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The Dark King - Chapter 19


The Dark King - Chapter 19


There is always a plot within the plot...


Mason and the other two children as one tried to immediately keep up with Dudian.

Except Dudian's small team, there were two or three medium sized teams. The rest of the children were hesitant. As if following the herd mentality, most of them formed a single large team.

More than 300 people were formed into a colony-like team which gradually dispersed into the desert.

’’Why are we going there? We are walking towards the sun!’’ Mason raised his hand to cover his face from sun rays. It's been less than an hour but his body was sweating non-stop because of the heat.

’’We seem to be at least in the same direction with the sun,’’ another brown-haired child spoke. His name was Sham. One of the four sharing the room with Mason and Dudian. His character was boring but as a person he was a diligent child. In addition to Dudian, he was the only person to stack his bed.

’’Even if to avoid competition, we shouldn't have come this way!’’ Mason smiled.

Dudian whispered: ’’In desert climate the temperature contrast of day and night is extreme. Even though it is ’’Black Death’’ season right now and the highest possible temperatures appear during this season. But in the evening the temperature will drop to the same level as ’’Black Snow’’ season. So we have to go to west as much as possible. As it will be the warmest place in the evening. ’’

Three people heard Dudian solemnly explain. Mason bitterly said: ’’If we went eastwards we could have avoided withstanding the sun and heat, even in case we couldn't find water source we would have gained more good than harm. And taking into the account the problem of insulation at night, how do you know the temperature will drop at night? My feet are burning, they are on fire! How the heck the temperature will be reduced?’’

Sham and the other child named Zach were also very curious. It was so hot right now, so how could it get cold at night?

’’You will know once it gets dark.’’ Dudian did not explain the heat-absorbing and heat-dissipating effects of sand. This kind of knowledge was not taught during the studies in camp so speaking about it would inevitable lead to doubt. And the concept of endothermic cooling, even if told would not be understood by them.

’’The water is sure to be found, the only thing we should pay attention to is to absolutely avoid getting sick!’’ Dudian solemnly warned Mason, Zach and Sham.

Zach, Sham and Mason were somewhat surprised hearing Dudian's assured words regarding the water. However they did not question him, but were very curious, how would he find water in this desert that is full of sand. Where does that certainty and confidence come from?

It did not take long before Dudian's team had lost sight of other teams. All what they could see were sand that endlessly covered the desert. They could not but get tensed and nervous at the sight. The only thing that team-mates could do was to continue to believe in Dudian's judgement. He had never let them down during the training in the camp so they hoped his judgement will be right in the desert too.

’’Do you still remember the part where they taught us how to find water in the desert?’’ Dudian stopped, looking around.

’’I remember, we first have to look for shady sand and then dig until we find water’’ Mason said.

Dudian raised his hand and pointed towards the front. There was a hill made out of sand. The side which he was pointing at was protected from the sun because of the angle of the hill. The sun could not illuminate that part even in the morning when it raised from east. Only at noon the sun rays would penetrate the sand but for a small time. ’’Let us go there’’. He stepped forward taking the lead. As they reached the hill, Dudian touched the sand. It was very cool.

Mason, Zach and Sham were delighted at sight. They squatted down to prepare to dig.

Dudian waved his hand: ’’First wrap clothing around your hand, so that it does not get scratched by stones.’’ Then, he tore of fabric and wrapped around his hands and squatted down to start digging.

Mason laughed: ’’We are lucky that you are thoughtful.’’

Three of them tore of clothing, covered their hands and began to dig.

It has to be noted that three months of endurance training had greatly improved physical strength of four of them. They had walked for four or five miles under the scorching sun but they still had energy to dig. However this was also kind of a gamble. Because in case they could not find water after digging, they would not be able to support their bodies to find the next possible place to dig for water.

As a result, even Dudian felt nervous. Especially, after digging for half a meter depth they were still touching soft sand.

’’Let's end it here! We should move to the next place.’’ Dudian decisively stopped. If they did not touch wet sand in this phase even if they dug for three or four meters, there was a high possibility that they will not find water.

’’We have done so much, so why give up now? ’’ Mason asked.

Dudian replied with a sullen face: ’’We can't gamble and hope to win now. Follow me, let's move on’’ Finished speaking he turned to move out and walk forward.

Mason and Zach were doubtful. They were unwilling to move on. Sham stood up and said: ’’Let's go. What Dean said was right. We can't bet now’’ Then he run over to keep up with Dudian's pace.

Mason and Zach sighed, they shook their hands on their knees to remove the sand.

Now, when God closes a door for you, he won't open another one but will release the dog for you. Suddenly Zach screamed out loud, jumped half meter high and hurried towards Dudian.

Dudian and Sham turned back towards Mason and Zach. They suddenly saw a two meter long snake drilling out from the sand. It's skin was brownish, the scales reflected the shining sun. All of them felt chilled over and over.

’’Run!’’ Dudian was the first to recover. He roared loudly, turned and ran away.

The rest of the team members tried to keep up..

Mason panicked and his feet stumbled. Plop sound echoed and he was thrown onto sand.

Dudian was running in front but when he heard the sound he could not but look back. He saw Mason on the ground and there were a bit more than ten meters between him and the snake. Snake was twisting it's body as if swimming on the desert sand. The situation became precarious, he turned back towards Mason and rushed to him.

Sham and Zach were surprised for a moment. They also noted the fall of Mason. They saw the twisting body of snake and their faces became extremely ugly and they become hesitant.

At this point, Dudian has rushed to the front of Mason, grabbed his arm, growled: ’’Stand up!

Mason leveraged to climb up and look back. There wer two or three meters between him and the snake. If it jumped it would be able to pounce its body onto him. Mason was too scare, he hurried back.

Suddenly snake jumped towards Mason, it opened its mouth showing two sharp tusks.


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