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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 15


There is a Girl in the Steam!?

Amduscias 《Level 1》

Demon Lord Dungeon Master

 HP: 100010/100010

 MP: 10002/10002

 EXP: 22/100




The experience value has increased.

’’Isn't it too little!?’’

Is it 1 experience for 1 Red Cap?

No, because I didn't defeat them with my own hands, if you express that experience numerically, it would be difficult after all.

But still......... Even a slime which was on the beginning plains drops a little bit more delicious experience.

<<Master, where in the dungeon do you plan to install the hypoxic corridor for the future?>>

’’Ah, that. If possible, in the middle stage? I made the labyrinth so that it was hard to accomplish if you didn't cooperate with several people, and that corridor has the sense of rounding up in one fell swoop.’’

<<Is that so? In my opinion, I think that trap would seem to be highly effective at the entrance of the final stage, but it is good if master has a plan.>>

If you ask where are we doing such a conversation, of course, the changing room.

By the way, the changing room was segregated. However, the bath was the same for both se*es. Heh, heh............

Unexpectedly, the experiment ended easily. [Production] in [Custom] included the option [Attribute Grant] and was able to easily regulate the level, strength, and weakness of the attribute.

However, the degree of risk for the bath became 3.

There's no problems with the maintenance, but I am just not satisfied when I think that the hypoxic corridor and this bath are the same degree of risk. (TL: if I remember correctly it was 2)

By the way, I asked Paimon, who had completely been left out since a little while ago, to prepare a meal.

He happened to have some food in his possession, and seemed to offer that to me. Given that he appeared to have drinking water, I received that as well. Since I considered on giving up the meal for today it was a nice miscalculation.

Food, huh.......... I have to do something as expected. I mean, it was a matter that you originally should worry about after water.

You may make a field and ranch, but you can't harvest it immediately. The reason was handling the creatures, which was work that cannot easily proceed with a smartphone.

’’Alright! Let's do our best tomorrow!’’

<<The typical remark of a lazyass.>>

Eh~............, I worked plenty today. Considering I was born today, I think I truly did my best?

The outside was already covered in a jet black night sky and a bluish moon had arose.

Why don't you understand?

In fact, I have confirmed the movement of the orcs thinking whether or not to hire them to be in charge of misc things.

Well, it is for tomorrow even if I recruit them.

I guess these 11 orcs are all the survivors of the village which was ruined by the red caps. Everyone was simply armed.

From the side of the nose, splendid tusks curved as they go up to the top. The area from the forehead to the chin was covered with bushy hair and it was terribly boar-like. Though their height was only around 120cm (~3'11’’), there was not much of a difference from humans except that their bodies were a little hairy. However, the face was that of a wild boar.

When it's seen this way, Paimon was quite close to a human. Although his height was around 190 cm (~6'3″), just that doesn't make him inhuman. His features were good-looking, he would likely pass as a human if there was no horn.

I finished taking off my clothes, now to the bath!!

Ah, Paimon was not being left out. When the meal preparations are over, he said that he will enter.

Ohh~, the characteristic warmth and moisture of the bath met me.

It is this, this!!

This was the scene that I looked forward to!!

The drifting steam of a large communal bath. The bath with swaying hot water. The shower that drips water drops from the tap. The mirror with a washing space set up at the center of a pure white wall. The golden lion enshrined in the inner part of the bathtub, with an open mouth that feels like it would send out a courageous shout at any moment. In front of one's line of sight, from the upper part of the entrance to the ceiling, a magnificent Mount Fuji was depicted.

Somewhere, a [Kapon] sound appeared to be heard in the scene. (EN: kapon is the sound of a plastic bucket being placed on the floor in baths (or represents baths in general) or when a water-filled bamboo is emptied and clacks on the stone)

I can't help but remark that it was wonderful if I do say so myself.

<<..........Are you satisfied with it?>>

Andre, who was set into a light stone bucket, asked that while being partially disgusted.

’’........................It's the besssst~!!’’

Though various things were made today, it can be declared that there was no better masterpiece than this. Possibly, it's questionable whether one would be produced after this.

<<Is that so..........? If you do your work properly starting tomorrow, I'll stop doing things like butting into your conversation here.>>

Between Andre and I, appreciation was truly low. Even though things may appear this way I think we are working pretty well.

’’Haa~. Paradise, paradise.’’

While soaking in the bathtub, the words that spilled out from my mouth echoed in the bathroom.

<<The usual cowardly dignity becomes excessively weak when taking a bath.>>

Andre was annoying. Even though I made with great effort a desk beside the bath for Andre.

<<However, the body which was not rough, but was tightened......... As for the thin, naturally soft hands and feet here........ Above all, a stark-naked baby-faced boy...........>>

’’Why is it? Why do I feel the chills?’’

<<Hehehehe. Such feast, such feast.>>

’’Kya! Police officer, there's a hentai smartphone!’’

<<Is it not good? Is it not good?>>

’’You, you're outside from tomorrow onward!!’’

<<I protest decisively.>>

’’Shut up. I don't have a hobby of taking a bath with a peeper!!’’

<<I'll go on a strike. Specifically, during summoning, there will be a restriction that will only allow males to be called.>>

’’Please forgive me......’’

<<Or, you will only call inhuman people who don't appear female to your senses.>>

’’Seriously, please forgive me.’’

<<Then, from tomorrow, say that I can accompany you.>>


It wasn't healing. Though, I said that it was the bath which I made with much effort, it wasn't healing at all.

<<However, do you want a woman that much?>>

’’No, such an indecent way of saying it. For me, it is a dream to take this bath with a girl.’’

<<That, I am completely disgusted.>>

’’Be quiet, peeper.’’

*Clatter clatter*.............

The door opened quietly and Paimon had entered.

’’Ex-excuse me for the intrusion............’’

Though the arms were a little muscular they were slender.

The well proportioned legs were long and slim.

The stomach that had defined abdominal muscles was bare, but the girth around the waist suddenly narrowed, and there was a charming curve that connected to the legs.(TL: i like fit girls, not the bodybuilding type - I keep imagining it.)

And then, the upper part.

The pectoral muscles which greatly protruded forward was exposed in front of me now unlike the time when he was wound up in a plain cloth. (TN: oppai~banzai)

The pectoral muscles, noーーー

<<It is good that your dream came true at once.>>

ーーーthe breasts, they were obviously the breasts of Paimon. (TL:......No shit.)


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