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The Dark King - Chapter 561


Chapter 561

Haisha put her foot on the monster's head and gently kicked it away lest the corpse attracted other monsters to this place .

She then returned to the ice cave and looked at Dean worriedly . Although now the monster was dead, the poison had dissolved in the water, so Dean had to take the antidote before he could be submerged in the water . Previously, the monster was killed easily mainly because the poisoned water had penetrated into its wounds .

She paced back and forth and suddenly thought of something . She came to the waterside and washed her dagger, then came to the side of the ice bed and cut off a few pieces of ice .

She stuffed a piece of ice into her mouth and melted it into water .

She kept the water in her mouth until it turned warm before she opened Dean's mouth and poured the water into his mouth, melting the frozen antidote pill inside his mouth .

She rubbed his lower jaw back and forth to relax his stiff muscle, and soon the water drove a part of the crushed pill into his throat .

Seeing that it was effective, she immediately stuffed a piece of ice into her mouth again . The ice melted quickly, but her mouth was also frozen numb because of it .

She repeated the previous steps over and over again, like two stranded fish moistening each other with spittle 1 .

Ten minutes later, more than half of the pill was finally swallowed with the help of the warm water that she continued to pass . Feeling the time was right, she lifted Dean and walked toward the water .

She was so tired and sweaty . In this cold environment, the hot sweat quickly became cold, and the cold sweat on her forehead made her dizzy .

She gritted her teeth hard and gently put Dean's body into the water . At this moment, the blood in the water had faded a lot, and the monster's corpse had been carried dozens of meters away by the stream .

Although the warm feeling of the water was just an illusion caused by the difference between the water and the air temperature, the water temperature was also more than 10 degrees, enough to warm up Dean's body which was colder than ice .

As his body was submerged in the water, the frost covering his body gradually melted away, and the water around his body quickly became cold .

Haisha knelt by the water and held Dean's head up, preventing the dirty water from flowing into his mouth, then gently swayed his body so the cold water was replaced with warmer water .

After half an hour, she could feel through her hands that Dean's temperature was gradually recovering . Although now the heat in his body was weak, her thermal vision could see that it was gradually growing .

When she felt that the temperature on his neck was no longer piercing cold, she lifted his body out of the water and brought him back into the ice cave .

This simple movement was effortless for her usual condition, but for her current condition, such a movement made her so tired and breathless . Although she had eaten some food, her strength had not recovered .

Physically and mentally exhausted, she sat down next to Dean's body, holding back the impulse to lie down and sleep . After taking a few deep breaths, she took his armor and vest off, and then wiped his hair, cheeks, and chest, preventing the water from freezing under the influence of the Frozen Disease .

After she finished wiping his upper body, her eyes fell on his lower body . There was a slight hesitation in her eyes, but in the end, she untied his trousers and stripped him completely .

She used his vest as a towel and wiped all the water off his body, then squeezed out all the water from his clothes .

At this time, a thin layer of frost formed on his body again as the remaining water inside his pores gradually froze .

Her face changed, and she hurriedly wiped his body again with the vest .

During the wiping process, she felt that his body temperature was gradually getting colder and colder .

"No, the temperature here is too low and can't keep him warm . "

Her eyes swept around the cave, and the only thing she could find was some food and first-aid supplies on the ground . There was neither a fire starter nor flammable things .

She had always acted alone, and she had a night vision ability, so she did not need a fire starter, but now she regretted it . If there were a fire starter, she could burn her boots and socks to keep Dean warm .

She looked at Dean, who was still unconscious, with complicated eyes . After hesitating for a long time, she bit her lip, and with a blush on her pale cheeks, raised her hands to take her clothes off .

Her snow-white skin was shockingly beautiful in this darkness .

She lifted her hand over Dean's shoulder and embraced him . She felt a piercing cold sensation on her chest like she was holding a piece of ice .

She gritted her teeth and held his body closely . Pressing the tip of her toes against the ground, she continuously rubbed her body against Dean's body .

Totally unaware whether it was day or night, she did not know how long it took until she finally heard a faint sound . She opened her eyes and glanced at the surrounding darkness . She suddenly realized that she had fallen asleep .

Feeling the softness and the coldness under her body, she immediately looked down and saw Dean still lying under her body . At this moment, his lips moved slightly, like he was whispering something .

Her heart was immediately filled with joy . After all her efforts, Dean finally survived!

Dean's face was pale, his eyes were closed tightly, and his brows were wrinkled . He kept whispering softly and grimacing like he was in pain .

She leaned closer to his lips . When she heard what he was whispering, she was suddenly stunned . She slowly raised her head and gazed at Dean . Her eyes flashed slightly, and she raised her hand and rubbed his cheek gently .

"It'll be over . . . "She whispered softly to Dean, and yet as if she whispered it to herself .

(Idiom) Helping each other in a difficult situation


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