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The Dark King - Chapter 563


Chapter 563

Inside the pitch-black building, several Bone Biter Mice were gnawing a corpse of a three or four meters long python . Their sharp claws had pried the python's scales off, and they scooped out the half rotten flesh inside and ate it with relish .

Dean, who was lying flat, suddenly rushed out .


Hearing the movement, the mice immediately turned their heads vigilantly and screeched .

Puff! Puff!

Dean stopped, holding a few mice whose skulls he had crushed, and glanced at the python corpse next to him . It had a claw-shaped fatal wound in its head, deep enough that the skull was exposed . Presumably, the python was hurt by another monster, but after fleeing here, it, unfortunately, became the food of its usual prey .

He packed the mice corpses into his backpack and continued to look for other mice .

After a while, his backpack was full of the mice corpses . He came out of the ruined building and gathered some withered branches for fuel on his way back to the plaza pool .

As soon as he approached the pool, his nostrils were assaulted by a wafting stench, which was the stench of the underwater monster corpse that was now surrounded by strange insects .

Dean took a quick look and went in the other direction, then quickly swam down the drainage channel and returned to the ice cave . He climbed out of the water and threw the backpack and the withered branches on the ground . Then, standing on the edge of the water, he shook the water off his body . There was a somewhat cold feeling rushed forth .

"Are you all right?"Haisha noticed Dean's return and asked with concern when she saw his pale face .

Dean shook his head slightly and smiled at her . He bent over, opened the backpack, and dumped all the mice corpses onto the ground .

"I haven't eaten for a few days . I'll first fill my stomach with these little guys and find something else later . "

He put the mice aside and picked up the wet branches . After shaking the water off the branches, he shaved the branches into thin slices .

In this cold ice cave, the moisture on the branches quickly evaporated . After shaving the branches, he cut off two branches and sharpened one of them with Haisha's dagger, making one thick branch and one cone-tipped branch .

He put the shavings onto the thick branch and spun the cone-tipped branch on top of it quickly . It was the oldest method of fire making, friction . A few minutes later, a faint smoke rose slowly, and the heat generated would further evaporate the moisture on the damp shavings . Seven or eight minutes later, the faint smoke was getting larger and larger, and suddenly, fire rose from the shavings .

Dean's eyes were bright . He immediately took care of the fire with his hands and piled all the dry shavings he had prepared on top of the fire . Soon, the fire grew larger .

Haisha was staring at Dean from the side . When the fire popped out, her eyes lit up, showing some happiness, and there was joy in her heart when she felt the fire's warmth . She had never thought that a simple cluster of fires would make her so happy .

After the fire had stabilized, Dean said to Haisha, "Come over and warm yourself . At the same time, take care of the fire and add some branches . "

"Okay . . "Haisha nodded and sat in the front of the fire, adding branches to the fire from time to time . She turned her head to look at what Dean was doing and saw him picking up the mice from the ground . He used the dagger to cut the mice, skinning and gutting them skillfully .

Dean stripped off the fur of these mice and took out their guts . He then dug a deep pit in the ground and buried all the guts inside . This was his habit when hunting in the wilderness to prevent the bloody smell of the guts from attracting other monsters . Moreover, it could greatly reduce the rotting rate of the guts and prevent the parasites from growing in the rotten guts .

These mice were as big as the rabbits from the old era 1 . After skinning and gutting them, only bloody skeletons were left .

Dean used the branches to skewer the mice meat and came close to the fire . He gave two to Haisha and said, "If you roast it, you should be able to eat it . "

Haisha looked at the bloody mice meat without any nasty feelings . She took the mice and roasted it over the fire . With her physique, there would be no problem even if she ate the meat raw . Her body's immune system could resist the bacteria hidden inside the mice blood . After all, on strength alone, she was also considered a monster among the monsters .

Blood dripped down the mice meat into the fire . After a dozen minutes of roasting, the blood completely dried up and became a thin layer of blood that stuck on the meat surface, and a faint fragrance mixed with blood smell floated out of the roasted meat .

Dean was craving for it because he was so hungry .

Half an hour later, the mice were all cooked . Without modesty, Dean quickly cut the meat with a dagger to check if it was completely cooked and immediately took a big bite .

After After eating two roasted meat, he felt a hint of warmth in his abdomen, and his stiff body seemed to regain some flexibility .

Haisha also ate heartily without paying attention to table manners . Despite the absence of seasoning, she felt that it was very delicious because she was so hungry .

"How does it taste?"Dean said with a smile while watching Haisha gorging herself .

"Delicious,"Haisha swallowed the meat and said with satisfaction .

Dean smiled . He looked around and found several small bottles, which were filled with crawling tiny worms, among the emergency supplies such as potassium nitrate and bandages . It was the Parasitic Soul Worms he had collected before . Previously, he had no chance to absorb it, but now this ice cave was a relatively safe place, so he did not need to worry about monster attacks during the absorbing process .

"What are you going to do?"Haisha asked when she saw Dean holding the bottles .

Dean took out a syringe from a box, which he brought specially, and replied, "I want to absorb these little things and see if my strength can achieve a breakthrough . "

Various experiences in the Wasteland made him understand that every bit of strength enhancement would increase his chance to keep on living . No one knew what was going to happen next . Maybe the next time he was looking for food, he would meet a monster he could not escape from .

Haisha was startled and said, "Do you want to use these advanced Parasitic Soul Worms as nourishments?"

Dean nodded .

Haisha looked at Dean and nodded slightly, saying, "Although somewhat extravagant and wasteful, it's also an option . To live is the most important thing . If I'm not mistaken, your magic mark is not a rare magic mark, but a legendary magic mark from the Splitter?"

Dean had expected that she might be able to recognize his magic mark . He said with a nod, "Yes . "

Haisha took a deep look at Dean and said, "Is it the magic mark from the Splitter's child?"

Dean did not expect her to guess it correctly at once . He looked at her and nodded . "Yes . After you killed the Splitter, I followed its trail and found a young Splitter it gave birth to . "

"So that's how it is . "Haisha nodded slightly . "No wonder you don't have much heat in your body, but you were able to hold on under Parna's chase for so long . The resources that the Dragon Family gave you should only be enough to let you barely achieve the early-level of Frontiersman, right?"

Dean's eyes flashed, and he nodded . "About the same . "

"It seems that I underestimated you,"Haisha said softly, "If I had known this, I would have taken you straight back to Dragon Family . At that time, I was still a Saint, so I could give you the best cultivation resources . If that were the case, you should already be a Pioneer by this time, and with a legendary magic mark, you could definitely be independent . "

Dean smiled and said, "If that were the case, I wouldn't be able to get this legendary magic mark . "

Haisha was slightly stumped for words and sighed . She suddenly thought of something and said, "But it's not too late . After I recover, I'll go back to the family and apply to the patriarch to make a Splitter Magic Weapon for you . Only with Magic Weapon can you really play the power of your legendary magic mark . "

Old era is the era before the catastrophe (300 hundred years ago) .


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