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The Duke’s Daughter Is The Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife - Chapter 31


Chapter 31

Preparing for an entrance exam

After the dinner, I returned to my room. Father seems to be not convinced yet, but with the support of my mother he couldn't oppose to it. Everything will be decided tomorrow, at Knight Order enrollment examination, if I can't successfully pass it, it will be over.

But, what is the content of the entrance exam I wonder? I thought for a moment to ask my older brother, but I can't do a cowardly thing like this.

Whatever the trials, I must overcome them myself.


「Natalia, what do you think about enrollment exam?」

「About this, I don't really understand myself ...」

Thus, it's ok at least with this, all conditions must be considered so that any test can be dealt with.

「Isn't it a test that measures battle abilities of the Knights?」

「As expected, you think so too?」

「Or, it may be the one that measures overall exercise ability. Probably there will be no classroom studies.」

「Hmm ......」

In general, I still don't know with how much athletic ability and strength of the girl that should enroll, In my school exercise capacity was very low. My points of the exercise system are the bottom of the plane, and I tried to sit down in order to recover after each of them. I don't believe that I will pass the test of exercise ability easily.

「Is there a way to obtain physical strength overnight?」

「... ... that is, as expected, impossible.」

「I think so too, such things will exist only in a fairy-tale.」

There is no point to talk about dreams. I must look at the truth. It's late to run away now, the body is stiff too;the strength is weak, but somehow I will pass the exam.

I think about the way, but the answer does not come to my head.

「After all, is it impossible? ...」

It was true what I told to the mother;the Knights look cool. Wilhelm-sama is also a dignified person, but that may be an air around the knight captain. However, after all only with women's admiration, I will not be able to enroll.. I wonder?


「What is it?」

「If the test of the Knight Order is general athletic ability, it seems to be temporarily difficult for the lady」

「I think so too.」

Even from Natalia's view, with my physical abilities it looks impossible.」

Then, I have to think about ways to manage them.

「I'm straight forward, but ...... I am your servant, as long as you want, I would grant the wishes of my lady, and with this you can use my body for any purpose.」

「.. Natalia.」

The words of Natalia are very far-reaching. To say them to me like this.

[I will join the Order] - that is what she said.

Some people may wonder what it means, but it's not the wrong way by all means. I also learned the law of this country when I was educated for the purpose of becoming the queen. It includes the knowledge of Knight Order. I longed for Wilhelm-sama all along, so I remembered especially about the relationships of the Order.

There are two kinds of the Knight.

Regular knight and junior Knight.

The regular Knight refers to those who passed the entry test of the Order. Junior Knight is a person who has a role to follow a regular knight. And one doesn't need an enrollment test, just to party with the regular knight. Also, there are no major differences between the regular knight and the junior knight except for salary.

With that in hand, I will be able to join the Order.




「Mother told me, [Please pass the exam by yourself], that mother will not recognize it if that was done with the power of Natalia.」

「... ...」

[On my own] It was said,. I can't borrow Natalia's power.

Natalia bowed 「I am sorry」.

「No, I'm okay, however I need to pass it by myself.」

「If it's decided, then what do you plan to do?」

「That's ... ...」

I'm still thinking. How can I enter the Order? I desperately strike my head. Mobilizing all knowledge to think straightforwardly. Education that I received for being a queen is absolutely unnecessary in joining the knight team. The law was beaten up enough to recite it and the etiquette was practiced many times over and over. I also know the customs of each country from diplomats. I also learned about pharmacy, medicine, literature and chemistry. I was studying every single day. Perhaps it's partly because I don't have physical strength.



So, I came up with something. The path I will take to enter the Order.

「... .... Indeed」

Surely, I think that mother have predicted everything. With my athletic ability, I cannot pass the examination of the Order. So, by doing this, we confronted father by showing unreasonable conditions. If mother tried to imitate the authority by force, joining the Order by using the powers of the Duke, that would be fiercely received my by father. That is why my mother gave me final advice.

「Mother said, there is more than one road, so think carefully.」

「Huh ... and what about it?」

Perhaps in everyone's ears, 「To enter the Order is not the only way」, they should have heard that. But, if one think carefully, one can also hear it differently. Just don't take the test, but find another path to enroll.

This was my mother's advice given to me.

「I see! The way for me to enroll into Knight Order.」

「Is it true?」

「 But, ... at least after thinking a little ... Natalia, recruitment of female members of the Knights Order... ... something like distribution newspaper with it, is there such a thing? ’’

「 No ...... there is no newspaper like that, however I recall a sign in the garrison office of female Knights,」

「It's urgent, please go investigate its contents,」

It's past evening hours already. I would like to go see it by myself if possible, but I am not allowed to go out. Even if accompanied by Natalia, going out after supper is restricted. So I will use Natalia.

「Understood, please wait a moment, young lady」


Natalia bows and goes out. If my guess is correct, they will be recruiting. And, If it's true, I will be able to enroll.

Soon, Natalia came back.

「Milady, I have confirmed it.」

「Then please tell me.」

「Yes, ... then ....」

About recruitment of female knights Natalia memorised thoroughly. She has read it over and over to remember it properly. And its contents.

As I thought -.

「Well, there is no problem then.」

「Oh, Milady ... What does that mean?」

「You will understand tomorrow, will Natalia also join the Order? Suddenly, I'm worried that I have no acquaintances, I will tell mother tomorrow, so Natalia will also take the exam if I pass.」

「Y... Yes, Understood.」

Everything will be tomorrow.

I will go to the exam with my mother. And for sure.

Carol will become a Knight, for Wilhelm-sama.


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