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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 10


TL: Captain. Pengu

ED: Darknari the side kick

Special guest: Osura AKA: Godsura-sama


Chapter 10: The World that I Saw.

Ogre's POV -

To me, that which is known as the world used to be a difficult place to live in.

That is, until I met that person.

When I was young, my parents would only give me, who only has one horn, a meal once every three days.

Even though my two-horned younger brother got to eat twice a day.

In the village full of families, I was always shunned. All the children gathered to hit me, even adults sometimes said their reason to me [It is because they hit you, they were hurt].

In our clan, I was always being shunned. The children ganged up on me to beat me up, and occasionally the adults would also hit me, giving [Because the children hit you, they ended up getting hurt] as the reason.

It was normal for me to be constantly starving, so I let whatever happened back then happen.

I still feel impressed by how I was able to survive being constantly beaten back then.

As I grew up, I came to learn the reason as to why I was always being tyrannised.

And with that, I also learned that there was no way of solving it.

A weak, skinny, one-horned ogre. To ogres who believe that power is everything, it's completely reasonable for them to have shunned me. Although I guess since I'm also thinking like that, I really am an ogre.

After a while, I left the clan village.

Nobody came to see me off.

I didn't plan on going back anymore. I have no intention of ever meeting my parents or my younger brother again either. So that was just perfect.

But for some reason, tears rolled down my face.

After that, I began wandering around to various places on a journey through the Demon Continent.

The first thing I was glad about while on the trip was that I could eat as much as I wanted.

If I entered a forest there would be monsters here and there, and I could find wild foods (in forms) like fruits and vegetables.

And with that, my body finally came to grow bigger to be the size of a normal ogre.

Concerning the various demon tribes that I had arrived at, there were some that welcomed me warmly. But of course, my single horn often marked me as the target of discrimination.

Once, I learned that a Demon Lord also lived in the neighborhood I was staying at at the time, so I decided to go and meet him.

I thought that even if I am weak compared to other ogres, since I'm still stronger than other demon tribes, I could be of use.

As the Demon Lord looked at me, he said this.

’’I went out of my way to meet you since my power will increase significantly with an ogre in addition to my subordinates, yet of all things you're a one-horn, huh. Within my subordinates, I have some from demon species that rank higher than ogres. I'm not in so much trouble that I need to go out of my way to add a one-horn to my subordinates.’’


He said and sneered at me. Disparagement of that level was a daily occurrence for me. After that, I immediately left.

But in spite of that, I started tearing up.

Am I an existence that is unnecessary to this world?

Many a time I had thought about that when I was young. Whenever that happened, I stopped myself from thinking about it.


To me, the world used to be a difficult place to live in.

I decided on [Blood Tears of the Demon King] as my next destination.


 Here the land faced the sea, to the extent that goblins and orcs barely live there, besides there isn't a creature in particularly.

That place, where the land looked on to the sea, aside from goblins and orcs barely scraping along, there are almost no living beings.

Whether or not it be because of the cold land, plants don't grow much and the land is coated in red soil.

Why did I come to such a place?

I had probably fallen into despair. For food supplies, I had brought enough so that I won't end up starving for a few days, but I would probably end up scraping the bottom of the barrel if I stay here.

I guess I could just bow before some goblins or orcs to get a place to stay there. But I doubt they would be that grateful if I started living with them when they already have a lack of food.

Not to mention I'm a one-horn. I expect I will be looked down on, after all it's not like they will welcome me.

Suddenly, a pack of red caps appeared before me. The red cap is a monster that has a deep red mane.

There are some humans that think of demons and monsters as the same thing, but they are completely different. Demons are born from parents, and they make children, but monsters naturally spawn from what are called magic power pools, where deposits of magic power can commonly occur.

Red caps walk on two legs, but they are unintelligent, violent, and cruel. Only, their strength as an individual is nothing special. But as for when they attack in a large pack, there have been times when entire villages have been decimated by them.

