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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 24



’’See you, Cias-kun. I'll come again.’’ (Tile)

’’Cias, come again.’’ (Erevan)

Afternoon of the next day, the 2 demon kings returned.

At first, I thought what would happen but, without incident......... not, but I was able to physically survive my first demon king encounter.

Regarding mental damage, this is already at the level of being cut to pieces? Though it was easily crumbled, bathing together with three beautiful girls, it also completely recovered.

However, the remaining problem has accumulated.

’’Andre.’’ (Cias)

《Yes. The flight counter-plan, a few had been considered. However, it is doubtful whether any will be effective for advanced users, and the cost will also be large.》 (Andre)

Because of one thing or another yesterday, it was not possible to talk with Andre since then, at last, the flight counter-plan was started.

’’Let me hear it.’’ (Cias)


The measures I thought of are roughly divided into two.

First, for hindering flight in the sky, the plan is to create turbulence.

However, magic users are still skilled, the effect seems to be light for fellows like demon kings.

Since it is meaningless unless it is generated over the whole sky of the dungeon, the cost will be extremely high.

Next, for the dungeon itself, the plan is to cover it with a roof. With this, it will surely prevent shortcuts like that time. (Darknari: Now I'm confused, wasn't the dungeon underground?)

However, this also contains various problems.

First, the results of the fields the orcs are as of now striving for will be hopeless.

Furthermore, despite the objective of continental division, it might become possible for the two continents to come and go along the ceiling. For the sake of hindering that, it might be necessary to arrange a large number of instant death traps or to have walls of such height that they can not be reached at all in the first place. In proportion to the facilities which are unnecessary to the dungeon management itself, both them cost too much.》 (Andre)

I see.

Certainly, Andre's plan as a countermeasure might be feasible.

To that end, if the other party is within the range of common sense.

From now on, it is necessary that I confront the demon kings who are outside the boundaries of common sense.

As I thought, in this situation it might be insufficient.


For now, in order to take care of the countermeasures against flight, let's ignore common sense.

At any rate, my life really depends on this.

In silence, I operated the smartphone to see the simulation of the object that I intended to build.

Ugh.......... After all the cost is not tolerable.

However, this would be more practical than Andre's plan, and the cost would be cheaper.

’’What do you think, Andre?’’ (Cias)

《As usual, for dungeon production, you come up with unique ideas, master.

However, I think that it is indeed a wonderful idea.

And also regarding the cost, if it is only maintenance it will be okay with master's amount of magic energy.

However, considering the maintenance of other dungeons, unless there is a person regularly invading the dungeon, won't master's burden be immeasurable?》 (Andre)

’’Ah. Concerning that, I'm also thinking about it.

However, cooperation of the rulers in the surrounding region is also necessary. Sooner or later, I want to pick up some contacts.’’ (Cias)

《Cooperation, is it?》 (Andre)

’’Ah. Well, that talk is still a little too early. Now let's concentrate on the things before my eyes.’’ (Cias)

《Yes. Otherwise master will be readily crushed like a maggot.》 (Andre)

’’ usual, this guy does not mince his words.’’ (Cias)

Sighing, I input the confirmation to save on the smartphone.

Suddenly, in the sky a huge shadow arose.

The shadow writhes in the same way like a black serpent.

The snake extended in order to link with the True Continent and Demon Continent, previously gathering so that a path just like a satellite's is depicted is a crucible of light.

Built with transparent glass, it is a monastery. In some places though it is treated with gold and silver, the glass cloister did by no means become vulgar. Sharply protruding into the sky is the transparent steeple and ramparts. When permeated with light, the palace naturally glistened as well.

The transparent like fortress was floating in the sky.

The sky labyrinth.

The dungeon that floats in the sky, it manifested in this world for the first time at this moment.


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