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The Dark King - Chapter 209


Chapter 209

"Patriarch, I've been told that you have been looking for me."Dudian came to stop in front of Old Fulin and slightly bowed according to the ceremony.

Old Fulin replied.: "Mr Charles from Scott Consortium has come to find you to chat about the new textile machine."

Dudian had expected Old Fulin to say that so he turned around to middle-aged man.: "Its an honor to meet Mr Charles."

Charles stroked the big emerald ring on his finger.: "I have long heard about Dean's age but didn't think that he would be so young. Really an outstanding talent!"

"You are over-praising me."Dudian replied.

Charles laughed: "Mr Dean, your textile machine and the 'match'invention are extremely amazing inventions. Especially the new loom. It is too great. I've come to find you to discuss about our future co-operationg."

"Cooperation?"Dudian continued: "You mean?"

Charles was laughing as he continued: "Scott consortium is ready to buy all our inventions from now on. We are ready to give higher price than others so I hope that any invention that you come up with in the future, you would contact our Scott consortium first. "

Dudian came to understand that Scott consortium has tasted the sweetness of his invention. Right now he wanted to transplant this money-making tree int o his estate. Although the inventors would not come up with inspiration to create many things but nevertheless there is a very low possibility that an inventor may come up with something new with high commercial value. The slight possiblity was worth for them to contact Dudian.

Dudian modestly said: "You are over-rating me. I'm just a hunter. The inventions that I do are a hobby. I'm lucky that I could have come up an invention or two."

Charles said.: "Mr Dean is too modest. Do you know that if people from 'Temple of Elements'heard your words they would go crazy because of anger? If you invented something so great out of hobby then they must put your statue in 'Temple of Elements'to commomerate your honor for an eternity."

Dudian heard exaggerated words of Charles and laughed.: "You are really overestimating me. Moreover, I can not call shots about this matter."

Charles's face was full of smiles however there was slight worry in depth of his eyes. He slowly said.: "Mr Dean we have already co-operate twice. So you shouldn't be worried about the intentions of Scott consortium."

Old Fulin smiled.: "Naturally, we are no questioning the credibility of Scott consortium. Otherwise we wouldn't firstly come over to you for co-operation."

Charles looked at Old Fulin as he knew that it would be very difficult to win over old fox. However, he was shocked to see that Dudian wasn't moved by the riches. Charles saw the polite smile on Dudian's face but he knew that it wasn't from bottom of his heart. At the end, he had to talk about more practical thing which was money.

"Well,"Charles muttered.: "We will give you five thousand gold coins to to show the sincerity of Scott consortium."

Dudian looked at Old Fulin as he saw Charles finally talked about the mai topic. Dudian and Old Fulin got along for days so they already understood the inention of each other from a glance. Dudian slowly said: "Five thousand gold coins is enough to show sincerity of the Scott consortium. But we can't make promise to give exclusive rights to future inventions for that amount of money."

Charles didn't expect such a reaction from Dudian. So his face slightly changed.: "Mr Dean what do you mean?"

Dudian didn't say anything but looked at Old Fulin.

"Mr Charles we can't refuse you since you are so sincere. But now we are short of money. Would you be interested in buyout of matches?"

"A buyout?"Charles was stunned and shook his head: "The match is still in sales period. We can not estimate the future market so it will be hard to give a number about the cost of buyout."

"We don't want too much. Its just fifty thousand gold coins. Afterwards, New World Consortium will stop match business and you will be the sole consortium dealing in the market. What do you say?"

Charles was startled about the amount. It wasn't too much if you take into account current performance of the match sales. In time it would bring more than fifty thousand gold coins in profits. Moreover, it is not a product that would fade away as it was likely to replace the fire sickles.

He didn't consider their New World Consortium's sales performance as performance as in reality it was commanded and run by Ryan family alone. They had several shops operating and selling the matches. They wouldn't be able to get thousand gold coins even in ten years.

"I need to go back and discuss this matter."Charles looked at Old Fulin after a moment of silence.: "The family should agree so you should seriously think about our offer too."

Old Fulin replied.: "I will wait for your message."

Charled looked at him and turned to check Dudian. He no longer said anything as he greeted them and turned to leave the hall.

Dudian and Old Fulin watched as the carriage of Charles disappeared beneath the hillside. Old Fulin withdrew his eyes and said to Dudian.: "It is a sure business. They will agree."

Dudian nodded.: "It is so early in the morning. It seems they are worried that other consortium's will come to talk to us."

"They are not the only ones who are be able to distinguish the gold."Old Fulin laughed.

As they expected not long after representatives of Scott consortium left another giant consortium approached them. Green consortium's prices were more or less same as Scott consortium's offer. Old Fulin sent them off on grounds of 'considering'their offer.

Several other consortium's came after Green consortium.

"Only Mellon Consortium and Military haven't sent representatives. It seems that Mellon Consortium will take a stand as whole and won't approach us."Old Fulin looked at Dudian.: "Now, you Dudian.: "Now, you are a persen with a bright future in front of the aristocracy. However, nobles wouldn't dare to look for your co-operation alone as the consortiums would over-price them at all times."

Dudian didn't enjoyed his words. He knew that hunters and inventors were valued by nobles and consortiums because of the wealth they could create.

The next day.

Charles from Scott Consortium came over to Ryan castle. He had fifty thousand gold coins and a contract.

"Patriarch Fulin, Mr Dean this is the money for buyout from match business. Please count."Charles smiled as he handed the consrtact.: "Our consortium's value Mr Dean's talent. If there is no problem with the contract then I wish us happy cooperation."

Old Fulin and Dudian glanced at each other. They knew that Scott consortium was aware that other consortium's had come to visit them yesterday. They weren't determined yesterday as there could be internal fights within the consortium if Charles went and agreed at that time. However, they were sure that contract was ready just about noon yesterday after the got whiff of their guests.

Old Fulin took out a magnifying glass as he checked the content of the contract.: "No problem. If we will look to cooperate with other consortium's then Scott consortium will be the first choice to contact in the future. Please rest assured."

Charles nodded. He wasn't worried about Old Fulin as he was aware of credibility of his words. Moreover, they would always pay attention to movements of Ryan family.


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