot was standing on top of a desk.

[Ok Ok, then what should we play next? Hmm... Let's play catch.]

Slipknot held something spherical and threw it to Neito. Slipknot made a ’’here’’ gesture as he threw the object lightly at Neito.

[You should catch it properly.]

Slipknot was as carefree as he was. He touched his belt, which had various equipment inside it and pulled out an object. (TLN: I'm Batman)

[Cool right?]

Slipknot then put on the object he took out. Neito identified it as something like a goggle.

It was only at this moment that Neito understood what the spherical object was.

It was a flash grenade.

The room was enveloped by a bright light and a loud noise. Slipknot may have no killing intent shown, but the attack he did proved to be a critical one. The goggle he took out must be something like an anti-stun grenade equipment.


Neito noticed too late. The grenade went off while he tried closing his eyes.

Neito couldn't see anything. He was blinded for a definite period of time. What's worse was, he couldn't hear anything.

He needed to strengthen his defenses until he could regain his posture.


But no attack came. That's weird, Evil Silhouette's defense may be strong, but Slipknot could have easily defeated me at this current state.

Neito noticed something weird again. He body was wet. It must be raining. But we're inside an office so that shouldn't be possible... This must be the sprinklers. I see, the grenade must've triggered the sprinkler systems.

[Water...? Uaaaaaaa!!??]

A sudden shock suddenly enveloped Neito's defensive stance. It needed no effort to rule out what caused it. It was definitely an electric current. (TLN: And now we have a sadistic Batman)

If Slipknot activated it, he must be in a place the water can't reach to him. He most probably used a stun gun or some sort to electrify the water.

Neito's body was twitching from shock. It was an unpleasant attack coming from his enemy. A normal person would've died from that shock, but Neito held out. He could recover himself after one minute. Thanks to him being a modified human, he was able to stand out and recover faster.

But Slipknot was already moving forward with his plans.


Neito was stunned. In that period, Slipknot lightly pushed Neito's body. Neito fell, but he didn't hit the floor.

He didn't know where he got it, but Slipknot pushed Neito unto a push car which every modern office has. Neito was carried around like some package while Slipknot was above him taking something out from his chest. He showed Neito a photograph.

[Hey, do you know any of these three in the picture? If give me any information on them, I'll stop this little Grand Prix of ours. Oh, you can't speak right? Close your eyes if it's Yes, or keep them open if it's No.]

Grand Prix. Neito didn't know what Slipknot was talking about, but Neito knew the people in the photograph. One was Mr. Big, and the other two were members of Crimson he recently met.

He didn't understand the situation, but Slipknot wanted information on Crimson's top brass. He was now more serious than before.

Well now, what should I do...? Neito thought to himself.

I'll use any means possible and win. That was how Neito always fought. Then it is viable for him to betray his allies.

If Neito were to give Slipknot the information, and somehow he would be still alive, Hid reputation inside Crimson would plummet. His scenario of taking over Crimson would then be over.

Neito didn't close his eyes.

[Is that so...? Then there's no choice Baby~, we're going on a Grand Prix!]

With Neito's response, Slipknot sighed deeply and went back to his carefree character.

[Erm, the forty eighth Manhattan Office Building Grand Prix is about to start! Who's going to be the winner this year!? The racer are all lining up now! Start!]

Slipknot along with a beast was cruising around in a push car inside an office. Slipknot pushed the car while he was commentating. They were going fast. Neito still couldn't move after the effects of the electric shock.

[Woah! Cool guy and Monster racers just passed through a hairpin curve!]

Neito saw where they were going. They were headed towards the window. Slipknot didn't show any signs of stopping.

Slipknot planned on dropping him out from the window.

With his unmovable state, if he would crash down the building from this height, even with Evil Silhouette, he couldn't survive.

Neito understood at this point that Slipknot was different.

Slipknot was a heterogeneous person.

He was different from the other heroes he fought before.

The varied equipment he pulled out before were prepared beforehand. This was Slipknot's execution grounds. It was as if they were in a comedy movie with serious stunts already planned beforehand.

And this guy's behavior... There is definitely a crowded street below them. Despite that, Slipknot was willing to drop Neito when there could be civilian casualties.

Throughout preparation, guerilla tactics and his intent to kill without mercy, that was Slipknot's strong point.

[Go Go Go! It's a straight line towards the goal!]

Slipknot didn't stop. Pushing the cart while running inside the office, he was chanting energetically. It was as he was a child having fun. That made him scary.


Slipknot was still accelerating, and Neito, with his immovable body, crashed outside the window. Neito felt his weight as the impacted the glass.

Slipknot, who was also falling, looked down on Neito and gave a thumbs down.

He remarked;

[Go to hell, Baby~]

His character changed again. His deep tone was now full of hatred and killing intent.

Neito felt it himself. That was the true nature of Slipknot.

He wasn't as strong as the previous heroes Neito fought, but he was different.

Can he not be defeated by evil? He doesn't even have any openings. Even If I inflict my methods on him, will they be effective against him?

The demon fell into darkness


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