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The Dark King - Chapter 267


Chapter 267

"Scar!"Jin was surprised as he heard the young guard's words. He looked at the burly man inside the cell. There were few people who Jin was in contact in the prison and the Scar was one of them.

Dudian stood in front of the cell and looked at the burly man. He smiled: "Scar, come out."

"D ... "Scar looked at him as there was a complex expression on his face. This sudden bail was a big surprise to him. He felt as if he was dreaming. He recovered and stepped out of the cage. He looked at Dudian: "Thank you..."

Dudian smiled: "You have to be psychologically prepared as there will be lots of hard work to do."

There were no expressions on his face as Scar said: "I'm willing to do anything as long as I can leave this damned place"

Dudian nodded: "If you follow me you will bleed but there won't be tears."

Scar deeply looked at him: "I believe you!

Dudian smiled: "Now we have to and get the other three parterns. They are in the other layers."

"The other sections?"Jin and Scar were confused.

The prison stirred up as they heard Dudian's words.

"Don't go!"

"D, take me! I beg you bail me out! I will do whatever you want me to do!"

"D ..."

Dudian step by step went towards the exit. Suddenly he thought of something and his eyes swept over the cells. He looked back at Scar: "A young person should be sent to here a few months ago. He should have claimed to be a noble from Milan family. Was there someone like that?"

"A few months ago?"Scar thought of his words and nodded: "There was a such a person. He yelled the word 'Milan'right and left when he came in. The man was sent to Piggy's cell. He was bailed out but until that time the piggy roughed him up few times. D, was that person your friend?"

Dudian slowly replied: "An enemy."

Jin immediately replied: "If we knew that he was your enemy we would ask Piggy to make sure that he wouldn't stay sane for long. His family would bail out only his body but not soul. "

The prisoners were begging and pleading. Dudian spoke out in a loud voice: "I have said early that the quota is limited. In the future I'll take into account your performance in the prison. IF you have something that I appreciate then I will give you the priority."

The young guard led the way.

Scar and Jin followed behind Dudian as they left the first section and headed for the second section of the prison.

After few moments they came to the second floor of the prison. There were four young guards sitting in a small room outside the section. They were drinking and playing cards. They stood up the moment they they saw Dudian, Scar and Jin. They were alarmed as they saw Jin and Scar who were wearing prison uniform. One of them ran towards the side in hurry to seize the bell.

The young guard who was leading the way said in hurry: "Stop! This is Mr Dean and those two are the prisoners bailed out by him."

One of the four guard looked at him: "What about proof?"

The guard turned to Dudian: "Mr. Dean ..."

Dudian handed out the envelope: "Are you worried that I will mix up with prisoners?"

The guard opened the envelope and swept through the content. He gave the envelope back to Dudian: "Alright, follow me."Afterwards he took out the key and opened the heavy iron gate.

"Mr. Dean, you follow him."The young guard who had led them into the second section stopped in the entrance.

Dudian nodded and followed the brown haired guard into the dark passage. The place was ten meters long and at the end of it there was another iron door. There were two knights of magistrate in front of it.

Dudian looked at them. The jail was part of military but it seemed that there was some kind of cooperation with the magistrate.

"Open the door."The guard said.

Both of the knights looked at Dudian, Scar and Jin. They slightly frowned but didn't say anything. They openeded the iron gate and crazy laughters and cheers echoed from inside.

"What "What are these crazy men doing?"The guard's face sank. He took out the baton from his waist.

Dudian, Jin and Scar were curious. All three of them had stayed in prison for several years but never came to the second section of the prison.

The structure of the prison was totally different from the first layer. The corridor was not straight but seemed like a circular hall. The cells were close to the wall. Each cage was separate from the other by few meters.

Bang! Bang! Sounds mixed with laughter came out from the cages from their right.

Dudian's eyes narrowed as he looked at the dark cells. There were two people. On was as tall as two meters and had a sturdy constitution. The other had long hair which was loose all over his body. He seemed like a woman. Both of them kep hitting their heads onto the pillars of the cell.

Dudian's eyes lit up as he looked around at the other direction.

The guard saw both prisoners hit the cage so he roared: "Bastards! Immediately stop! Do you want to die?"

"Yo, yo!"

"Look at this fool who have brought up three newcomers!"

"Ha ha ha ..."

The young guard waved the baton and hit the cage. He roaed: "Stop right now! If you don't stop there will be three pins per person!"

Both of the stopped the moment they heard the word 'three-pins'. The sturdy man whose head was whose head was full of blood grinned from ear to ear: "Little devil I got hundred and thirty seven. You lose!"

"Alright!"The man with very long hair spoke in a hoarse voice: "If this fool didn't stop us we would see who would be laughing at the end."

"Lost is lost, ha ha ... ..."The burly man spoke.

The guard's face was ugly but didn't continue to care about those two. He turned back to Dudian: "which one do you want to bail out?"

Dudian pointed towards the deepest corned and said: "Number 7."

The guards voice changed: "Give me so that I can check the file again."

Dudian saw the expression of extreme fear on guard's face. He smiled and handed out the document to him: "Rest assured! I'm here so he won't dare to hurt you."

The guard was embarrassed. He quietly looked at the document to confirm the 'number'of the prisoner. His face was gloomy as he said: "Come with me."They walked straight towards the end of section.

The sounds of laughter and chatting immediately quietened. Someone cried out loud: "Bail? Did I just heard 'bail'?"

"It is bail!"

"Is seven getting bailed out?"

"Damn the kid is definitely a noble. I would show him what a noble is if he was given to me!"


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