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The Dark King - Chapter 565


Chapter 565

Soon, the Blood Sender's Parasitic Soul Worm was injected into Dean's magic mark . Dean felt a slight warmth in his chest, and it dispersed the surrounding cold air . He did not stop and continued to take out the second Parasitic Soul Worm, which was Corpse Pecker's Parasitic Soul Worm .

Loading and injecting .

Another rare Parasitic Soul Worm was injected into his magic mark, turning into a pure nutrient .

After the injection, Dean immediately felt his whole body swell . A blazing warm feeling from the magic mark on his chest spread throughout his body . He suddenly did not feel cold at all, as if he were on a scorching street in summer .

He took a deep breath and continued to take out another Parasitic Soul Worm and load it into the syringe .

As the third Parasitic Soul Worm was injected into his magic mark, Dean felt the magic mark on his chest tremble slightly, as if something were about to break out of the magic mark . This wonderful feeling reminded him of what he felt when he stimulated his magic mark several times in the past .

"Is the energy almost saturated?"Dean's eyes were bright . He looked down at the two remaining bottles in his hand, which contained the Wind Listener's Parasitic Soul Worm and the Shadow Hunter's parasite egg .

His eyes flashed, and he took out the Shadow Hunter's parasite egg, then loaded it into the syringe and injected it into his magic mark .

Along with the injection of the parasite egg, Dean immediately felt his whole body swell again . His body hair stood up, and the muscles in his body trembled . His body entered the excited state on its own .

"Almost . . . "Dean clenched his fist, feeling his blood boil and burn throughout his body . Just a little more strength, and it would totally erupt out of his body . His eyes fell on the last Parasitic Soul Worm, the Wind Listener's .

This was the mission item . If he brought it back, he could exchange it for medals .

His eyes flashed coldly, and he quickly unscrewed the bottle, loading the struggling Parasitic Soul Worm into the syringe and injecting it into his magic mark without hesitation .

Two death crises, being chased by the Wing Family's youth and falling into a frozen coma, made him understand that it was nothing but a fantasy for him to honestly accumulate medals in exchange for his freedom . It was just to give desperate and muddled people an unattainable "hope".

In this wasteland where great dangers awaited him everywhere, only by his own strength could he have the possibility to survive!

As the Wind Listener's Parasitic Soul Worm was injected into his magic mark, Dean immediately felt the heat inside his body rose to the extreme, boiling once again and erupting like a volcano . Hot air swept across his whole body as if he were in a sea of fire!

The intense heat gave him a feeling that his whole body was melting, and the pain was unbearable . At the same time, in his already confused and fuzzy hearing, he could hear indistinct cracking sounds nearby .

He gasped for breath and looked in the direction of the sound .

He was immediately dumbfounded .

Flame-like vein lines emerged all over the surface of his body, and it seemed like there was red lava flowing through the vein lines . The most complicated part of these vein lines was precisely the magic mark on his chest .

Under the bright red vein lines, his body seemed to slowly crack, and at the same time, pale white color emerged slowly slowly on his arms to the back of his hands . It seemed as if his bones were emerging from inside his body and slowly covering his whole body .

"Not good!"Haisha, who was next to him, suddenly shouted .

Dean was puzzled . As he was about to turn his head, he suddenly felt a pain in the back of his head, and darkness came before his eyes .

He fainted .

. . .

For a long, long time .

Dean felt his neck was somewhat sore . He slowly woke up and opened his eyes to look around . He was still in the dark ice cave . He breathed a sigh of relief and slowly got up and sat on the ground . Memories from before rushed into his mind, and he immediately turned his head and looked around .

"Are you awake? Haisha came over from the ice bed at the back .

Dean looked at her doubtfully . "Did you knock me out?"

"Yes,"Haisha gently nodded, "I didn't expect you to be already at the limit of early-level Frontiersman . By relying on those Parasitic Soul Worms, you could directly break through to high-level Frontiersman, but your body would change a lot . If I did not knock you out, you would break through successfully, but in that case, your body would be permanently beastified . You'll have a hard time entering the human society in the future . "

Dean was shocked . "So I've failed to break through?"

"No,"Haisha shook her head slightly and slightly and said, "I'd say half-success . You're now considered as half a high-level Frontiersman . When you fight, you can still adjust the state of your body to excite the previous beastification state . When you calm down after the fight, the beastification state will fade away, and your body will return to normal . "

Dean was stunned, and his mind could not help but picture the physical changes in his body before . His bones, which were wrapped in flesh and blood in his body, seemed to move out of his body . Such a beastification state, the purpose should be to make the surface of his body harder, so he could use more destructive power of Splitter .

However, he would look like a skeleton if this state continued, and when he returned to the wall in the future, he would be forced to live in the dark forever even if he did not have an identity relating to the Dark Church . No one could accept such a horrible appearance .

"Thank you,"Dean said to Haisha .

Haisha breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Don't blame me . If you want to continue to break through, you only need to inject any Parasitic Soul Worm or a bottle of God's Marrow 1 . Those will stimulate your body to enter the breakthrough state once more . However, I suggest you wait until I help you make a Magic Weapon before trying to make another breakthrough . In that case, your beastification state will be sealed in your Magic Weapon and won't affect your normal life inside the wall . "

Dean nodded silently .

He currently could unleash an early-level Frontiersman's strength . It was enough .

The appearance of the previous exoskeleton had cast a shadow in his heart .

"This is for you . Would you like to wear it?"Haisha handed it?"Haisha handed over a black furry thing and turned her head away while saying this .

Dean took a quick look . It turned out to be the fur of Bone Biter Mice he previously skinned . It seemed to have been sewn into a fur coat . He looked at Haisha and said, "Did you sew it?"

"I sewed it when you were unconscious,"Haisha admitted in a low voice .

"Was I unconscious for a long time?"Dean was surprised .

Haisha turned her head to look at him and said with a calm face, "Do you mean I'm slow?"

Dean did not expect her face to change so quickly . He hastily said, "No, no, I'm just worried about sleeping for too long and holding things up . "

"You'd better not . "Haisha handed the coat to Dean and said, "The temperature here is low . You try it first . "

This time, Dean did not dare to neglect and quickly put on the mouse fur coat . He looked down and sized himself up . The coat was just the right size . He could not help but say with a smile, "Have you measured my body? The coat actually fit perfectly . "

(神浆) God's Serum
The word itself (浆) literally translates as 'serum','broth', or 'pulp'.
I'll use the translation by the previous translator for consistency .


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