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The Dark King - Chapter 564


Chapter 564

"Magic Weapon?"

"Right,"Haisha nodded, "There is a heaven and earth difference between legendary magic marks and any other magic marks . If you have to score the four grades of the magic marks, ordinary magic mark is one point, uncommon magic mark is three points, rare magic mark is nine points, and legendary magic mark is one hundred points!"

"There are qualitative differences between them . "

Dean was stunned .

"An ordinary magic mark that can give its user a fairly outstanding additional ability is already a very good ordinary magic mark . "Haisha said, "As for rare magic mark, it will likely inspire a new ability in each activation of the three stages of Hunter . There are both strong and weak abilities, some only enhance the vision, some are the core abilities of the magic marks . "

"For example, this Blood Sender's Parasitic Soul Worm in your hand . Among the various abilities that will be activated, the core ability will inevitably emerge, the control of blood! It can absorb blood from other organisms as nourishment to restore the host's physical strength . It can also send blood from the host's own body to other organisms, which will make the blood in the target's body chaotic, and it will be fatal if the blood is mixed together . This is also the main attack method of the Blood Sender magic mark . "

"It is said that the host of the Blood Sender magic mark can also change the structure of blood after evolving to the Pioneer stage . In other words, the host can control the blood in other organisms so it turns into poison, killing invisibly . It is extremely dreadful . "

Dean was somewhat surprised and could not help but look at the bottle in his hand . The Blood Sender's Parasitic Soul Worm was so powerful?

Haisha gazed at Dean and said, "We judge the strength of a magic mark mainly by the core ability of the magic mark . In addition to the core ability, Blood Sender magic mark will also provide its host with thermal vision, temperature control, and other abilities . "

"These are all supplementary abilities, and it will vary depending on the physical condition of each person, but the core ability will not change . "

"And the Blood Sender . . . is just one of the more common types of rare monsters, not even in the top ten!"

Dean was shocked and suddenly understood what she meant .

Juranzhi, which was his first magic mark, was one of the top ten rare monsters, and his current magic mark, Splitter, was one of the legendary monsters!

If the Blood Sender, a common rare monster, was so terrible, was the Splitter magic mark not even more terrifying?

Haisha saw Dean's expression and understood his idea, saying with a nod, "At present, there are eight known legendary monsters, which is the top eight legendary magic marks! The first reason why Monster Research Institute named them legendary monster is that they are elusively rare, the second reason is that they give powerful and outrageous abilities to their host, so they can reach the pinnacle!"

"Your Splitter magic mark is the pinnacle of attacking-type monster, and the Shadow Hunter you previously encountered is the pinnacle of lurking-type monster . The abilities they provided have reached the acme of their respective types!"

Having said that, Haisha's eyes flashed, and she said in a low voice, "As you know, the more you evolve, the stronger your physique is, and the greater the changes in your body are . Some of the changes the magic mark causes are permanent, just like the wings on your back, it exists forever!"

"These changes are more obvious after becoming a Pioneer . Most Pioneers'bodies will be beastified, transforming into half-human and half-beast freak . They are both spurned and feared by the nobles, so they can only live in the dark . "

Hearing Haisha's words, Dean could not help but look at her from head to toe, and he did not find the slightest hint of beastification on her .

Haisha saw Dean's reaction and guessed his thought, saying, "This is the Magic Weapon I'm about to tell you . The reason why our bodies are beastified, in addition to being infiltrated by the magic mark, is that our bodies itself are seeking for this change!"

"The stronger the strength, the greater the changes! And the more our bodies need beastification!"

"You must have felt it when you were fighting, our human bodies were not suitable to fully use our magic mark's strength . That is because the monster body where the magic mark used to reside is too different from the human body . "

After Dean heard this, he immediately recalled the feeling he had when he was fighting with Eugene . There was indeed a feeling of his whole body being restricted, and he was unable to fully exert his strength . It always felt like his body was missing something, like having incomplete limbs .

"The Magic Weapon was invented by the Monster Research Institute in order to avoid the beastification . "

She raised her hand and pointed at her great sword that was wrapped in a cloth on her back, saying, "My Bloody Vessel is a Magic Weapon . It was forged using my blood, half of my magic mark, and the corpse of the previous magic mark's host . With this weapon, my body can avoid the beastification, and at the same time, I can perfectly display my magic mark's strength . When I need to use my strength that can only be used in the beast form, I only need to activate my Magic Weapon to complete the beast form . "

Dean was shocked and looked at the great sword on her back . An incredible thought came into his mind, and he said with amazement, "Do you mean the sword on your back can transform?"

"Yes,"Haisha nodded . "If my magic mark were Splitter magic mark, activating my magic weapon would transform my body into half-Splitter appearance and let me use 100% of my magic mark's strength . "

Dean was dumbfounded .

Was Magic Weapon a genetic weapon?

But with the current world's technology, how could such a sophisticated genetic weapon be possibly made?

What kind of secret was hidden in the Monster Research Institute?

Was the technology from the old era not severed, but controlled by a small number of people?

"Although it's hard to cut off some of your magic mark and use it to forge the weapon because the magic mark is already implanted in your body, there is still another way, but the price is more expensive . "

Haisha said, "If you have a magic weapon, you'll be at least five times stronger than now, and you can even contend with a rare magic mark Pioneer . "

Dean was pulled back from his thoughts by Haisha's words, and her last sentence made his heart jump . The Magic Weapon could let him fight against a Pioneer? After all, he was not an early-level Frontiersman like Haisha thought he was, but still a Hunter!

In other words, if he became an early-level Frontiersman and used a Magic Weapon, he would not only "contend", but possibly beat or even kill the Pioneer!

He took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart, saying, "Anyway, let's talk about it later . We need to return alive first . "

After that, he opened the bottle, prepared the syringe, and took out the Blood Sender's Parasitic Soul Worm which Haisha described before, then loaded it into the syringe .


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