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The Dark King - Chapter 164


The Dark King - Chapter 164

Back in the hotel at town.

Barton and the other two were relieved as they saw Dudian.

Kroen gently closed the door and pulled Dudian. He whispered: ’’Dean today, I accidentally saw in the newspaper that a man name Huey who was deacon of the magistrate was murdered. Moreover two spikes were pierced onto his chest. Did you do it?’’

Dudian nodded: ’’Yes.’’

Trio's face changed. Barton asked: ’’Was he the one responsible to send you to prison?’’

Dudian nodded slightly: ’’One of them.’’

Joseph was tense as he told: ’’Dean, now they are looking for the murderer. Moreover, you are still a wanted man. If you are found you will be sent back to jail. ’’

’’Do not worry, in a few days I'll be able to restore my legal status,’’ Dudian said to relieve the trio.

’’Restore legal status?’’ All three of them were shocked.

’’How?’’ Kroen asked.

Dudian smiled: ’’It is late. Let's sleep.’’



The next day.

Dudian sent Barton to continue to monitor Ryan castle. Dudian himself went into the castle to monitor old patriarch's actions. There was a low possibility of old patriarch turning up on him but he still had to be there if that happened.

Dudian was pleased as the old Fulin was an efficient and fast man. The next day he had ordered the ores mined before to be sent back to the mine. It was a disguise made to cover up mine's efficiency and make it look like a very high production one.

Soon the news regarding the sales of mine were spread out.

However, the first ones to react were from Ryan family itself. The four children and nine grandson exploded. There were few exception who favored old patriarch's decisions. However, the rest unanimously opposed. To them it was the lifeblood of the family. One sold their financial resources will be cut off.

Old Fulin was pressures by the voices of opposition.

On the third day, the transaction had occurred and the mine was sold.

Dudian felt that he hadn't chosen the wrong person as he saw Fulin act in a vigorous and resolute manner.

The fifth day, at night.

Patriarch and his family was dining together.

’’Grandpa, I have to go to a party in a few days. The best dress that I have was bought long time ago. Would you give me money to buy a new one?’’ A girl in her looked up at old patriarch after finishing the steak.s

Old Fulin's brows slightly wrinkled. He glanced at the table and saw his children and grandchildren secretly peeking at him.: ’’I know that you are all thinking about the money we got from selling the mine. But its for the family! Otherwise the next time we won't be able to hire knights anymore and continue to lay off!’’

’’Grandpa, you are too old and confused!’’ One of the youth stood up and spoke in angry tone: ’’ What is the use of money if we keep it? If it just stays there then you might as well lend me to do business!’’

Old patriarch spoke in cold tone: ’’I dare you to say that again!’’

The middle-aged man sitting next to the youth pulled him down in hurry: ’’Hugh, shut up!’’

The youth saw old patriarch's gloomy face. He gritted his teeth as he stood up and left.

As the youth left, a servant quickly run by him and came to old patriarch. He respectfully said: ’’Master, there is a letter for you.’’

Old patriarch took the envelope and looked at the badge mark on its cover. He grabbed the crutch and said to the middle-aged maid: ’’Help me back to my room.’’

He sat in his desk and waited for the maid to leave the room. He opened the envelope and took out the letter. He looked at the content of the letter and was relieved.: ’’Come out, it is for you.’’

Dudian's figure emerged from the shadow: ’’It passed through?

Old patriarch nodded and handed the letter to him.

Dudian read the letter. It was written very clearly. Black and white! Their bail application had passed!

’’Sure enough! The nobility plus money! If you got these two together, then there nothing that you can't do.’’ Dudian face smile.

Old patriarch indifferently said: ’’To help you out in addition to tens of thousands of gold coins from the sale of mine, I have spend all the savings of Ryan family. We are almost hollowed out after removing the arrest warrant and bailing you out!’’

’’I will not ill-treat you.’’ Dudian put away the envelope.: ’’I have already told you that I will send you a gift. It will soon be in your hands.’’

Patriarch deeply looked at Dudian. ’’Now we are on the board of the same ship. I hope you won't undermine the credibility of my aristocracy.’’

Dudian knew what patriarch was worried about: ’’I'll go back as it is too late. ’’ Then he went out from the window.

Fulin watched Dudian as he left. However, he recovered his eyes after a long time. He looked at the opposite wall where a huge painting of a man hung. ’’I hope I will not face my ancestors as the sinner of Ryan family... ’’ He whispered.



The sixth day, morning.

Dudian asked Barton to buy a newspaper.

Morning Post had been printed out. Dudian was eating his breakfast while he read the newspaper. One of the most eye-catching news was still the assassination of Huey. There were many suspects such as the military, alchemists, potion masters, the family and friends of people judged by Huey in the last six months.

After all, deacon was in contact with too many people and there were a lot of parties who would be interested in his death.

’’The main suspect ... Dean?’’

Dudian saw that one of the major suspects was himself.

He wasn't surprised as he looked out at other sections. Soon, he found the message he was looking for.

’’Dean was released from prison last night after he was bailed out by the Ryan family.’’ There was a big smile on his face. He new about the charm of aristocracy and money. The arrest warrant had been withdrawn. They were post out but now they pretended that nothing has happened. It was so easy for them to fool the civilians.

In this era, the newspaper was aristocracy's propaganda machine.

Because newspaper had a high degree of credibility within the civilian population.


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