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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 14


Labyrinth Structures that Torment Loners!?

Great Wall Labyrinth.

A labyrinth in name only, with just one passage. However, it's length required just time to traverse through the [Blood Tears of a Demon King].

Though one can't advance ahead if the gate in each place was not opened, the two mechanisms have to be operated at the same time, it will not commence to open unless there was the weight of three people, it could be said that it was a labyrinth harsh on loners.

The degree of risk was 2.

Labyrinth of Faith.

A huge maze. Entering the labyrinth from the exit of the Great Wall Labyrinth, it took approximately three minutes for the entrance to open. Afterwards, it will not open if 3 hours have not passed. Moreover, it lets in up to 5 people each time. As for this, the aim was to divide armed forces into a small number of parties.

It was the first labyrinth I made that seems like a labyrinth.

By the way, when you entered, the first floor was a corridor and when the door closed water begins to flow in.

You would slowly drown and die. The degree of risk was 4.

Though there were 10 exits in the corridor, once an exit opened, if half a day hasn't passed, the exits will not open anymore.

There was no traps or such particularly in this labyrinth. Also, the degree of risk was 2.

However, it was immensely endless, so it took a considerable amount of time to travel on foot.

Additionally, there were devices, and traps too, that if you did not cooperate with somebody here, one would never advance ahead.

Here also, it might become a labyrinth which equaled hell for a loner. (EN: I think it's trying to imply that the first floor corridor is 4 while the rest of the labyrinth of faith is 2)

Incidentally, the asphyxia corridor where the red caps were buried will be used to divide the continent.

I had thought about building the Great Wall before, and a dungeon that seemed like a maze was incidentally made. As for the plan, I want to hit monsters that can fly in the sky at this Great Wall Labyrinth. Though I could invoke them with [Summon], for the time being I'll leave it as it is.

For the Labyrinth of Faith, I really only made it for the purpose of restricting travel. Here also, I would like to be able to hit monsters.

In reference to the story that I heard from Paimon, I will think about it a little.

<<Master, these two dungeons are low risk. Though the risk of the corridor is a little high. Perhaps, is it that this time the degree of risk is not visible because the danger is concealed?>>

’’Well, yeah. More than that, may I make the boiler now?’’

<<Haa............ It is that after all..........>>

What! As for the boiler, it might be good.

Because it's a smartphone, Andre certainly wouldn't be able to receive the benefits of a bath, but in a sense, a bath was surely heaven manifested on earth.

Even Paimon would surely be overjoyed if she heard that there was a bath. Absolutely!!

<<I think it's fine now. The red caps were put in order, and intruder measures were taken.>>


When thinking about it properly, why did I ask Andre to build it despite the fact that I don't understand very well how to make a bath, such a thing doesn't matter now!

It was possible to step into the bath by today. That will be enough. It was fine with just that.

I started the boiler at once.

From the same floor of the large communal bath I made a room next to it with a height of around 2m (~6'6’’). It wasn't really big. If the room was enlarged, the loss of thermal energy would become huge. I made a space approximately 1m (~3'3’’) in height, 8m (~26'3’’) in width, and 8m in length and connected the water pipe there.

From the floor of the boiler room, the pipe was connected to the bath and passed through to the faucet and shower. Naturally, cold water also came out.

Now, the problem was after this.

It was the granting of an attribute.

When granting a fire attribute to the boiler room, the first point that should be paid attention to was the heating power.

If the heat was too strong and evaporates in the boiler room, it would be a catastrophe in no time. Though the boiler room that was in the dungeon might be safe, the bath connected to the pipe would be in a terrible state.

Therefore, to start with, I decided to perform the granting of the fire attribute to the bathtub before the boiler room to test it.

Ideally said, I would not want it to rise above 50°C (122°F).

First of all, I produced the water and put it into the bathtub. Without any fragments of impurities, it was the perfect H2O.

And then, I, with unconcealed tension, operated the smartphone.

If it failed here, my dream would be short lived.

I have to make it succeed regardless.


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