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The Demon God Pesters: The Ninth Lady Of The Doctor - Chapter 33


Chapter 33 - We'll See

The Boss pointed at something distance away and asked, ’’Over there, do all of you see the top of that mountain? That mountain is nicknamed the Prison. Your first task for this test is to go to that Prison, find and grab a flower, and get back safely. Oh, it is not just 'a' flower. What you need to do is, find the flower called Darth Vader. I do not give a rat's ass whether you have heard of this flower or not. You are here to take the test and you had better be prepared. You all can only walk. Do not ride dragons or whatever. You can ONLY walk. The timing for the test is 12 hours only. If you cannot get back in 12 hours, you are out of here. Now, Ready, Get Set, Go! ’’.

Hundreds of test takers rushed out of the building, including Qin Ying. The Prison was far, far away from there. It would probably take an average person about 2 days to reach there and back. In addition, they were required to get back in 12 hours and needed to find that weird flower. This was definitely a difficult task with no time to waste.

If there were anyone special among all the test takers, it would be Lu Jiuque, and Ye Hui. Because they did not rush out, instead, they stayed right where they were. Lu Jiuque made Ye Hui stay. Though Ye Hui S half angrily shouted, ’’What the heck are you doing Lu Jiuque? Damn it! Do not waste our time! We only have 12 hours.’’

Lu Jiuque said, ’’You want to go? Well, before I let you go why don't you tell me something first. What does this Darth Vader flower look like? What color is it? Red? Blue? Why don't you answer me?’’ Ye Hui had no idea how to answer any of these questions. Like the others, he too had never ever heard of this type of flower. Lu Jiuque said, ’’You don't know? That is all right. Do you know its characteristics? For example, does it grow in the humid or dry region? Do you know that?’’

Ye Hui had no idea at all. Lu Jiuque faked a surprise face and laughed, ’’You don't know that either? Then why are you in such a hurry? They rushed out probably because they already know what to look for, and you want to rush out simply because you want to follow them. You don't even know what you are doing.’’

Ye Hui's face was red like a tomato. Maybe it was because either what she said was too mean, or because he was mad, she said that. ’’You are absolutely right! I do NOT know. But do you?’’ Ye Hui yelled back. Of course, he would not believe if she said yes. Darth Vader or what not. He was from one of the richest families in the country and even he did not even know what that was.

’’Yeah, ok, ok. Even you, the son of our general, does not know what that flower is. How could an orphan like me do?’’ said Lu Jiuque. Yui said, ’’No, no, no I didn't mean it that way...’’ Lu Jiuque laughed. Ye Hui knew she was trying to trick him into saying that, so his face got even redder. ’’OMG, you.. Stop laughing’’, he retorted. She was getting so annoying OMG.

After she laughed, Lu gave him a pat on the back and seriously said, ’’Do you know what the first task is testing us for? Do they want to test our fitness? Not exactly, right. Though they are, indeed, testing our fitness, they are also testing our capabilities, knowledge base, observation abilities, and willpower.’’

What?!! What was she talking about? Wasn't this test just all about walking up there and getting back? Was it really that complicated? Looking at Ye Hui whose mouth opened wide out of shock, Lu Jiuque said impatiently, ’’Since you got slapped in the face for me, I thank you for that, I will let you follow me then.’’ Yui said, ’’What??!! I don't.’’ She said, ’’Shut the hell up and follow me.’’ ’’Fine,’’ he said following her.

Lu Jiuque walked in the opposite way, though. Instead of going towards the door, she walked towards the tower. Ye Hui followed as she climbed up the tower. Ye Hui did not know what she was doing and he was curious, just like everyone who was not taking the test and watching them, thinking to themselves, ’’What a crazy bitch! The test had started 10 minutes ago and she was wasting her time climbing up the tower. She was sure, retarded. She probably knew there was no way she was going to pass the test, so she was just staying there killing time. Yeah, that would make sense. Do not even know why she even bothered coming here for the test. She's stupid and she knows it.’’

Ye Hui heard people's small talks and just as he was about to yell at them, Lu Jiuque, having finished her scout mission, jumped down and said, ’’Let's go.’’ ’’Huh? Oh ok.’’ Lu Jiuque looked at Zuo Lengyang, gave him a provocative look before she left with Ye Hui.

With them finally out of sight, Zuo Lengyang looked softer, as if everything that just happened was just an illusion. Moreover, if you had observed Zuo Lengyang closely enough you would have seen his smile. His servant asked, ’’Boss, that girl... Lu Jiuque, She has guessed it right!’’ The reason they set up this first task was exactly like what she assessed. It was not only to test for their physical fitness or will power or observation abilities, etc, but also to their knowledge base.

The Darth Vader was not something that you saw every day. They really did not expect anyone to actually know what that flower looked like because it was just too unlikely. Rather they were expecting the test takers to analyze the name of it and get information about it.

They did not expect someone out there to be so smart, though... In addition, Lu was definitely beyond their expectation. She was smart, in the fact that she understood instantly what it was they are testing. She was so smart he actually rather wanted her to pass. She only passed if she brought back the flower, just like the others. Even if she actually did find the flower and was not strong to safeguard it, ie. Not getting robbed by other test takers, she could not pass.

Lu Jiuque..and Ye Hui..They both looked so small and weak. Would they really get back safely? Zuo Lengyang was not much worried about that. Because he too had heard Lu Jiuque bring up the word ’’capabilities.’’ The way she said that word made it seem like she was truly confident of her own capabilities. Until then, they would wait and watch.


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