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The Corpse Ruler Confuses The World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils - Volume 2 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Let's See How You Remain a Man

Mo Qingli left Leng Mei in the care of Ran Ge for now, allowing the doctor to treat the wounds covering her body . As for herself, she took the ’’scar removal’’ medicine from Ran Ge's stock and diligently arrived to Xiaoyao Yunyan's outer residence .

’’Xiaoyao Yunyan,’’ Mo Qingli said, knocking against the courtyard wall .

From the courtyard appeared a young manservant . Rudely, he asked, ’’Princess, what are you doing here so late at night?’’

’’Where is Xiaoyao Yunyam?’’

’’Princess, the Prince is currently sleeping!’’ The manservant dutifully repeated the words that Xiaoyao Yunyan had instructed him to say .

’’Oh? So it's like this . ’’ Mo Qingli felt some disappointment . However, she knew that Xiaoyao Yunyan needed to rest in order to replenish his lost blood reserves .

Mo Qingli gave the medicine to the small manservant . ’’When Xiaoyao Yunyan wakes up, give this to him . It will remove the scars . ’’

She thought that since Xiaoyao Yunyan practiced martial arts, his body must have been covered with all kinds of scars and injuries . With this, then he would no longer have to worry about those kinds of things!

However, Xiaoyao Yunyan thought differently .

He snatched the medicine from the manservant's arm, then forcefully threw it against the ground . Indifferently, he watched the liquid contents inside spill out . ’’Sweep it up!’’

His current expression was indifferent, but inside his heart was filled with turbulent emotions . So you hate the scars on my body so much? Is it that you only like those little gigolos like Feng Chenling? All women are so hypocritical!

’’Who sent you this? How come you're so angry?’’

Xiaoyao Yunyan calmed down, and then cast a glance at the nearby Xiaoyao Yunshang . ’’An unimportant person . ’’

’’Tell me, this late, what did you go looking for me for?’’

Xiaoyao Yunshang's face flashed with a little bit of embarrassment . Back when they both lived in the Xiaoyao Dynasty, Xiaoyao Yunyan had very little status . In the eyes of someone like Xiaoyao Yunshang, he was equivalent to rubbish .

However, now, this place was not the Xiaoyao Dynasty, and Xiaoyao Yunyan was only a newcomer . But just as he arrived to the Motian Dynasty, his Fourth Brother had been murdered brutally by Mo Qingqin, the demon . He had originally thought that when the Empress sent for her to convene in the imperial palace, she would have been severely punished for her crimes . What he had never expected, instead, was when she came out unharmed and untouched!

This made Xiaoyao Yunshang alarmed and extremely unreasonable . He could only go to Xiaoyao Yunyan in hopes of a solution . He hoped that since his brother had married into the Motian Dynasty for longer, he would know what to do about this matter! Of course, there was still a little bit of doubt inside Xiaoyao Yunshang's mind .

’’Fourth Brother's death, I think you already know about it!’’

Xiaoyao Yunyan looked at Xiaoyao Yunshang . He despised the way that Xiaoyao Yunyan acted like he was infallible, and despised even more the manner Yunyan used to refer to him .

Meeting with Xiaoyao Yunyan's silence, Xiaoyao Yunshang became even more awkward . He continued speaking: ’’Fourth Brother was murdered by Mo Qingqin! That woman, Mo Qingqin, she's... she's an abnormal pervert! Fourth Brother set me one of his trusted aides to request help, but before I could do anything, Fourth Brother, he... he... he was tortured to death by that demonic woman Mo Qingqin!’’

Xiaoyao Yunshang's eyes turned red as he spoke . Since childhood, he and Xiaoyao Yunbo shared an extremely close relationship . Otherwise, the Xiaoyao Emperor would not have sent Xiaoyao Yunbo to watch over the rampant and unbridled Xiaoyao Yunshang!

If Xiaoyao Yunbo had not been sent to accompany Xiaoyao Yunshang to the Motian Dynasty, then perhaps he would have been living a merry life back in the Xiaoyao Dynasty!

Of course, there was no ’’perhaps’’ now .

’’And what do you want to do?’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan's face was cold and unfeeling .

Xiaoyao Yunshang blinked his reddened eyes, his fists tightening . One word at a time, he slowly enunciated: ’’I want you to send people to Father and tell him to get revenge for Fourth Brother!’’

Hehe... Xiaoyao Yunyan wanted to erupt into laughter . This person was really someone that the old codger had coddled spoiled . Did he really think that this was still the Xiaoyao Dynasty? What did he think he could do?’’

’’Seventh Brother, please forgive this Older Brother for being powerless to do anything!’’

Xiaoyao Yunshang's eyes stared blankly at Xiaoyao Yunyan . He hadn't expected Xiaoyao Yunyan would decline, especially this thoroughly .

Finally, Xiaoyao Yunshang seemed to realize what had happened . His blank stare morphed into anger as he shouted, ’’If ’’If you won't go, then I will!’’

Afterwards, he adopted a posture of wanting to leave .

’’If you want to die, then I won't stop you!’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan drawled .

Xiaoyao Yunshang turned around, glaring hatefully . ’’I'm not as cowardly as you, who won't even risk his life to avenge a brother!’’

’’And what if I told you that before you could even get the news to Father's ears, you were killed off?’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan asked, the sleeves of his robes billowing in the wind .

’’What are you trying to say?’’