It looks like... some 20 red caps.

I ready my self-made wooden club.

The pack of red caps in front of me isn't that big. But with that said, if a goblin or orc village was attacked by these guys, the damage probably won't be insignificant.

For them, I've decided to fight.

They might even welcome me warmly after learning about this. I thought about using this for my own self-interests as well.

The orcs' village was annihilated.

It seems like the red caps I had met prior were only a portion of the whole pack, and the majority of the red caps overran the village.

The orcs, running about trying to escape. That's what I saw, yet I couldn't go to help them.

There were way too many red caps.

Clearly an amount like this wouldn't spawn naturally here in [Blood Tears of the Demon King]. I assume what happened was that their lifestyle in the nearby forests and mountains was disrupted by territorial wars, and they were forced out to this land.

All I could do was observe what was happening in dumbfounds.

And then, whether it be by the helping hand of a God, or the mercy of the heavens, a magic storm so great that normally it would be impossible sprung forth.

Magic storms are when large clusters of magic power rampage about chaotically like a gale, they are a type of magic power calamity. During its outbreak, magic power becomes harder to control and magic becomes impossible to use. On top of that, since after magic power calamities a lot of monsters are born, they are usually something to be avoided.

But this time, it proved fortunate.

What magic power calamities cause the most harm to is neither living beings nor the landscape, but the monsters themselves.

Magic power calamities causes magic power to blow things to ruin.

In the case of a naturally-born demon, it will end with them feeling the pressure of the wind, however in the case of monsters, it becomes fatal enough to kill them instantly. Those born from magic power will have their very existence waver from the appearance of a magic power calamity.

In a few dozen minutes, when the magic storm had passed, all that was left were the bodies of the red caps and orcs.

I could only stand there dumbfounded.

No, I left many orcs to die.

Even if I begin heading to visit the goblins now, when I get there, what face should I make to meet them.

By coming here, I really have lost sight of any destination.

It only good if I am a slave. What shall I do?

I don't want to go back to the demon continent. I will probably lose my life if I go to the true continent. If I'm lucky, I'll end up a slave. What should I do?

Ah....................................................................................It's painful..........

I wonder why. As I thought, I started tearing up.

I wonder if, really, there's nobody that needs me. If nobody likes me.

It's lonely.

I'm not saying I've wandered and seen the entire world or anything, but the world is so small, so stiff, and, is full of only pain.

I'm lonely.

Is that why? Did I come here to die?

It's lonely.

I'm Lonely. Lonely.

Lonely. Lonely. Lonely

Lonely. Lonely. Lonely. Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely. (TL: Literally you can sing with this amount of lonely.)

It started pouring out.

Ah.............................................. I can't..........

I couldn't hold it in any longer. Tears started flooding out of my eyes, and I started leaking out sobbing sounds.

I want to be needed by someone. I want someone to be my friend. I want someone to love. I want to be praised by someone. Say that I did well. Say that I'm great. Say thank you to me.


To me...

I want someone to smile at me.

It pours out one after another, it disappears one after another.

I understand that it's impossible.

For me

 ’’ !?’’

Suddenly, the world changed completely. The skin-piercing chills suddenly disappeared.

As if I was being covered by someone, not too hot, not too cold, I even came to feel comfortable, wrapped in that feeling.

I wondered what was happening. Could it be that there was a plant with a hallucinogenic effect nearby? Or is it another monster attack? As I was being cautious of my surroundings, I was sucked into the whirlpool of light that suddenly emitted from below my feet.

When the light dimmed, I found myself in a pure-white room.

In front of me stood a mysterious man who was covering his face with his hands.

Weaker-looking than all the demons I had seen so far, more fragile-looking than any living thing I had seen until then, he was such a man.


’’Yaa, I am sorry to have summoned you so suddenly. I'm the demon king. The name is Amduscias.’’

When he lowered his arm,

The man,

began to smile at me.

From that time on, the world became a kind, warm, fun place.


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