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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 26


A Walkthrough for Killing!?

Do you know the strategy for getting through a maze?

If you put your hand on one wall and proceed as is, you can reach the exit without fail.

This capture method is also effective for the Labyrinth of Faith I made, it is actually a very useful strategy.

However, there are in fact two serious drawbacks to this capture method.

First of all, depending on the structure of the maze, its worst fault is that even the prerequisite for the capture method might already be overturned, and the goal would not be reached.

Next, depending on the structure, you may have to go through all the dead ends as you follow one wall from the start to the goal.

It seems more likely that it would be due to luck if a person got out by proceeding properly in this way. You could say that this is its weakness.

Moreover, it is also possible to combine the above two structures, and even if you endlessly spend time on it, you would eventually go back to the starting point. This kind of thing can also happen.

It is such a dungeon that I am making now.

To start with, I make a dungeon that enters from the exit of the Labyrinth of Faith.

First I make an encircling outer wall. It meanders in some places, and folds back on itself, but it is still just a wall that comes back from making a circuit around the outer circumference.

When the wall is completed, I make a road. In this state, it is a plain enclosed by just a wall. Now I form a long wall in front of the entrance. With this, it will be like a passage that goes to the left and right.

A wise man will soon notice that this wall is a structure that does not touch the outer wall. Then, if you precede unskillfully by putting a hand on the outer wall, you will in the end come back to the entrance.

Later, I only have to make the walls in the same way. Of course, as all the walls are just a single wall, its construction will be exposed faster, so I will ingeniously devise it so that it looks like the structure of the Labyrinth of Faith as much as possible. This is also one of the reasons for distorting the outer wall in the beginning.

The wall at the front of the entrance, after going every which way in the labyrinth, also eventually returns to the entrance, so you can not pass this labyrinth with that capture method.

Furthermore, the level of traps is higher than the ones in the Labyrinth of Faith.

Well, have you noticed?

With the way it is now there is no exit in the dungeon.

However, the entrance and the temple where I live must be connected with the dungeon. Then what do I do about it?

It's easy.

The goal of this dungeon is a stairway that continues underground.

From there further, it penetrates into an underground labyrinth. In that underground labyrinth, finally the True continent merges with the dungeon on the Demon continent's side. Making two of the same thing is still quite a hassle.

Besides a military-scale organization, I do not think anyone will proceed so far. It would be impossible without numerous people of a battalion scale, at best a platoon. (Darknari: battalion = 300 to 800, platoon = 40 to 50)

And if you charge on the enemy continent with such armies, the result is clear.

Well, it is impossible to prevent things like suicide bombers, such as powerful people breaking through with a small number of elites and rampaging with frantic efforts in the opposing continent. In other words, it will be impossible to do so. I will not deviate from god's request.

I mean, to build two more dungeons in the future, there is a problem with efficiency and cost performance no matter how I think about it.

The labyrinth on the surface was also built extensively, but the size of this underground labyrinth is not to in proportion to that. At any rate, the dungeon that had been divided into two until now has become one.

Incidentally, with respect to the underground labyrinth, and in addition to the structure of the surface labyrinth, vertical movement and transition traps are added.

In addition, while there are only monsters naturally occurring from the magical reservoir on the surface, this underground labyrinth has three powerful monsters that were called with [Summon] and these three monsters can also be referred to as bosses.

They are:




They are the rulers of the underground labyrinth, awaiting an intruder in the boss room.

By the way, everyone is stronger than me.

Naturally, huh.

From the boss room of the underground labyrinth, by the transition of space-time magic, you are blown to the Sky Labyrinth in the upper reaches of the sky and if you defeat the boss in the deepest part of the Sky Labyrinth you can transition to the temple where I am at.

I will call the surface labyrinth, which continues from the Labyrinth of Faith, as the Labyrinth of Bewilderment, and the underground labyrinth will be called without change as the Underground Labyrinth.

Great Wall Labyrinth. Labyrinth of Faith. Labyrinth of Bewilderment. Underground Labyrinth. Sky Labyrinth.

With this, my dungeons are complete for the time being.

Well, if something goes wrong, I have to fix it each time, but it is safe to say that it is now completed.

Oh, by the way, the usage of the hypoxic corridor was installed between the Labyrinth of Bewilderment and the Underground Labyrinth.

From that point forward, it becomes a danger zone without the guarantee of life.

From the standpoint of maintenance it is complete because I can not afford to build a dungeon that can not be supplemented with the magic power that I possess.

To be honest, even now it's barely sufficient. It's okay now, because there is the power that god left behind, but once it disappears, I will have to supply all the magic power to the dungeons once every three days.

Well, there is no other use for it.

’’What do you think?’’ (Hibiki)

Just in case, I will ask Andre for its impression.

[Let me see.........] (Andre)

Andre kept silent for a moment and continued.

[Though it is inexcusable compared with the dungeon you thought of by thoroughly wracking your brains over it will they absolutely not reach the goal with this?] (Andre)

It was extremely high praise.


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