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The Crimson Dragon - Chapter 1


Chapter 1

In a distant galaxy, there was a planet named Floren. As there are numerous planets within the endless universe, it was inevitable that some would collide with one another ......

Legends say that somewhere next to the mountain located near an unknown sea was an endless world named the Mission World. Created by the Mage of the Seashore, the Crystal Realm consisted of countless connected worlds: The Upper Realm, The Lower Realm, as well as a lot of other major realms. Floren was the most renowned realm of all realms, yet forgotten by all. This, was a story occurring within this mysterious realm.

Located between all the realms was a universe filled with huge boulders the size of an island. These so called wastelands had odd features, some being the body of a dead god, some being a volcanic island, spewing flames and smoke without a magma chamber. It was in itself extremely unscientific, yet, this was an unscientific world. It could be called ’’normal’’ even if a volcano spewed out ice blocks......

The story begun on an abnormal volcanic island, which drifted between realms. The island was so small in size that it felt like an olive pit, with a size of roughly 30m by 100m. Naturally, the volcano was also pocket-sized, with a height of barely 20m. The volcano extended both upwards and downwards, forming a symmetrical shape. Despite being so short in height, the volcano boasted an asymmetrical volcanic crater with a diameter of 30m filled with magma and sulphur. In the middle of the crater was a tiny island formed by metals with high melting points, around 20 square meters in size.

On the island, there were four large eggs with rough, crimson surfaces, all covered in ash and sulphur. The eggs had been here on this nameless island for an unknown amount of time, since time did not pass within this universe. Only those who returned to the major realms could regain their lost time. At that very moment, a ripple appeared on the membrane of the Crystal Realm created by the Mage of the Seashore, and a weak spirit crashed from the endless universe into the world. In fact, this was something which occurred all the time. To those weak spirits, this world was extending its arms, welcoming them here. This, however, did not apply to strong or void spirits. Anyway, the weak spirit naturally fell into the endless universe between realms after penetrating the Crystal Realm, and it managed to bump into this nameless volcanic island. This weak spirit, according to an unknown law created by the Mages of the Seashore, drew a perfect arc and slammed straight into one of the four eggs. With a blinding crimson light, the weak spirit created a surprisingly enormous force, which pushed the whole island towards those massive major realms.

Similar to how a meteor gets attracted by the Earth's gravitational force, the tiny volcanic island was attracted by one of the major realms. While meteors get burnt up by the atmosphere, the tiny volcanic island combined with the major realm named Floren like a drop of water absorbed into the sea. Behind the Moulin city on the Floren continent, on the seashore which was located next to countless mountains, The Fire Dragon Bay, a small volcanic mountain suddenly appeared. However, none of the gods or intelligent beings noticed the significance of this event. Combining with an island from the universe between realms was nothing special, but combining with the body of god was indeed a special occasion.

In the volcanic crater, light began to appear from within the crimson egg. The light itself was not bright, but the surroundings were heated to a high temperature as a result. Out of the four eggs, the light began to diminish within two eggs, while a dark red glow continued to shine within the other two after a bright flash. As time passed, the red hot crater gradually cooled down. After combining with Floren, all volcanic activity immediately stopped, and the magma lake condensed into a large piece of sulphur as well. The only place with magma was the area around the metal island where the eggs are located, despite being covered by a layer of semi-condensed magma.

’’What was this place? Who am I?’’

An intelligent mind spontaneously became active, yet its activity was extremely slow. Only after a year had passed did the mind begin to question his identity and where he was. Without his five senses, he could not come to a conclusion. Skyscrapers, airplanes, Wifi networks, the smartphone which he held all the time....... Countless messages and ideas swarmed out of this intelligent mind.

’’That's right! I'm a human! Yet I can't seem to remember my name......’’

An image of a green humanoid with 2 tentacles poking out of its brain flickered through this intelligent mind.

’’I am an Earthling who forgot his own name......’’

Despite not being able to identify himself, this intelligent mind began to process at an incredible speed after recalling the memories of himself and knowledge from Earth. At this moment, he finally gained was one of his senses. I'm floating in water? He thought to himself. With the sense of touch, the man felt that he was floating in a viscous fluid, yet he couldn't feel the sensation of suffocation. Actually, he couldn't feel himself breathing at all. As the muscles around his eyes could not support his movements, he was still deprived of his sight. However, he could feel that his hands had nails through shaking hands with himself, and also feel that he had grown an extra organ.

’’Was that an extra pair of hand on my back?’’

He could barely feel an extra pair of hands exhausted on his back, yet they were not as flexible as his normal ones. After a bit of testing, he discovered that he could slightly extend his arms on his back, and a film of skin existed between those 'hands' and 'fingernails'. Not only an extra pair of hands, he also sensed the existence of a tail on his body. With the help of his tail, he finally determined that his small world was surrounded by a smooth layer.

Of course, this person was not a fool. With all the knowledge from his previous world, he deduced that he was currently in an egg, and his body was longer humanoid....... He could clearly remember all the novels he had read, the ones which the main character was transported to a different world. Under current circumstances, he could only believe that he became one of the main characters of such novels, that he was transported to a different world.

’’Hmm, what kind of egg am I in? What am I? A tail...... Those hands on my back should be a pair of wings. A pair of hands and legs, a pair of wings and a tail, I suppose my luck's not bad.’’

All of a sudden, the man suffered an intense headache;an unstoppable flow of information rushing into his brain without any warning.

’’Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus! That is the true name of my Dragon form!’’


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