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The Dark King - Chapter 560


Chapter 560

Haisha's heart was aching when she saw Dean's current condition . She held his hands and legs down, straightening them and keeping him in a flat position . She decided to keep this ice cave, and when her wounds were completely healed, she would return here and bring his corpse back into the Giant Wall for burial .

Looking at the thin layer of frost that was covering his whole body, she knew that it could not melt in a short time, but it would also prevent his corpse from rotting when she brought him back later .

She looked at him deeply, from his eyebrows, to his nose, to his lips, and to his body . She wanted to commit him to her memory . Except for the slaves, he was the first person who was willing to die for her .

But when she saw his chest, she was suddenly startled . She immediately shrank her pupils, which made the cave in her sight suddenly become colorful, and her eyes penetrated through his armor . Inside, she saw a red heat source beating slightly — Dean's heart!

She was dumbfounded .

"Not dead?"

"He is not dead?"

She withdrew her thermal vision and restored the size of her pupils . With eyes wide open, she looked at his armor and could see the white mist and the layer of frost on his armor were fluctuating slightly . The next moment, she only felt the blood in her body was boiling, gushing with surprise and excitement!

She quickly crouched on his side, pressing her hand on his chest, and immediately felt the surging beat of his heart, extremely powerful . This was not the heartbeat of a dying man;instead, it was more like the strong heartbeat after a strenuous exercise . The beating was so strong she could feel it through his armor!

She was ecstatic . She had not noticed it when he was lying in the previous posture . After all, she did not think that his heart would still be beating strongly when his carotid artery was not beating . It was against her common sense .

However, since his heart was still beating, it showed that he was still alive!

She immediately lifted his body off the ice bed and put him on the ground because the Frozen Disease feared cold the most . She thought that he was dead before, so she used the ice bed to preserve his corpse . Now, naturally, she could not let him continue lying on the ice bed;otherwise, if he was not dead yet, he would really freeze to death .

After she put him on the ground, she pushed the ice bed to the other side as far as possible . She then sat next to Dean and rubbed her palms together to make them warmer . When her palms warmed up, she immediately pressed them onto his chest, hoping his heart would start pumping the blood and restore his body's temperature as soon as possible .

The warm palms got cold in a few seconds after they were pressed against his chest . She immediately lifted them up and rubbed them together again, repeating her previous action . After several hours of continuous efforts, she finally felt a little tired, and the wound on her back was also a little painful .

Only now she remembered that she was awakened by the hunger before, which meant that she had been in a coma for some time, perhaps for several days;otherwise, she would not be so hungry like this .

Her eyes swept around the cave, and she saw a pile of things on the ground . There were white crystal stones, and she recognized this thing, the potassium nitrate . Next to them was some high-temperature processed food . She immediately opened two bags and stuffed them into her mouth . While chewing and swallowing, she continued to rub her palms together and warm Dean's chest up .

Under continuous efforts, the frost on the chest gradually melted .

She then started to warm his forehead and cheeks . The head was more crucial than the heart . Dean would wake up only when the temperature of his head was restored .

Her white palms were rubbing back and forth on Dean's cheek . Unlike the beating heart spot, the temperature on his cheek was bone-chilling, far colder than ice, even though ice was already the coldest thing in her knowledge .

She raised her palms and blew them from time to time, trying to raise the temperature more, but her palms still got cold instantly the moment they touched Dean's face .

The frost on his face gradually melted under the continuous rubbings, but his cheek was still stiff, cold and extremely smooth like ice .

Obviously, the fastest method to increase his temperature was to heat him with fire, but it was not available now . She suddenly thought of another method — soaking him in water . At least it would be better than her current method .

She turned her head to look at the frozen water, and her thermal vision saw a 7–8 meters long heat source swimming in the distance . It should be an underwater monster .

"Once the ice is broken, the monster will be alerted . I must find a way to kill it first . . . "Her eyes flashed slightly . In her current state, it was difficult to kill the monster in the water, but not without hope . Her wound would probably get infected by the radiation in the water, but it was only a small problem . She was worried if her wound would be torn open, her blood would attract the other monsters .

She suddenly thought of something, and her eyes were brightened . She pulled out a small bottle from her pocket and poured out a dark red pill . She put the pill in her mouth and chewed it gently, then spit it out in her hand .

She gently opened Dean's mouth and poured the broken pill into his mouth, then stroked his throat to help him swallow .

After a while, she opened his mouth again, but the pill was still in his mouth, frozen .

She was a bit vexed . If Dean could not swallow the pill, her method could not be implemented .

Seeing the frost was slowly forming on Dean's face again, she knew that she could not waste any more time . She took another bottle out of her pocket . This was a bottle of poison powder, and the pill Dean previously took was the antidote for this poison . Previously, her plan was to sprinkle the poison into the water so the monster would not dare not dare to approach, then she could soak Dean in the water and increase his temperature .

But now this method obviously would not work .

She picked up a dagger from the ground and walked to the frozen water . She gently cut the ice with the dagger and opened a hole, then opened the bottle and sprinkled the poison powder .

The underwater monster heard the sound of the ice being cut, and it swung its tail and quickly swam closer, appearing 50 meters away in a blink of an eye .

At this time, the poison powder had spread in the surging water, and the underwater monster was unaware of it, still swimming fast .

Seeing this, Haisha held the dagger tightly and lurked next to the ice .


The underwater monster swam passed the ice, but it suddenly turned around and swam fast toward the ice . The ferocious body arrived under the ice in an instant, and its head crashed into the ice .

Haisha's eyes flashed coldly . She raised the dagger fearlessly and instantly stab the monster's head .


The sharp dagger instantly penetrated into the monster's head the moment the ice was broken .

She did not care if her movement would affect her wounds, and she exerted more force in her arm, pulling out arm, pulling out the dagger quickly and stabbing the monster's head continuously . In less than half a second, she had stabbed three times, and each time, the stab was on a different position, forming a triangular wound . When the last stab penetrated into the head, she flicked her wrists and forcibly pried off the flesh in the middle of the triangular wound .


The flesh was pried off and flew up .

"Roar!"The underwater monster roared in pain, and its body suddenly swerved, trying to retreat back into the water .


She lowered her arm and swung the dagger upward as the monster was moving downward, cutting the monster's body in half .


The monster sank into the water, splashing one meter high waves, and soon, a lot of blood was spreading in the water, dyeing the water red .

After a while, the head of the monster resurfaced, soaking in the scarlet water, and the wound on top of the head was black like a charcoal .

Haisha stopped attacking because the head no longer moved .

It was dead .


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