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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 28


Preference and supremacy!?

(Darknari: they're both pronounced as ’’shiko’’)


They were the admiration of all men, an object of worship, and it was something that they would always seek for.

While seeking it at the birth of life we had receive it to nurture that life being enveloped in that exceeding softness, it was our memento from the Holy Mother.

Leading the undine we came to the bathroom.

Of course it was the one for my personal use located inside the temple.

’’Ah, Cias-sama, excuse me for going on ahead.’’

Paimon said with a relaxed face as she soaked in the bathtub.

Yup, this was nice as usual.

Making Paimon my comrade at that time was a great idea.

’’Get warmed up properly.’’


’’What is this place you know?’’

While being held by me, the undine went *jiggle jiggle* as it asked me that.

’’It's a place to take a bath and wash yourself with clean water.’’

’’What, you know! That's amazing you know! The water is very pure you know!’’

Well, that's because I'm pouring in completely distilled water.

’’Demon Lord, quickly put me in 'that'!!’’

The undine was excessively excited and was trembling softly.

’’My name is Amduscias. But you can just call me Cias.’’

’’Cias! Cias you know!!’’

It was very good that it was obedient.

I very slowly put the undine in the bathtub.

Will it be okay to put all of it in? Surely water spirits won't drown?

When I was thinking that it's body wouldn't have such a condition...

The transformation occurred.

’’I've been revived you know!!’’

Along with such idiotic words, it popped up from the bathtub.


There shaking with a *boing boing* were two hills. No, these hills weren't such simple things.

They were mountains.

Two huge mountains.

It was flesh colored though with a little bit of red visible, however, there were still drops of water sliding down that soft skin.

With that appearance, breasts that seemed to overflow, with water dripping down, going *boing boing*.

.........whoops. Before I knew it my mind seemed to have frozen.

Not good, not good.

Err, what was I thinking of before?

Ah that's right, after this I have to fight against YOMI, that group of students of darkness. (Darknari: yomi can mean underworld)

I have learned nothing but ordinary judo, but I wonder if I could wear sunglasses for protection.

That's wrong, that's wrong!!

I feel like I've been severely tripped going in a considerably terrible direction.

Was it because of the breasts after all?

’’Ogre, is Cias supposedly somehow amazing you know?’’

’’My name is Paimon. The speech and behavior of Cias-sama, our understanding doesn't compare to his after all.’’

’’That face of his is interesting you know.’’

Somehow I felt like a disgraceful thing had been said. It was also Paimon. Moreover it was Paimon!

’’Cias, this place is awfully nice. I will make this place my house!’’

The undine smiled widely.

Yes, the undine was smiling. In other words, there was a face now on the undine.

Suitable for the name of a water spirit, she had a beautiful and exquisitely crafted face. Translucent light blue hair that could be described as wavy was spread out in the bathtub.

With a slight height of 160cm, she had a delicate figure. However, one part was unbelievably huge. (Darknari: that's about 5'3’’, which means she's taller than me, hah~)

Her chest size should exceed half of her height.

What a mystery.

I understand now.

This fellow was a spirit. For certain.

’’Eh? Say what?’’

’’Therefore, I have decided to make this place my house you know. The water is pure, warm, and clean. There are no complaints you know!’’

’’No, this place is the bathroom?’’

’’Not a problem you know! Where there is water is my house you know!’’

’’No, when it's not being used the water drains out.’’


She seems to be dissatisfied. However, this cannot be conceded.

’’It will become moldy unless you drain the water. This clean bath as well, if you do not clean it properly, won't it be full of mold?’’

’’I-I will keep it clean! I will clean it everyday!’’

Hmm. Well, though it was good she said that, however...

’’There are conditions.’’

’’What, what? I'll listen to anything?’’

No, aren't you a high-rank water spirit? You're humbling yourself too much.

’’I want you to officially become my comrade.’’

Thus, the spirit of the bath joined me as my comrade.


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