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The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad - Chapter 45


Chapter 45: I hope he lets us off

After their dinner with Mr. Big and Anice, Neito headed off to the office the following day.

He had a lot to manage today. Blackmailing, spying, smuggling, illegal trading, assassination, murder and many other underground activities. Crimson did a lot of underground business, but at the center of it was Manhattan.

Neito, who was in charge of the Manhattan area, needed to supervise the operations going on the area.

Crimson may not have modified humans, but they have [Over Technology] equipment available for use. With those equipment as their assets, they are able to carry out large scale crime unopposed.

[Niina, bring me the next one.]


Neito, who was on his first week in the office, was reviewing incoming files sent to him.

Neito wasn't really fond of desk work, but the reports coming in are ’’Will we be able to get away if we did it like this?’’ the type of reports which he was extremely experienced with. Of course, Niina helped him get through it.

[Umm... up next is about smuggling. It's about sending gunpowder towards England...]

Niina looked over the document, summarized it and told Neito.

[Give them the forces from Upper East side. That area would be fine even without them for a day. Have it shipped in a passenger flight toward London. Just bribe off the staff and if necessary. Make those people who won't cooperate with us ’’disappear’’ for a while. Let them say they were in ’’vacation’’ as a cover up.]

[On it. I'll send out an order later. Next one is about those [Slash] members sited in Manhattan...]

Capture and interrogate any suspicious individual you lay your hands upon. Once you get their exact location, infiltrate and exterminate them all.]


Neito wanted the casualties low, but he's not cutting any edges because of that reason. Strike as fast as lightning and strike them down. That's an unchanging tactic taught and used countless times in history.

Neito realized something as he was working in the office.

The difference between Metallica and Crimson is the way they exercise [Control]. Crimson doesn't aim for world domination.

For example, in Okinawa, when Metallica gained control over the island, its influence could be found lingering around. There was nobody who would oppose Metallica on the island. On the other hand, Crimson didn't leave their permanent presence in the area they control. Of course, they are well known and have influence over the shadows, but in the end they are just some underground organization. There were many other underground companies and individuals who opposed the government.

But, it does not mean that Crimson is inferior to Metallica. It is no more than a difference in policy. Having a great influence, Crimson was able to expand their company to great lengths. They may not aim for world domination, but they want to have the entire US under them. It was difficult since the current Rocks Organization, especially their top two Guardians were keeping watch over them.

[On to the next... The judge we tried to bribe last month was too passionate over his sense of justice. We may lose the case if we have... Senpai, I'm getting hungry. Let's go have lunch.]

Looking at his watch, it was already 1 PM. Neito got too absorbed into his work.

[Aah, sorry about that. Let's go.]

They stopped working and headed off to the cafeteria.

[You know what senpai? You sure have adjusted to the new environment really quickly...]

[... Well, that's not true...]

He wasn't lying. He may have been greeted by his fellow co-workers warmly, but he had other concerns to tend to.

He already had a plan to win over Mr. Big and attain the company, but there was a prerequisite for that. He needed to be recognized by the company internally.

Neito was doing well and succeeded in his field, but Sonic Youth was in his way.

Neito was handling the case for the [Acceptance of the Alloy to be used by Crimson in creating their Armor]

The shipment would come from Asia, and would be received in the port area. The problem began when Sonic Youth strode over the sea intercepting the boat used for smuggling. Sonic Youth managed to bypass the ship's defenses and got on board. Of course, the crew was already prepared for such events so they jammed the alloy on a gyro plane and launched it off. Sonic Youth on the other hand, gave chase to the plane. He used the skyscrapers to scale up and reach the height of the plane. Using a ’’half pipe jump’’ maneuver used in extreme sports, he manage to disable the plane. The plane crashed, but there were no casualties.

Neito heard the report, but it must have taken some superhuman skill to do such thing.

Crimson wasn't frustrated by this case too much. It was because Crimson was already used to losing to the top two Guardians.


Neito thought to himself. I can't slack off here. I've come this far to achieve the ideal world I want. In order for that to come true...

