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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 25


Castle in the Sky!?

The Sky Labyrinth.

As the name suggests, it is a fortress floating in the sky.

It is possible to move from the surface labyrinth by the transition of time and space magic, and it will become the final defense line of the dungeons that I made. When this is broken through, it becomes a direct showdown with me.

I don't want to. I don't want to fight.

First, the surroundings are a very long maze. This was made from ordinary stone. Therefore, the silhouette is also dark. This wasn't made just because he thought that it would make the glass castle look pretty.

A complicated maze that exists several hundreds of meters in the sky, frankly when it's seen from underneath it's super scary. How. Well, it not falling down isn't the only reason.

A trap is also set up in this sky maze, and if it is made into glass, the trick will be visible. The entrance to this labyrinth starts with the sky maze, the [Snake Road].

By the way, why is this Sky Labyrinth being said that it will become a countermeasure against flight? Around this extensive [Snake Road] that covers my dungeon, one of the ancient magics, gravity magic, is granted to it.

In other words, this maze floating in the air is subject to strong gravity. A gravitational force of 10 times is generated on the maze, and it is necessary to have a strong physical ability, a huge amount of magical power and a barrier skill for traversing it. At this point it is already an unreasonable demand, outside the maze, near 100 times the gravity of the surface hangs in the air, taking flight is exceedingly out of the question.

If the gravity on the maze was raised any further, passing would be considered impossible and it couldn't be saved. Its surroundings have nothing to do with passing and it also serves as a countermeasure against cheating, so 100 times the gravity was possible. This is the best I can do for now.

Incidentally, if a ghost type monster with zero weight which isn't influenced by gravity comes out, I would have to handle the combat, then it would have gone past a difficult game and have one foot thrust into the region of an impossible game.

The degree of risk is 7.

Furthermore, flight countermeasures have also been taken on the outer circumference of the fortress, the ramparts.

Surprisingly, these ramparts have an automatic interception device attached. If you intend to forcibly penetrate through, the ramparts will be set to automatically intercept it. Of course, intruders in the passage are also targeted, so just entering this dungeon will not be enough no matter how many remaining lives you have.

Since all sorts of the highest grade attribute magic relentlessly attack any approaching intruders, any fellows invading from the sky will be caught in one fell swoop. In the worst case, even if they could come to this area by flying, passing through would be extremely difficult with their dulled speed due to the gravity. Though this talk is if you can fly with a 100 times the gravity.

By the way, because it is made of glass, the gimmick is completely visible.

The degree of risk is 9.

In addition, you can't act rashly inside the castle. Various traps await, monsters have already been arranged too.

In a certain place there is a mechanism in the glass that looks visible, if you try to avoid or release it, a transparent trap made entirely of glass will be activated, and separated from the other side by many walls a ghost type monster will attack by permeating through those walls, it is indeed an extremely dangerous specification.

By the way, once a monster is created with the smartphone, it will thereafter be maintained by the dungeon, even if it is killed it will be revived at a predetermined position. Revival, or rather, another monster of the same type will be summoned. Those that have been killed and the remnants of the stripped materials can also be re-reduced as the maintenance energy for the dungeon, so it is really ecological.

The degree of risk inside the fortress is the highest value of 10, and furthermore it is a gem which I had also devised various ideas for. To be honest, if this is cleared, I will commend the opponent and be killed obediently, it is a work that I'm confident in.

《Whatever you say, that talk is a bit late now, but it is an extremely absurd dungeon.》 (Andre)

Andre's voice also went past admiration, and it feels like the emotion is close to amazement.

Well, I also think I went too far. But I didn't have much of a choice!

Because I, myself, am the weakest demon king in history!

By raising the difficulty level of the labyrinth even by a little, furthermore, coming up with an ingenious plan full of originality, it is at a level where I might finally be relieved.

Even with so much done, I get anxious as to whether there are parts that are lacking somewhere.

Might there still be loophole somewhere?

Is this really enough for them to not break through?

Rather from now on, shouldn't I make good on my escape by fleeing?

Thinking about such things, nothing can be done any further, so let's give it up. Let's give it up and make a super brutal dungeon.

I will do my utmost on what I can do now.

That's all I can do now.

Mm, that's a good thing to say, me.

’’Alright! Then, let's confirm the existing dungeons.

How is the encroachment rate of the monsters?’’ (Cias)

《Yes. As of now, the number of monsters has increased to 12% in the dungeons.

The condition of the magic reservoirs in each of them is also favorable. Quite a strong magic storm seems to have occurred.》 (Andre)

Well, it appears that god is the cause.

《However, I will say it many times over, it is a wonderful idea.

Do not use [Summon], intentionally create a magic reservoir, naturally generate monsters, and apply it to the maintenance of the dungeons and measures against intruders.

Because the magical reservoir itself is simply magical power, it is easy to maintain and you can use monsters at a considerably low cost compared to [Summon].

Although it is painful that the emerging monster is random, since the monsters that are produced are suitable for that environment, according to master's wishes, the monsters that can fly have increased in the Great Wall Labyrinth.》 (Andre)

I hear that those that are not, become energy when they fall from the ramparts.

《Dungeon master is living up to his name.》 (Andre)

’’Well, I wouldn't go that far~?’’ (Cias)

《Oh no, I flattered you a little too much.

Though it is said that when flattered, even a pig will climb a tree, but I only flattered you a little, and it seems you plunged into the sun without wax feathers.》 (Andre) (Darknari: The first part is a reference to the Yatterman anime;the second part is a reference to the greek myth about Icarus)

As usual, Andre warded off the situation with a smile.

Since there are still so many things to do.


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