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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 12


The difference between reason and quibble is paper thin!?

Andrealphus. The demon of the 65th rank of the 72 pillars of Solomon, who appears in a peacock form. Bestowing knowledge like surveying, astronomy, and geometry it was the guru of quibbling.

Andre's sermon still continues.

However, the quibbling.......... This fellow does the work seriously. Other than work, it was doubtful whether or not it would be serious.

Even now it still worries about my body, thus it gave a sermon. Though this might be an attempt to save it's own neck, too.

Did you name yourself? Or was it god?

<<Are you listening, master?>>

’’Of course I am!!’’

I salute while sitting down.

Hey Paimon, don't mimic it because it is amusing.

<<Master, originally it wasn't necessary to explain it, as it was naturally common sense, proper common sense. As you are a fool, I'll explain it. For a dungeon master, the dungeon is something like a segment of their body. Originally, even if there wasn't a terminal like me, the dungeon could be created by oneself. However, in the case of master, the location of the dungeon was already placed, before you learned how to handle magic. The possibility to be killed by someone is high. Therefore, I was attached as support. Nevertheless, what is this? The living room was built to make one feel at home, a uselessly high technological standard restroom and the bathroom that doesn't even have hot water. And while I'm at it, the temple above ground. Are you stupid? Do you want to die? Surely you want to die? Making such a defective housing only, are you not capable of handling the dungeon at all? What is this? Is this a roundabout way to suicide? If you don't put an end to this, I'll seriously be angry.>>

’’Haa, I understand.’’

<<Then, for the future dungeon management, I'll express several opinions. First, please remove the red caps who invaded immediately. If possible, after making a dungeon and taking them there, it is recommend to kill them using traps. Though it is a slight thing, but the corpse is absorbed as energy to maintain the dungeon. As for now, the red caps in the dungeon are 12. Because it increased a little while ago, it is wise to deal with it immediately. Next, please learn about attribute granting. The dungeon is a part of master's body, therefore, the magic attribute that master can use, it is possible to give it to the dungeon. When I compare it to regarding the boiler a while ago, making a room which granted fire attribute on the back side of the large bathroom, if the water pipe is passed through there it should be easily made. If you want to warm the water which accumulates in the bathtub, grant a weak fire attribute to the bathtub then reheating can be done too. By the way.................. Ah, no, it is nothing. A person who has a little bit of a bitter experience will learn. Is that fine? Please start the boiler after you deal with the red caps somehow first. Because you're a useless human, you want to do your favorite thing immediately, but do the red caps first.>>

Come to think of it, my knowledge has drawn out unwanted information again.

<<Mums are the most frightening.>>

Usually, I would like to say even one of the complaints about the knowledge that has once again brought out worthless information but I can merely nod now.

<<Are you listening, master?>>

’’MOM, YES, MOM!!’’

As of now this was the status of the current Cias-kun.


Amduscias 《Level 1》

Demon King Dungeon Master

 HP: 100010/100010

 MP: 10002/10002

 EXP: 0/100

 Strength: 4

 Defense: 2

 Agility: 6

 Magic: 0


 Fountain of Magic

 God's divine Protection


 Ability ・ Wind Magic

 Ability ・ Water Magic

 Ability ・ Earth Magic

 Ability ・ Fire Magic

 Ability ・ Light Magic

 Ability ・ Dark Magic

 Ability ・ Reinforcement Magic

 Non-Attribute Magic

 Spirit Magic

 Recovery Magic

 Space-Time Magic

 Ancient Magic ・ 1

 Ancient Magic ・ 2

 Ancient Magic ・ 3

 Ancient Magic ・ 4

 Ancient Magic ・ 5

 Incantation Level 100

 Alchemy Level 100

 Mixing Level 100


 School Uniform (EN: it's the gakuran kind)





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