[Niina, about what you said earlier...]

[Hm? Is it about time for lunch?]

[No, that case with the judge... I'll head out for it.]

Up until now, Neito never had to face the Rocks' American division. He also hadn't gone as a field operative. He thought that he should change that. Of course, he'll be still be calling the strategy and tactics, but there are some things you just won't know unless you head out to the actual site.

[Eh? Really? What are you planning to do?]

[First, I need to get close and blackmail him... Gather up some men for me. You might wanna borrow some weapons too...]

[You're just gonna head out and blackmail him directly? That's scary...]*


That night, Neito, along with Niina and others from Crimson, was standing on the rooftop of a five storey building.

The strong cold winds gushed them, but it was the beautiful night scenery that awed them.

[It's so beautiful. It is indeed a great view from here.]

They overlooked the bridge which was in the middle of the metropolis. It was as if the jewels were shining before them. Saying such things Neito looked back.

[Don't you agree? Mr. Judge.]

[... Nnn-!! N nn!!]

The man who was strapped onto a chair was surrounded by men armed with Railguns and Razor Swords. It was indeed a great scene fitting for a person who was about to meet his end.

[Hm? Aah, I see. Ungag him.]

Neito immediately gave out the order. His subordinates removed the mouth gag from the judge.

[...F-Ha!! You bastard! Who are you! Do you think you'll get away with this?]

The judge was still stubborn despite his situation.

His mistake was in being too confident. In this city, if you're going to be a judge, at least assign some bodyguards to protect yourself. Everybody knows your face since you appear on television frequently, if you're going shopping on Park Avenue, anybody there would recognize you... In other words, you're no more than an idiot.

[Me? I'm a bad guy. I know I'll get away with this quite easily.]

Neito answered diligently and laughed it off. Based on experience, Neito knew this would have more psychological effect on his target. Furthermore, he elaborately chose the top of a high rise building for the blackmailing. Having nowhere to run, his victim must be experiencing real fear from within.

[Well then, you have two choices. Cooperate with me, or meet your end.]

For a moment, the judge was taken back, but he then regained his composure.

[I'm a judge! I'll never yield to outside forces! That's what real justice is about!]

Hmm... Neito was touched for a bit... just a little bit.

It was an instant, but you were afraid right? Yet you still held on to your ideals... You're not my enemy.

It may look like Neito had the upper hand, but in reality, he was at a disadvantage. The judge had his value with Crimson, so Neito couldn't carelessly kill him off. It would create problems if people knew Crimson was behind the death of a judge.

[Really? Are you sure about this? I'll really let you experience a painful fate... You should think this over. I. will. do. It. Make sure you won't regret you decision.]

Neito grabbed the judge's hair and carelessly pat it. He released his killing intent from his body.

Of course, Neito was serious. It would be best for the judge if just cooperated. If not, not only would he suffer physically and mentally, but also his family and friend might also get involved.

Neito didn't want to do it, since it would create a negative an image of him. But if necessary, Neito would do it. There was no point threating a person if you're not serious about it.

If Neito were to get serious, there was a huge possibility that the judge might end up dead or gravely injured.


The judge reacted to him.

[Well then, this is your last chance. Have you made your decision?]

Neito slyly smiled at the judge.

[W-Wait a second...]

Neito won. At least that's what Neito thought. Surrounded by his subordinates, tied up to a chair, and surrounded by Neito's subordinates, Neito thought he had won.

That's when it happened.


Neito's subordinates, who were surrounding the judge, suddenly toppled over to the ground in an instant. There wasn't even time to react. It just happened.


Few seconds after Neito confirmed that his subordinates were on the ground, he heard something.

It was a sound of a gun being fired.

It was a thunderous sound. A dry yet strikingly fast vibration. Similar to fireworks but more thunderous.

[W-What happened?!]

[B-Blood is coming out!]

Neito heard the voices of his subordinates on the ground.

What is happening? The gunshot was heard after they got hit. Is it a sniper? That's impossible. Where did it come from? Wha-...


