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The Dark King - Chapter 562


Chapter 562

Dean felt like he had a very long dream .

But when he woke up, he could not remember his dream at all .

Feeling the cold air around him, he subconsciously curled up into a ball and held his hands together .

"Are you awake?"A gentle voice sounded like it was penetrating through time .

Dean was shocked . This familiar voice reminded him of the long-lost feeling of being woken up by his mother when he was a child . He could not help but open his eyes, but instead of the warm bed and the sunshine passing through the window like his memory, he saw darkness .

He blinked a bit, adjusting to the darkness, and soon saw the ring of ice in the darkness .

He immediately came to his senses .

"Are you feeling better?"The gentle voice sounded again from his side .

Dean turned his head in a flash and saw Haisha sitting on the side staring softly at him, not like her usual cold appearance . Dean did not think much about her change of attitude and said with a pleasant surprise, "You're awake! Is the poison eliminated yet?"

Seeing the eagerness and joy on his face, Haisha smiled and said, "The poison has been controlled for the time being, but it's you who have been unconscious . Fortunately, you finally woke up . "

Dean was startled, and only now he felt his whole body was cold . He looked down and saw the armor on his body seeming disheveled . Feeling the cold air hitting his neckline and wrist, he immediately straightened his armor . There was a hint of suspicion in his heart . He was clear about how he wore his armor, but now it seemed that his armor had been moved .

He could not help but look at Haisha .

Haisha noticed the strange look from Dean . Her heart was racing, and her cheeks were flushing . She turned her head as if nothing had happened and said, "I checked your wounds and took off your armor . By the way, you are actually suffering from the Frozen Disease, and you still dare to live in this ice barrier . Do you want to be buried with me?"

She deliberately changed the topic and cast a glance at Dean after she spoke .

Dean smiled bitterly after he heard this .

"I wanted to go, but there was a monster waiting outside . I—"

When he said this, he suddenly noticed that there was no monster outside, and the frozen water surface had disappeared, exposing the flowing water underneath . Moreover, the turbid water was now scarlet and reeked of blood .

He was startled and turned to look at Haisha, saying, "Did you kill the monster?"

"Uh-huh,"Haisha said lightly .

Dean was somewhat amazed and said with a bitter smile, "Sure enough, a starved camel is still bigger than a horse 1 . "

"I'm not a camel,"Haisha corrected him .

Dean glanced at her and suddenly thought of her previous words . He looked around and looked at his body again . His face changed slightly, and he said, "How long have I been unconscious?"

"I don't know . When I woke up, you were already unconscious . "Haisha estimated it and said, "Probably a few days . "

"A few days?"Dean was stunned . Let alone a few days, the Ice Blood Disease would freeze him to death within a few hours in such a cold environment . He looked at his left hand and was suddenly dumbfounded . The skin color of his left hand was the same as before, as white as snow, but now his entire left arm up to the shoulder was also as white as snow!

In addition, a dark blue spike was protruding along the back of his arm to his shoulder!

This spike was not like a frozen ice, but a hardened cuticle!

Haisha noticed Dean's eyes and sighed in her heart, saying, "You have the Frozen Disease . When I woke up, you had already frozen, and after you were recovered, your arm was like this . If I'm not mistaken, your arm has completely frozen . In the future, you'd better not touch cold things, or the Frozen Disease will spread to your whole body . At that time, you will no longer think like a human, no different from a Zombie . "

Dean's body trembled, and he looked at Haisha, saying, "Frozen Disease? Do you mean the Ice Blood Disease?"

Haisha nodded slightly . "The Ice Blood Disease is also called the Frozen Disease . People who suffer from this disease will gradually freeze until they become an iceman . No, it should be called an ice demon!"

"Is there a cure for this? Dean looked intently at her like she was his only chance .

Haisha bit her lip and said, "This is an incurable disease . Even our Dragon Family has no way to cure it . The only way to alleviate the Frozen Disease's attack is by staying in a high-temperature environment for a long time, such as soaking in a hot spring or staying in a room with a burning stove and fireplace . The hotter, the better . "

Dean's expression was ugly . Even the Dragon Family who had a long heritage had no way to cure the disease . It meant the disease was really hard to cure .

Although the current medical technology could not cure this disease, it did not represent that the future also could not . He believed that after he developed the medical technology, he would find a cure and also uncover the true colors of God's Blessing .

"Now that you're awake, you'd better get out of here right away . "Haisha looked at Dean's pale face and said, "This place is bad for you . Your Frozen Disease will attack again if you continue to stay . "

Dean nodded since he also had this intention . He suddenly thought of one thing — he had already frozen when Haisa woke up, then . . . in such a cold environment, how could his body temperature recover?

He glanced at Haisha and wanted to ask about this, but then hesitated and finally held back his curiosity . "I will go first, but you should recuperate here for the time being . time being . I'll be back and get you something to eat . "

"No need . You just take care of yourself . I can hold it,"Haisha said .

Dean said no more and dove into the water . He spread his wings and swam toward the plaza pool . He soon swam out of the drainage channel and reached the pool, then jumped out of the water . When he flew at 10 meters altitude, he saw a huge shadow floating on the surface of the pool . It seemed to be the corpse of the previous underwater monster .

At this moment, the corpse of the underwater monster was covered with strange leech-like worms and tiny bloodsucking flies . They were occupying the corpse as their nest .

Natural selection .

It seemed that no one could escape the fate of being eaten .

Dean sighed . He flew down and landed on the edge of the pool . He looked around and saw some red spots moving in the nearby collapsed buildings . He recognized them, the Bone Biter Mouse .

His eyes brightened, and he quickly moved and sneaked into the building quietly .

even weakened, someone strong (Haisha) is still strong


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