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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord Is The Weakest - Chapter 1


I'm a Detective!?



[Where is this? Who am I?]


Ah I regret it. That was what I was felt the moment I said those words. I probably said something that I wasn't supposed to.

But really where is this, and who the heck am I?

I woke only a few minutes ago. I was in a huge room that looked like it was made of marble and glass. The room was most likely 20 tatami mats wide (330 Sq Ft). Hey hold on, why aren't there any pillars? It was a square room. The whiteness of the room plus the spacious area gave a good amount of pressure.

Now then, even though I woke up here, I have no memory of going to sleep here. Now that I think about it, I don't even know what this place is. And thinking about it again, I don't have any memories to begin with.

I don't have any memories about me, my parents' name, my childhood friend (female), the class president (female), my cheeky kouhai (female), the quiet and beautiful senpai (female), or the cool type beautiful teacher (female). Maybe I'm not even a student. But I wore a school uniform before. I mean I must have been, and I shouldn't have forgotten. I'm sure since today's plans were, in the morning my childhood friend (with a ponytail) will wake me up, the class president (a glasses beauty) will yell at me for being late, my cheeky kouhai ( who is cute like a small animal) who needs to be looked after, and on the other hand the quiet and beautiful senpai (student council president) who looks after others, and then the cool beautiful teacher (who actually likes being spoiled) and I will have forbidden afternoon together.

?????um, sorry.

But I still possess knowledge.

I can find the area of a triangle but I can't remember who thought up the theorem. ’’gensō sokkyō kyoku’’{TL note: some song that is famous that I don't know the name of...whoop de doo} is a well known song which I know, but I can't seem to remember the composer's name. ’’Fleming's left hand's law’’¹I know but the person who gave birth to it I don't remember. It is something along those lines.

But really though, I lost my memories? Seriously?

However this is very troubling.

This room doesn't have a exit, and since I don't have any memories I don't even know where to go after that. Hold on, how the heck did I get in this room then?

[You didn't enter this room, you were born in this room. Just a moment ago.]

All of a sudden a voice sounded in the room.

The voice had an aloof and majestic feel to it and it resounded to the edges of the room. I checked to see if there were any speakers installed on the ceiling or in the walls. But before when I looked around the room, it was all white and nothing that looked like speakers. If there was something like speakers, it would have stood out in this room.

[Ah, I knew I would startle you. Sorry. But anyway, even if I didn't call out to you, sooner or later I would have to.]

The owner of the voice apologized with a wry tone.

[No its fine, I'm actually kind of glad. You're someone who can explain this situation right?]

[Ah, yes since the one who brought you here was me after all]

The voice pleasantly informed me. When I heard that, I remembered what the voice said and then I asked the voice the question I had.

[Um, when you said I was just born, what did you mean by that?]

[Hm? It means exactly that. You were born here]

[But, according to my knowledge, my body is of a teen, who had to at least grow for a certain amount of time, and I'm wearing cloths]

[Fumu. You're right, your body already grew, and your mother isn't nearby so it may feel weird to you. Most likely you have common sense from the world Earth you used to live on]

The planet 'Earth' I remember. For the most part the worlds map, the nations there, and the state of said nations I vaguely remember. Re..really, I seriously do!!?

But, the voice just now what did it mean? The voice made it sound like we aren't on Earth.

Then with the knowledge I had, I started forming a conclusion.

Sorting this situation, integrating more information, removing all unrealistic possibilities, the truth was exposed!

[Do you understand now?]

Yes I understand everything.

This situation was? This situation is a ’’template’’ you would see often in stories. If you think about, all of the pieces easily fit together, Watson-kun.

??? Who was Watson?

Ahh who cares. What it means is that I now know the who the owner of the voice is now.

[...You're an alien, right!!]

[....I'm not though!!?]

I feel like some cynical famous detective just sneered.


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