Niina called out to him.

That's right, analyzing can come in later.

[Somebody is sniping at us! Get down!]

Neito crouched and immediately gave out the order to his subordinates.

Niina was the fastest to react among his subordinates. Most probably Niina already knew what was happening even before Neito gave out the warning.

Crouching, Niina pointed to a single point with a finger.

[The gunshot came directly from the direction I'm pointing at!]

Somehow, Niina was able to identify the origin of the sound when he heard it. It was better to rule out that the information was true than being sitting ducks. Neito on the other hand, didn't know where exactly the gunshot came from. All he knew that it came from his right side.

[Different from regular bullets, the bullet came in first before the sound. It must be a weapon that can shoot bullets at the speed of sound. From that analysis, he must be one kilometer away from us.]

Those were Niina's words. Listening to the theory, it made sense. There were times when Niina would excel better than Neito. If Neito called Niina about it, he would just remark ’’It's just common knowledge’’ or some sort.

[... You're really something huh?]

Neito decided to leave his compliment at that.

Both of them were conversing while taking cover.

[...Thanks, but this is one hell of a situation we're in...]

Niina was worried. It was as Niina had said. Neito didn't have much experience in dealing with situations such as this. They were ill equipped, making their enemy untouchable. They always made the enemy follow their pace, leading to an advantageous fight, but out on the rooftop, that wasn't the case here.


It was undoubtedly ’’him’’ that was sniping them.

That individual had the ability and resources to obtain information on Crimson's movements. He had the capacity to surprise and the skill to use any weapon fit for the job. In this case a long range rifle which resulted to his subordinates getting shot in their necks.

There was only one guy who can do it in the entire New York City.


(TLN: Dum dum duuum. Play the Batman Music.) (ED: Batman doesn't use guns. Punisher?)

The dark hero that's after Crimson's head.

They kept their heads down, careful not to get within sight of his barrel. The atmosphere was full of killing intent.

[W-What are we going to do? I hope he lets us off...]

Niina was as carefree as ever, but there are times when he would coward out. In saying so, that should be a natural reaction.

Neito was the same. To be frank, he was scared. Slipknot was responsible for taking the lives of many villains. His next target maybe Neito himself. Thinking about it gave Neito the chills. He didn't know if the next bullet would find him or not. Since they were on an open rooftop, their escape was blocked.


[...I'll crush you here and now... I'll have you regret ever picking a fight with me. Niina, you said it was over in that direction right?]

There was no way he could pull back. He was defeating Slipknot once and for all. I know the reason why you are targeting Crimson, but I have my own reason why I can't back down either.

I'll reach the top and change the world. I see the vision I want for this world. Until I achieve that goal, I can't afford to lose here.

Slipknot, you're in my way. Move aside.

My body is shaking in excitement.

Neito strengthened himself and turned on the ’’evil switch’’ inside him.

[I'll leave this place to you.]

[Eeh?! You're really going for it? Well, if it's you senpai, then there's a chance that you won't die...]

Listening to Niina's words, Neito stood up. He can't fight unless he stood up.


Taking a deep breath, he focused on himself. Transform. Surrounding himself to bring about the darkness within him. His body gradually transformed.

A ruthless body and dark wings stretched out wide.

In the midst of a cold and dark night, a demon had appeared.


Running on the rooftop, Neito jumped from the building. Neito noticed that the building had collapsed a bit.

The night scenery of the metropolis was beaming below him. Cold winds brushing past the evil entity jumping from building to building.

He didn't need to fully stretch and flap his wings. Gliding would cover the distance between buildings easily.

Neito would glide from one building to another, kicking and launching himself from their walls and rooftops.

No doubt people who saw me are terrified was his opinion, but there was no need to worry. People on Broadway or people who are in Times Square wouldn't dare look into the dark skies.

Gliding above avenues and streets, Neito was on his way to fight a Hero.

Slipknot no doubt already noticed him approaching.

But Neito didn't care.

He steeled himself for the battle ahead.


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