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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 23


The Truly Strongest Existence!?

Magic 0

I would have noticed it sooner if I was paying more attention.

Even in a game, no matter how strong of a magic you had become able to use, or how strong of an equipment you had obtained, after all if the character's status is low, then it is pointless.

The best equipment, the best companions, even if the best situations are aligned, after all to arrange that the condition of trying to level is required, and speaking of what you want to say...

It seems that I am the weakest Demon King in history.

Sitting at dinner, Paimon, Tile, Erevan, and me, everyone was equally silent.

Erevan is originally taciturn, Paimon and Tile sensing the mood kept their mouths shut. For me, it shouldn't even have to be said.

No matter how many times I tried it, I could not invoke the magic demon character.

Besides, if I can not use magic, of the only batting methods that I can do, there is nothing but slashing at the opponent with the shotel. (Darknari: that's his sickle sword if you don't remember)

And my strength and speed is in nothing but the single digits. (Darknari: speed was previously tl'ed as agility)

I have already passed things like crying and have arrived at laughing.

What're ya saying you wan' me to do about it!?

I have already made the dungeon here!?

After having sold a quarrel around the world!?

A hoodlum who suitably picked a quarrel with the other party, but he was a person of the legendary Hokuto Shinken and received a death flag!? (Darknari: ancient assassination art from the manga Fist of the North Star)


Should I laugh?

After finishing the dinner that I did not grasp the taste of, we decided to take a bath.

If I get in the bath, this depressing mood will clear up a little..........

Well, it's a mere consolation, but..........

At that time, I had also been thinking about such a worthless thing.

However, I am energetic! It might not be possible to leave the bath because I am too energetic!!

Why is that?

It will be decided!!

Is it that I am now getting into a bath being surrounded by beautiful women?

Already, I don't need anything more!!

Paimon's usual slim body. From her hips to her feet, the curve that should called the beauty of slender female legs. Tender hips.

Erevan who seems to have gathered the refinement and beauty of this world, a perfect figure. Silver long hair and purple skin, a mysterious collaboration! Chest, hips, waist, legs, all of it is perfect!!

And Tile is a pleasant miscalculation, although her figure is immature, she has the familiar flesh color of humans, with small but developing bulges and mysterious jet black wings.

Eye candy eye candy.


Ah, since it's nice like that. Already, whatever is fine.

Such things as the weakest and strongest.

It is ridiculous.

Whether it is a parallel world or Earth...

Mixed bathing is the strongest!!

It is fine with this already.

’’Ahahaha, you became somewhat energetic Amduscias-kun.’’ (Tile)

The pretty girl Tile, the former pretty boy, said while smiling.

Uhh-huh. As I thought, not bad..........

’’Oh no, as I thought, worries dissolve in the bath! Such things as being troubled, become trivial!!’’(Cias)

’’Hehehe. Certainly, this bath is supreme. That [Shampoo] and [Rinse] is really amazing. Erevan's hair, which was pretty even under normal circumstances, is so pretty and glossy.........’’ (Tile)

Tile's gaze seizes Erevan and remains fixed without parting. In that gaze, a slight bit of the color of envy might be inferred.

’’What are you talking about, that curly blond hair of yours is also cute. See for yourself when you get out of the bath. Your glossy, silky, first-rate hair is guaranteed to be beautiful enough to even give professionals a run for their money, you know?’’

’’E-even if you compliment me so much, nothing will happen! I may look like this, but I am by far an elder sister to you! It is 1000 years too early to give that sort of compliment to me!!’’ (Tile)

Heh~, unexpectedly it is an innocent reaction.

’’Th-therefore it is not good to lick it, Erevan-sama!’’ (Paimon)

’’Muu~. Paimon, mean. Nice smell, sweet. This, surely sweet.’’ (Erevan)

Paimon and Erevan also seem to be having fun~.

’’Hmmm.’’ (Tile)

Tile took a long hard look at me, who was gazing at Paimon and Erevan, as if something was interesting.

’’What?’’ (Cias)

’’No, again it's interesting, you are.’’ (Tile)

I did not understand the meaning of Tile's remark, I tilted my head in confusion.

’’No, usually if you're told that you are [the weakest Demon King in history], wouldn't you get angry, grieve, or be sad? Well, you wouldn't have looked at us who informed you with pleasant eyes.

However, you invited us to dinner, in addition you even defenselessly took a bath together with us.

If we were to come and kill you, what in the world would you do?’’ (Tile)

’’Such a thing, even if I wear armor or I'm naked, the opponent is constant isn't it? If you wanted to kill, there were so many opportunities so far, there was no point to expressively wait until now.’’ (Cias)

’’In addition, I admire it.

Even the most daring people can not relax while a sword is thrust at their throat.

They are on guard as much as possible and make sure to keep as much distance as possible.’’ (Tile)

Well, I can understand that.

However, then you will only get worn out.

In this way, we take a bath together and get on good terms via naked socializing.

Yup. It's really peaceful, a communication that is appropriate for the Japanese people.

’’Listen up, you also have to try out soaking in the bath, things like difficult matters and troublesome matters, all of it will become trivial, you know?’’ (Cias)

’’Ahahaha, that is so.’’ (Tile)

After laughing cheerfully, Tile sits down next to me.

’’.........ah.......... It's true.........’’ (Tile)

A voice that seemed to be really comfortable was heard next to me.

’’Cias! Bitter!! That, bitter!!’’ (Erevan)

’’Therefore, haven't I said so. Come now, we will also take a bath.’’ (Paimon)

Ah, this is happiness..........


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