Xiaoyao Yunyan stood at the side, slowly facing Xiaoyao Yunshang . ’’The Empress clearly is on the side of Mo Qingqin in this matter . Since that day she was summoned into the Imperial Palace, there hasn't been a single scratch on her body! If you were the Empress, would you not think about the consequences if the truth came out to the Xiaoyao Emperor? Of course she does! Therefore, perhaps the entire network of the Inner Palace is filled with her spies and agents . Once you take a single step out and become noticed by these people, you'll be killed on the spot!’’

Xiaoyao Yunshang clearly hadn't thought about this matter . Fearfully, he retreated two steps .

Xiaoyao Yunyan's lips curled up . Ai he was too easy to fool!

’’Then... then, what should I do?’’ Xiaoyao Yunshang's mouth trembled with terror, not wanting to think about the consequences if he really tried to carry out his plan for revenge .

’’What should you do? Hehe... I don't know either! Probably the Empress has already found a sacrificial lamb to give to Father . ’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan made a cold-hearted expression .

As expected, once Xiaoyao Yunshang heard of this, he sat on the ground, paralyzed . He could already see a future playing out where his new wife no longer loved and pampered him, instead setting him up for a fate even worse than his Fourth Brother's .

He didn't want this, he definitely didn't want this kind of ending! He didn't want it!

’’Elder Brother,’’ Xiaoyao Yunshang said, tugging onto Xiaoyao Yunyan's clothes . ’’Elder Brother, save me! What am I supposed to do!’’

I've been waiting for you to say this! Xiaoyao Yunyan's heart filled with glee, although on the surface he looked as composed as ever . Finally, acting out a ’’I suppose I have no choice’’ expression, he leaned close to Xiaoyao Yunshang's ear, telling him the plan that plan that had been fermenting in his mind for a long time .

Mo Qingli donned an all-black outfit, secretly sneaking into Mo Qingqin's residence .

After drinking blood and regaining her strength, Mo Qingli was now able to creep past the Second Princess's security, arriving onto a rooftop eave . Looking down, she was able to see the going-ons within the residence .

’’You, take off all your clothes one at a time!’’ Mo Qingqin's hands held a bamboo strap, which she used to point at the kneeling men in front of her .

The men were all experienced with Mo Qingqin's instructions, and stripped off their clothes with practiced routine . One man happened to be slower than the others . Mo Qingqin, seeing this, began to severely beat him with the bamboo strap in her hand . It wasn't until he began to beg her for mercy that she stopped . After all, she was the type to derive pleasure in seeing other people suffering and begging .

Mo Qingqin raised the bamboo strap again, striking it against the exposed skin of the other men at her feet . From the rooftops, Mo Qingli watched this scene, observing how the men seemed to be covered with scars and wounds . Some of the injuries were bruises, others were burns, and even more were cuts and slashes .

’’Lie down and spread your legs!’’ Mo Qingqin continued yelling .

The men immediately rushed to follow her instructions . From their wooden expressions it could be seen that they had already received this treatment several times . It had practically been ingrained into their routine!

Slowly, Mo Qingqin walked past every man, studying them . Suddenly, she crouched in front of a man, grabbing and prodding at his lower area . This scared the man into violent tremors, which only further fuelled Mo Qingqin's depraved excitement .

She stood up and immediately began hitting him with the bamboo strap . The men beside him pretended as if they couldn't see the scene, staying in the place with indifferent faces .

The man began to cry and beg for forgiveness, promising that he wouldn't make the same mistake ever again . Finally, Mo Qingli stopped her violent attack . ’’This princess sees that you are a newcomer, so she will spare you this time! The next time something like this happens you'll get the same treatment as that Xiaoyao as that Xiaoyao Yunbo... I'll snip off that part of your body! Let's see how you remain a man after that!’’

’’Yes... yes, yes! I, I won't do it anymore! I... I promise to follow after the Princess dutifully!’’ The man's voice was wracked with sobs .

Suddenly, Mo Qingqin picked up the strap without warning and whipped the man again . Hearing his howls of pain, Mo Qingqin became filled with all smiles .

Mo Qinglin could no longer watch this scene anymore . Hopping down from the rooftop, her face filled with shock and disgust, she landed behind the laughing Mo Qingqin and kicked her across the room .

Seeing that a stranger had appeared in the hallway, the men who were lying down couldn't bring themselves to even feel surprise . Instead, they focused on getting redressed .

’’Who are you? To dare and hit this Princess, could it be that you're seeking death!’’ Mo Qingqin pointed the whip towards Mo Qingli . She felt as if this black-clothed person in front of her was somewhat familiar, although she couldn't figure out how .

’’I am here to enact justice in place of the Heavens . ’’ Mo Qingli once again kicked Mo Qingqin's stomach, forcing her onto the ground .

’’Someone come, come here!’’ Mo Qingqin screamed .

Mo Qingli jeered . ’’Don't waste your energy . No one can hear you from here!’’ Mo Qingli had already soundproofed the perimeter with magic . No matter how loud Mo Qingqin became, none of her bodyguards would be able to hear her .

’’Hurry up and run away from here!’’ Mo Qingli directed towards the men on the floor .

She hadn't expected instead that the men would only stare blankly towards her, without reacting at all . Only the man who had just been whipped by Mo Qingqin reacted, whispering gratitudes to Mo Qingli and fleeing away .

’’Are you guys idiots? Why aren't you guys fleeing?’’ Mo Qingli became enraged at the sight . Could it be that they had been hit to the point of stupidity? There was such a good opportunity in front of them, but why weren't you reacting?’’

’’Haha... there's no use in trying!’’ Mo Qingqin cackled, crawling up . Towards the men on the floor, she shouted, ’’Hurry up and advance on her! Since she doesn't want to live, kill her!’’

Hearing Mo Qingqin's directions, the men advanced fearlessly onto Mo Qingli!


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