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The Dark King - Chapter 566


Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Instant Kill

Translator: bingeants Editor: bingeants

When Haisha heard Dean's words, her cheeks immediately felt hot, and she turned away, saying angrily, ’’Don't talk nonsense, you glib talker!’’

Dean looked up in surprise . Was that not an exaggeration? How did he become a glib talker?

He thought about it and immediately came to his senses . His words were indeed prone to ambiguity, and he immediately said, ’’I was wrong . I was praising your craftsmanship, and I just didn't expect that you can sew and mend . ’’

’’Why can't I do it?’’ Haisha retorted in anger .

Dean was tongue-tied, scratching his head and saying, ’’Aren't you a Saint? I thought you only do what a Saint does . ’’

Haisha snorted and said, ’’This kind of thing is not difficult . If I can't even do this, what kind of Saint am I?’’

Hearing the anger in her voice, Dean shut up immediately .

Haisha found that Dean was not replying . She waited for quite a while, but Dean was still silent . She turned to look at Dean and actually saw him looking at her, and their eyes met . Her cheeks were burning in embarrassment . She quickly turned her head and said, ’’It . . . It's cold here . If it's not important, you should just stay outside . ’’

Dean looked at her strangely and said with a nod, ’’Then I'll go and get some food back . ’’

’’Okay,’’ Haisha said .

When she heard the splash sound behind her, she quickly turned her head and saw the surface of the water rippling and Dean's figure swimming quickly to the outside . She bit her lip, and her eyes were following the heat source figure going away slowly until it disappeared from her line of sight before slowly withdrawing her eyes . There was a trace of confusion in her eyes .

After leaving the plaza pool, Dean quickly shook the water off his body and spread his wings, flying straight to the spot where he stored four Shadow Hunter eggs .

A moment later, he arrived at the top of a ruined building and looked down from the sky . There were several Zombies and some small monsters with hideous posture wandering in the street around the building .

Without delay, he sneaked into the building from the broken window, folded his wings, and landed on the floor . The floor was covered with broken glass fragments and thick dust, making crunching sounds when it was stepped on .

The smell of the Shadow Hunter eggs immediately hit his nose . He walked in the direction of the smell which seemed to be an office . There were several upside-down office chairs and several human skeletons covered in dust on the ground .

Soon, he arrived at the room where the Shadow Hunter eggs were hidden .

Two of the four eggs he hid here had broken!

His heart skipped a beat, and his eyes swept around the room, showing vigilance . He gently lifted his foot and slowly walked toward the eggs without making any sound .

As he got closer, he immediately saw clearly that there was nothing inside the two broken oval eggs .

He reached out and and touched the broken eggs . One was still sticky, so it should have just been hatched, and the other one was estimated to have hatched for some time .

’’It seems like I've been unconscious and stayed in the ice cave with Haisha for a while, should be about a week or two . ’’ Dean's eyes flashed, and his pupils shrank slightly, looking at the surrounding darkness . There were still two eggs left, which meant that the hatched Shadow Hunter was still wandering around and had not gone far away .

He suddenly regretted not bringing Haisha's dagger when he came out . The blood of the Shadow Hunter would corrode his hands if he fought bare-handed .

After looking around for a while, Dean slowly stepped out of the room and put his palms on the wall . The wallpaper had already fallen off . He took off the powdered putty from the surface of the wall and dug out a large block of the cement-and-sand-mixed wall .

He gently kneaded the block into powder . Turning his head to look around, he raised his hand and spread the powder around .

The fluffy powder scattered all over the wall and the ground around him . Suddenly, Dean saw some of the powder that was scattered behind him was actually stuck on top of the wall . He was startled, and a chill emerged in his heart . He suddenly raised his hand hit the wall .


The wall abruptly changed, revealing the appearance of the Shadow Hunter that was biting toward him .

His fist hit the carapace on carapace on the Shadow Hunter's chest, causing a slight dent in it . The next moment, however, the Shadow Hunter's several limbs quickly wrapped around him, holding his arms in place firmly .

Dean felt a stinging pain in his arms, like being lacerated . His face changed . Thinking of what Haisha said, he hurriedly controlled the muscles'vibration in his body . The blood in his body instantly boiled like an accelerating surge, and at the same time, his vision was getting clearer, and the Shadow Hunter in his vision turned translucent . He could clearly see the arteries and veins, the joints, and the rest under the carapace .

’’ Squeak! ’’

The Shadow Hunter seemed to sense something and let out a sharp squeak .

Dean immediately saw snow-white bones emerging on his arm and shoulder . Unlike the bones he saw before his coma, this time the bones were more complete, like a layer of bone carapace, wrapping his arm vertically . Bright red skin could be seen in the gap between each vertical bone . There was no pore on the skin surface, like a piece of flesh .

Dean took a quick look . Not wanting to think too much, he quickly attacked the Shadow Hunter on the head so it let loose of him .

The Shadow Hunter's limbs clung tightly to Dean's arm, trying hard to tear the arm apart . Dean, however, only felt itchy, without any pain .


As his fist was swung, he saw a white color flitted across his eyes, then followed by a flood of green color .

Dean was dumbfounded .

Not dumbfounded .

Not until he felt a burning pain on his arm did he react and hurriedly jump backward . He heard a thudding sound . The Shadow Hunter, who was holding his arm, actually fell to the ground, and its head was completely broken!


Dean was somewhat astonished . He could not help but look at his hand that was now covered in green blood and mucus .

He hurriedly shook the blood off his hands and found some dusty and hardened cloth nearby a corpse on the floor, then wiped the blood off his arms until more or less clean before stopping .

All five of his fingers and the back of his hand were covered with strips of white bone . There were three spikes of more than ten centimeters long protruding from the back of his hand extending to the phalanx of his middle finger .

When his hand clenched into a fist, these three sharp spikes were like three sharp blades!

Dean gradually recovered from his astonishment . There was some shock in his heart . He did not expect his strength would be enhanced several times with just one evolution . This Shadow Hunter's size was similar to the previous one, and the strength was also similar . With his strength before, he had to spend a great effort if he wanted to kill this Shadow Hunter, especially in the absence of weapons, he would hurt himself .

But now, it was easy to kill it with just a single punch!

What surprised him the most was that the white bones were no less hard than a metal sword .


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