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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 6


Interior Celebrity

Kami-sama left.

But at the end there he looked like he was in a panic, I wonder what happened? This kinda makes me very worried. Maybe he forgot to tell me something very important or something? Well whatever, I already recieved everything so that kind of mistake should be fine.

Maybe he just dropped the piece of toast he was holding. Hmm, I bet the butter side fell first. I wonder why?

Anyways, since its finished might as well move on. Instead of worrying it about it the whole time, and let us listen to(TL:or follow) some of Kami-sama's advice. I then looked back at the still open app on my smart-phone.

[Hmm? What is this?]

On the screen there were the 3 icons. {Custom},{Save}, and {Status}. And on one of them, the {Status} one, there was an {!} icon on it.

It seemed weird so I checked on my status.

Amdusias-Level 1

Demon Lord, Dungeon Master

HP: 100010/100010



Strength: 4

Defense: 2

Agility: 6

Magic: 0


Foundtain of Magic (TL: Magic Well/Foundtain)

Gods Protection(TL: divine Protection)



School Uniform


Smart phone

A name was added.

This must be what Kami-sama meant when he said he had one last present for me. But I wonder why this name though?

Amdusias should be the demon that appears as a unicorn, and holds some ability related to music and sound. He was ranked 67 out of Solomon's 72 Demon Pillars.

Hold on, why do I even know that?

In my head the word ’’Otaku’’ popped up. Un. I really don't understand. Why the words from my home popped up, I completely don't understand.(TL:Original=なぜ家の丁寧語が引っ張ってこられたのか、僕にはとんと見当がつかない )

Well whatever. First lets heed Kami-sama's advice.

I first headed to the 5 meter long hall that was extended from this white room a little bit ago. This hallway was also made of the same white stone in the main room. The wall at the end of the hallway was also made of this stone. For some reason light floods out of the ceiling so it wasn't dark. But I want to see the sky soon. First off lets make a open room, and then make a stair way that extends all the way to the surface.I need to make a toilet for the bedroom as well.(TL:???)

I tapped on{Custom}. Then I tapped on {Labyrinth}. Then from the {Manufacture}(TL:Create/produce tell which you guys want) I made the room I was in three times bigger than before. And Save.

[Yeah that is a bit disgusting]

The hard stone slithering around without a doubt causes an uncomfortable feeling to arise.

[I am the one who made it like this but this is really big]

Big, big, huge pure white room. From one end to the other it would take a few minutes to walk. Now all it needs is furniture.

A round table, a chair, a mirror on one wall, and a closet. Now for a silverware rack and some ceramics. The silverware is knives, forks, and spoons made from real silver. The toilet of course flushes. Made a washlet (TLNote: a thing that sprays water at your butt to clean it). I need consider the time when there are more inhabitants so I made one for each gender. The bathing area is a large bath. This one is for both males and females to use. Umm, this is that you know... I mean you have to save water and stuff... thats the reason.

Tap tap on the {Custom} button to make everything.

[Ok check... and save]

All together, a great living room was made. And there are 3 extra doors connected each one connecting to a bedroom with a toilet and connecting to the large bath area. Well right now there isn't any water so you can't use the toilet or the bath.

[But seriously though, this is way too easy]

A mansion like living room was made in just a few minutes. If this was present, the Great Wall probably could have been built in a day or so.

Ahhh, that sounds nice. A Great Wall themed labyrinth. Well a one road dungeon doesn't sound like much of a labyrinth.

Well, that kind of detailed work we can leave for later. Now I have to focus on the problems at hand. I once again turned around and there was a new hallway. In the opposite direction of the tunnel I first went in there was another tunnel. This tunnel is the path that leads to the surface. But there are no doors so it might mess with the look of things. Lets put some double doors here. And the hallway opposite of this one as well.

[Un. This is turning out pretty well isn't this.]

I did a spin and looked around the room another time and then opened the door leading to the outside.


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